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MaCaPS International Ltd

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2 MaCaPS International Ltd
MaCaPS International Ltd. An Associated Company of CityU Enterprises Limited – City University of Hong Kong   Dr. LM Cheng Chairman

3 MaCaPS International Ltd.
MaCaPS is one of the spin-off company from City University of Hong Kong Supported by $14 Millions Innovation and Technology Fund of HKSAR Government, the major technologies are developed. The principals of MaCaPS are academic staff members of the University and staff members are mainly graduates with high honors and with master and PhD.

4 Products comprise of smart-cards, smart-card readers, operating systems for smart-card systems, application software, and security systems. The products are marketed both as off-shelf products and turn-key solutions. MaCaPS also provides consulting services. MaCaPS is envisioned to be a leading high-performance smart-card system provider with low-end prices for its products.

5 History of MaCaPS Founded in 1997 with injection of Taiwan VC fund of HK$20M with establishment in 3 locations including HK, Taiwan and South Africa to work on Magnetic Card Protection System Asia Financial Crisis – VC fund withdrawn within 3 months [project stop in mid 1998] 1999 move into Smart Card Area 2000 ITF fund awarded 2002 Recap Physical Security Technology start with 3 people

6 2004 moved out from CityU with 6 staff and rent office in Kwun Tong expanded to 16 people in 2007
2007 acquires our own office premise and grows to 26 staff in early 2008 2008 Financial Tsunami hit business badly reduced work force substantially to survive business returns went negative Expected will pick up, however, things may change in the second half of the year [inflation, mid east problem, and Japanese earthquake/nuclear crisis]

7 Competitive advantages
Technology - wider range, better security; patent protected, support proprietary design, faster algorithms Customization – custom self produced OS, customized s/w, simple fast turn key solutions Local Support – optimal and cost effective quality design and manufacturing

8 Goals MaCaPS targets to become one of the major smart card access control systems and RFID solution providers in Hong Kong and worldwide.

9 Strengths MaCaPS is able to provide a unique mix of smart card chip designer and manufacturer, a systems and services provider. Offering a one-step solution to clients include design, consultancy, implementation, site work and after sale services and maintenance. MaCaPS has some patented technologies to protect its intellectual property

10 Opportunities Based on the world security manufacturer 2003 data – the existing market is US$3 Billion per year with a growth of over 50% per annum HK and China are the fastest growing market for smartcard applications. New applications for HK ID card such as access control, e-authentication, digital certificates and e-payment. The HKSAR government will spend approximately HK$3.06b on the new Smart ID card project. New applications for China National ID card for 14 billion people. New initiatives for medical and logistic applications

11 Main Stream Products

12 Hardware Products Software Products Smart Card Smart Card Readers
Smart Card Printer Smart Card Emulator & Assembler Wiegand RS-232 Converter Software Products Access Control System Car Park System CCTV System DVR System Lift Control System Club House Facilities Booking System Management Software TAS (Time Attendance System), Payroll & HRM (Human Resource Management) Remote monitoring system Payment Systems

13 Smart Card – Contact Type
Proprietary 2K/8K/16K EEPROM Microprocessor smart card Multos & Java Cards Memory Cards

14 Smart Card – Contactless Type
Mifare Legic EM

15 Smart Card Readers Contactless & Contact Keypad Reader PDA Reader

16 Smart Card Printer & Printing Services
small volume printer for office use Off-set printing for volume printing

17 Smart Card Emulator & Assembly
Support of 8k EEPROM Microcontroller based Smart Card OS design Graphic Interface for easy of use Reader supply for prototype testing

18 Wiegand Converter provide data conversion from standard Wiegand to RS232/485 interface Enable RFID to become on-line ePurse system and intelligent front end

19 Access Control System Totally SoC Product
Smallest & Highly Reliable Server in Market Ethernet, Web and Mobile enabling

20 …Access Control System
Large record volume at basic 56,000 expandable to 3 Millions transactions in resilience mode Multiple time zone upt to 128 Single point failure support Large control point support upt to 512 10 year Card Holder data backup after power loss Support all type of readers including Octopus

21 Car Park Control System
Support 10,000 Users, 5,000 Groups, 10,000 Transactions Local & Distributed intelligent –Web and mobile enabling 3 year battery Backup for transaction and clock Group Anti-Pass Back – support multiple entry and exit Multiple Time Zone Real Time Transaction Display Multi Car Park Entry – support multiple cards with limited space allocation Remote Monitoring & gate control

22 Club House Facilities Booking System
Support upto 64 Event Servers Group Access Control Time Zone Setting Real Time Transaction Display Broadcasting Function Remote Monitoring In/Out Transaction Report Remote door control Usage statistic reporting Mini supermarket function

23 Lift Control System Define group as Building Group for easy management
Set individual Time Zone for scheduling Opening Support an on-the-fly opening function Supported up to 128 Time Zone. Allow each User to define an individual time zone for each building Group and combination of access right

24 Management Software Provides a simple graphic user interface
Allow system configuration, door control and card management. Provide system status monitoring and attendance reporting Support customised features, such as eMap and intruder tracking.

