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Presenting the ZPrinter® 850 Most Productive 3D Printer: Large Models, Highest Throughput.

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1 Presenting the ZPrinter® 850 Most Productive 3D Printer: Large Models, Highest Throughput

2 Overview ZPrinter 850 Overview Most productive 3D printing system Featuring – Large build volume – Highest throughput/ fastest print speed – Easy to use – Lowest cost per model – High-quality models – Top-of-the line color

3 Applications ZPrinter 850 Applications High volumes of concept models – Footwear manufacturers Very large prototypes – Appliance/equipment manufacturers Large building models – Architects This is just what weve been looking for. The larger build size gives us the flexibility to work in standard scales, see greater detail, and increase our overall capacity. The ZPrinter 850 will be great for business. -Wesley Wright, Designer, Pelli Clarke Pelli The additional capacity will help us better meet the demand of our R&D teams. The ZPrinter 850 could also open up new uses for sporting equipment where we really need large, colorful prototypes. Im certain well see huge demand for this new in-house capability. -Dave Schwirian, Model Shop/RP Manager, Nike

4 20 x 15 x 9 inches (508 x 381 x 229 mm) Largest Build Volume ZPrinter 850 Largest Build Volume 2700 cubic inches!

5 Highest Throughput/Fastest Print Speed ZPrinter 850 Highest Throughput/Fastest Print Speed Build 96 baseball-size models in a single build – Make multiple models in a single build; stack and nest parts in build chamber 5x-10x faster than other technologies – Create models at a rate of.2 -.6 inch (5 - 15 mm) per hour; speed increases with volume of models Raster (versus vector) approach – Print head encompasses multiple jets – 300 per half inch (12.7 mm) covering a half-inch (12.7 mm) swatch with each pass

6 Affordable to Use ZPrinter 850 Affordable to Use Lowest operating cost – Lowest operating cost of other 3D printers Total cost for finished models about $4.50 - $5.5 AUD per in 3 – Affordable plaster powder Used widely in industrial applications – No wasted build material No supports, plus unused powder is recycled for future builds Water-cure infiltration process – Virtually cost-free Easy to maintain – Off-the-shelf inkjet printing technology – Modular design makes component replacement quick and easy

7 Easy to Use ZPrinter 850 Easy to Use Any designer, engineer, or architect can print a 3D model – No special training – Runs unattended during printing Hands-on time for operation limited to a few minutes – Operate the system remotely from the desktop ZPrint software enables monitoring of powder, binder, ink levels Remotely read machines LCD display Alternately, operate system from the printer – One setup procedure

8 High-Quality Prototypes, 3D Models ZPrinter 850 High-Quality Prototypes, 3D Models Accuracy similar to basic injection molding – Electronic system precisely controls printing action – Print head accurately and precisely deposits binder and color in areas indicated by ZPrint software – Minimum feature size: 0.004 inch (0.1 mm)

9 Top-of-the Line Color ZPrinter 850 Top-of-the Line Color 390,000 unique colors Realistic 3D models, plus add text, labels, design comments How it Works – Converts colors from RGB to CMYK – Combines CMYK drops in the same area, using dither patterns to blend elements into colors

10 Specifications ZPrinter 850 Specifications FeatureZPrinter ® 850 Specs Resolution600 x 540 dpi Minimum Feature Size0.004 inches (0.1 mm) Color390,000 unique colors Vertical Build Speed.2 -.6 inch/hour (5 - 15 mm/hour); speed increases with volume of models Prototypes per Day (based on baseball-size geometry)42 Build Size20 x 15 x 9 in (508 x 381 x 229 mm) MaterialHigh Performance Composite Layer Thickness0.0035 – 0.004 inches (0.09 - 0.1 mm) Number of Jets 1520 File FormatsSTL, VRML, PLY, 3DS, FBX, ZPR Equipment Dimensions47 x 46 x 68 inches (119 x 116 x 162 cm) Equipment Weight800lbs (363 kg) Power Requirements100 – 240V, 15-7.5A Workstation CompatibilityWindows ® 7, Windows Vista ® Regulatory ComplianceCE, CSA Special Facility RequirementsShop Air

11 NYSE: DDD Thank You Australian Agent – Rapid Concepts

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