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FareONE-Health Smart Card Presentation FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution.

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1 FareONE-Health Smart Card Presentation FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

2 Almex Smartcard Solutions Ltd. Profile Capabilities Markets Why is Almex different? FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

3 About Almex: Almex is privately owned company located in Toronto, Canada Founded in January 1990 Smart card division started in January 2005 Almex annual sales steady at.8 – 1.5 Million 3 employees, 3 contracting companies 5 main brands, hardware lines of smart card products Business partners and/or distributors for: Zeit Control – smart cards, Germany OmniKey – SC readers, Germany Xiring – SC terminals, France SecuGen-SC fingerprint readers Psion-Handheld terminals More SC products available from other SC manufacturers FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

4 Capabilities Complete range of hardware available for many projects Stocking distributors for most of the products offered In house small card quantity printing service Strong supporters of SDK packages Custom smart card software creation Hard to find, sometimes exotic products available Worldwide delivery Very economical pricing Extended hours of operation, easy to communicate Devotion to customers FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

5 Markets Worldwide markets! Everybody needs: SC Health card solutions SC bus ticketing/transportation solutions SC ID cards SC ePurse solutions SC biometrics Portable, use it anywhere smart card solutions SC loyalty SC payments over Internet Privately owned payment cards SC casino solutions FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

6 Why is Almex Different? One shop stop for most of our smart card solutions Hardware and custom made software available Almex carries quality, brand name hardware only For Do it yourself customers SDK available for every smart card product we have Capable of half way solutions where projects integrate with customers know how software solutions Experienced programmers FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

7 Why is Almex Different Quick quotes Close to out of the box smart card solutions Economical pricing, way below industry standards On demand applications Strong Internet presence FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

8 Why Smart Bus Fare Cards? Smart cards are small, they fit everybodys pocket Smart cards are very secure, cant be read, copied, manipulated with, counterfeit or duplicated Smart cards are re-writable and be re- loaded thousands of times Smart cards are accepted as higher value than paper tickets One passenger can pay fare for party of several people, no need for separate tickets Tourists love tickets like that so they can be used in public transport during whole stay No cash to look for when entering a bus FareONE ticket can be formatted to represent weekly, monthly or yearly pass FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

9 Why Smart Bus Fare Cards? Smart card can eliminate cash from whole system FareONE removes burden of handling cash from drivers FareONE eliminates security concerns for drivers FareONE is working solution for any type of bus, anywhere: Pakistan (left) or London (right) FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

10 Why More FareONE Cards FareONE eliminates internal theft FareONE system will streamline all internal administration tasks making everything electronic FareONE works with several different types of readers There is completely portable SC terminal, goes around with driver, no bus wiring needed Same tickets could be used on subway, street cars, ferry, taxi… Front and/or back of the smart card can be sold out as advertising space to offset the costs FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

11 Why More FareONE Cards Possible logs could be used for statistical purposes Logs reveal profitability reports that were impossible before Numerous benefits to bus company: smaller number of people handling money, digital stamp for those who do, electronic processing, better overall control Dont forget one of the biggest advantages; transportation company gets money in advance long before actual services are rendered. Greatly improves cash flow. FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

12 FareONE Doesnt Have To Be Just A Electronic Bus Ticket There are other means of transportation that need same kind of solution and best solution is actually transferability between different means of transportation: Bus Taxi Street car Ferry Subway Monorails Trains FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

13 Get full functionality out of AFC system Charge by expiry date Charge by transfer Charge by amount Charge for multiple passengers Use check in-checkout FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

14 More functionality you never new about Use same terminal for drivers, conductors and controllers Ask Almex about FareONE portable sales solution! Ask about vehicle cradles Activity counters available (2 sets) Perfect for small bus operators Ask about our white paper report! FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

15 Electronic Fare Tickets everywhere There is almost no corner of the World where smart cards are not introduced in mass transit situations One of the most popular cards is MIFARE based on Philips chips and chip sets. Here are some numbers: Seoul, Korea; 8700 buses, 20 million card London, England; 16500 ticket readers, 7 million rides per day invested 120 Million into smart card system, saved about 500 million by doing so Bejing, China; 100000 ticket readers, 5 million cards France, many locations Australia, biggest transportation companies went smart cards Germany, countless towns switched public transport to smart cards Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, Indonesia, Japan… FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

16 Who Will Benefit From FareONE Smart Cards? First and foremost it is cardholder (passenger) themselves Bus company overall Drivers and all persons normally involved in public transport services System protects environment by eliminating paper tickets waste and removing papers from the administration processes FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

17 Who Are Potential Customers To Engage? Bus companies of all kinds, small or big Ministry of Transport Subway authorities Taxi cab companies Street car companies Shuttle bus companies Alliances created between above players benefits everyone FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

18 P arts of FareONE System FareONE contact Smart card; we use ZC3.12 microprocessor cards DESFIRE type contactless smart memory card Smart cards desktop readers; 3121, 3821, 5321 USB readers PC Windows software Portable smart card readers Both types of cards used in FareONE system are made in Germany FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

19 Parts of FareONE System There are 5 types of smart card readers that we use with FareONE smart cards ticketing: 3121 standard desktop USB smart card reader. Simple and durable, inexpensive to replace. Made in Germany. 5321 is smart card reader for contact/contactless cards, also USB. Also made in Germany by OmniKey. Xi PWS is portable smart card reader to handle cards in the bus. French product made in Hong Kong. Psion ruggedized handheld type terminal for in bus usage, takes contact or contactless smart cards FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

20 FareONE Software FareONE software for Windows 7 PC Includes several software modules: Issuers software that creates and issues FareONE smart cards Re-load software module where operators re-charge card with money for fares Drivers software used in smart card terminals to charge a fares It is important to be noted that everybody in process uses SAM (Security Access Module) cards to access the system and passengers cards. Without it or with expired SAM card access is not possible! FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

21 What Is Actually Written Into The FareONE Cards? Cards are used as a secure portable mini storage with: Card information (serial numbers, issuers codes and data) Expiry day Card available balance AutoLog FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

22 How system works? Main software resides at issuers computers. Issuer takes blank smart card and creates new FareONE card. Card is written with initial control data card is also printed (if not printed already) and is given to the sales department. Sales point offices take card by card and issue them to customers loading them at the same time with initial value purchased at the spot. Now card is given to the end user. Cardholder uses card every time when he or she takes a ride. Passenger can also purchase keychain sized balance reader and check his/her card any time for available funds and expiry date. FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

23 Upgrade Your FareONE System! Some of the functionality is optional and system may be upgraded for it at later date. Examples: Usage of portable smart card terminals Autlog function records time/date, route and fare price for last 20 rides Introduce MySQL or similar data base for all transactions and reporting Black lists for the cards and SAMs Upgrade to industry standard bus validators and fee computers FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

24 How Much Does It Cost? To start enjoying benefits of your new FareONE system you have to invest into hardware and software first. Typical hardware costs are: ZC3.12 cards – about 2.00 – 3.00 USD MIFARE/DESFIRE cards – about 1.00 – 1.80 USD 3121 readers – about 22.00 USD 5321 readers – about 72.00 USD Psion WorkAbout Pro portable readers – about 1700.00 USD Software startup costs are in range of about 5,000.00 – 15,000.00 USD FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

25 For More Information Contact Almex SmartCard Solutions Ltd. 2317 Wuthering Heights Way Oakville, Ontario CANADA L6M 0E7 T: 1-905-469-0855 ext. 1 F: 1-905-469-2811 E: FareONE - AFC - Automatic Fare Solution

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