25 Time Attendance System
User definable working hour and working period Reports can print in standard format Staff information and report Roster time definition Holidays and allowance Setting Absence information Late report, payroll report, early leave report Importing user database from text file

26 Payment Control System
Intelligent Distribution System Support Online and Offline Operation Every unit can operate individually TCP/IP Network Base Control System Fast download/update speed Real time monitoring In-build Credit/Debit Function In-build card issuing and printing Real time report generation Cycling protection for Air-conditioner Power failure recovery

27 Smart Card Logon System
Requires the staff/student to logon with their smart card as the User name textbox is disabled so that user cannot access the system without a valid card presented to the card reader. When the staff/student present their cards to the USB reader, the User name stored in the card is read and display in the User name textbox. The user is required to enter his password in order to log on the system.

28 Biometrics RFID Green Energy eHealth
New Initiatives Biometrics RFID Green Energy eHealth

29 Biometrics Solutions Finger Print Facial Recognition

30 Finger Print Solution Using highly reliable and secure Korean manufactured BioEntry Plus device. IP based fingerprint access control device featuring easy installation and user friendly operations. Integrated with proximity card, provide a total soultion for networked access control systems.

31 Facial Recognition - Facelog
Design to address the issues unfound in other biometric products. Highly innovative unit requires only 1 sample photo for user registration.. IP based communication facilitates connection of multiple units to a central PC server, providing flexibility, while ensuring data security by central storage and processing.

32 RFID - Solutions Library Fun fair Grand Events New Applications

33 Old Octopus Payment Kiosk
OLD: The work flow for collecting fines with Octopus-enabled cash registers Cash Register (1) Library Staff input the Student ID to Library System, retrieve the outstanding fines in Library. (2) Library Staff enter value in Octopus enabled Cash Register. (3) User put Octopus card to settle payment. (4) Staff manually update patron record to complete the whole payment transaction. Library Innopac System Octopus Card Reader No Direct Communication Connected by staff intermediary 33

34 EasyPay Benefits Cash handling require huge manual effort especially in Library with Fines. Minimize the human error in cash handling and input error in the system interface. Faster transaction compared with old practice. Provide round the clock payment even the counter is closed. 34

35 EasyService in CityU Library
2008 : EasyCheck System™ for Semi-Closed collection, self-developed system using UHF RFID technology

36 Green Energy Products Green energy management solution is based on the RS485 or TCPIP linked dimmer control and a dedicated universal timer board to provide an energy saving and low carbon emission platform. Products: 1-Channel Dimming Controller 4-Channel Dimming Controller Universal Timer Board

37 eHealth MaCaPS has been awarded a Social Welfare Development Fund (SWDF) project for an NGO Care Center using the latest RFID and Information and Communications technologies . The scope of this work includes three modules development: namely: Vital Sign Data Module, Quality Measurement Monitoring Module and Attendance Recording Module.

38 Clients

39 Clients Government Departments Major universities Major Hospitals
Factories Health Club & Sport Club Properties Developer Chain Store Security Companies

40 Job Reference – Commercial & Estates
Sino Group New World Group Sun Hung Kai Intel Murata Estoril Court (愛都大廈) Cavendish Height (嘉雲台) First City (沙田第一城) City Plaza (新都城一期) Sceneway garden (滙景花園) The Cullinan (天璽 ) The Belcher (寶翠園)

41 Job Reference – Government
機電工程署 Headquarters 將軍澳醫院 TKO Hospital 香港水務處 渠務署 (DSD) 禮賓處 房屋處 - 怡心園 文輝道 – 政府宿舍 香港入境事務處 - e-Channel 勞工處 香港貿易發展局(TDC) 童軍總會 海洋公園

42 Sale Established Overseas
Australia Belgium Canada Korea Mongolia USA Yugoslavia Russia

43 P&L Summary 2009/10 2008/9 2007/8 2006/7 2005/6 2004/5 2003/4 2002/3 2001/02 2000/01 Total Income 5,857,932 8,216,914 11,365,438 8,527,522 5,225,236 4,533,435 3,191,409 2,208,848 740,069 365,300 Pre-tax Profit (1,094,628) (515,908) 2,203,623 1,989,678 627,127 901,563 461,701 56,664 6,732 76,705 Net Asset Value/ (liabilities) 3,690,702 4,772,686 5,286,612 3,751,820 1,862,143 1,335,016 533,453 71,752 (157,912) (164,644)


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