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Government Purchase Card Program Bank of America Mastercard Purchasing Card Program Dawn Murvin & Michelle Mumford Code 210.

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1 Government Purchase Card Program Bank of America Mastercard Purchasing Card Program Dawn Murvin & Michelle Mumford Code 210

2 Purchasing Card Structure Im not a Debit Card

3 Cardholder (CH) Responsibilities Safeguard Card - only the CH can use the card. Verify that funds are available Make sure purchase are appropriate Reconcile and approve transactions by the date given by email (generally comes out around 26 th of the month and you have 5-7 days turnaround time). Keep Records 3 years (for audit purposes from IG, Dawn and Michelle, or the HQ survey team) logs, statements, receipts

4 USE OF THE GOVERNMENT CREDIT CARD BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE CARDHOLDER PER CODE H POLICY As of March 1, 1998, the penalty for loaning out the credit card to someone else is as follows: 1. All cardholders have been reminded, in writing, of the prohibition against allowing anyone else to use the Government Credit Card. In most cases, Approving Officials have received the same reminder. Training for new cardholders emphasizes this point as well. 2. The established agencywide penalties for the use of the Government Credit Card by someone other than the cardholder is as follows: First Offense - A warning in the form of a written reprimand Second Offense - Loss of the card In order to have the card reinstated, the employee must complete all training for new cardholders and then request approval from theCenter Procurement Officer.

5 Approving Official (AO) Responsibilities Approve CH Monthly Statement Allowable Commodities Official Business CH Absence - Reconcile Statement OK Request for Limit Increase Discipline for Improper Card Use

6 Allowable Commodities Transcribing Services (i.e. Court Reporting Services) Patent Search Services Exhibition Booth Support Services Repair Services (one-time), Repair Parts Books, Subscriptions and Other Publications Reprints, Abstract Fees/Publication Charges Registration Fees Rental of Conference/Meeting Rooms Electronic Components (capacitors, transistors, etc.) IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHETHER A PARTICULAR ITEM IS AN ALLOWABLE COMMODITY, CONTACT DAWN MURVIN AT 301-286-4915 or MICHELLE MUMFORD AT 301-286-3933.

7 Commodities (Continued) Information Technology (IT) hardware and software are required to be purchased as follows: Items classified as seats are to be ordered through the HQs ODIN New User Request System (HONURS). Once all approvals are received it is submitted to the Seat Management Business System (SMBS) All other items are to be ordered through the PC MALL. Both are available at the following website: http://isem.hq.nasa.gov See Attached policy dated December 22, 2003 or go to the web site at: Office Supplies, Furniture and Furnishings are required to be placed by submitting a NASA HQ Form 81 – Requisition for Office Equipment, Furniture, Services and Supplies to Terry Lewis in Code CO-4, after approval it will be sent through the Logistics Office, Code 235, at Goddard. Contact: Larry Parson at 301-286-3265. Orders for Printing and Graphics are required to be placed through the Printing and Graphics Office, Code CFP. Contact: HQ Printing Office at 202-358-0630. NOTE: These items are centrally funded. If purchased with credit card funds, denial of the purchase by the appropriate code and approval of your AA is required in your file.

8 AFFIRMATIVE PROCUREMENT The purchase of environmentally preferable products manufactured from recycled and reclaimed materials. Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) and Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR 23.4) and NASAs Procedures and Guidelines (NPG) 8830.1 requires NASA to purchase guideline items containing post consumer recycled materials. Individuals purchasing any listed guideline item must purchase materials with recycled content. NASAs website for the Affirmative Procurement Program can be found at: EPAs Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines can be found at

9 Limitations/Unallowable Commodities NO: Items NOT on Allowable Commodity List Cash Advances and Travel Expenses--Meals, Drinks, Lodging (use Government Travel Card) Printing and Copying Services (Allowed if on Travel) THE FOLLOWING ITEMS MUST BE PURCHASED BY PURCHASE ORDER THROUGH PROCUREMENT: Space Flight Use, Hazardous Items and/or Chemicals** Hardware Maintenance Cellular Telephones/Pagers** (including monthly service fees) Rental /Lease of Real Estate or Storage Buildings** **Requires Special Approval

10 PERSONAL CONVENIENCE ITEMS NICE TO HAVE, BUT NOT NECESSARY TO PERFORM THE MISSION; EXPECTED TO BE PROVIDED AT EMPLOYEES EXPENSE Microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffee makers Clothing (T-Shirts, Jackets, Hats, etc.), radios, computer games Jewelry Photographs Membership fees (unless acquired in name of Agency and not an individual) Greeting cards Decorations, luggage, retirement gifts Food, Drugs, personal gifts Live entertainment

11 Before you Charge... Allowable Commodity Funding – that you have money available to pay for any purchases made Single Purchase Limit -- dont split your requirement to stay under SPL 30-day Limit

12 P-CARD Cardholders will use Internet Explorer to access the web-based version of P- Card at: The Online Quick Reference (OLQR) can be used before or during the use of P- Card and is available at: http://olqr-

13 ONLINE QUICK REFERENCE (OLQR) Select Purchasing The following sections apply to P-Card: - Create Record of Purchase - Accept/Reject Deliverables/Bankcard - Reconcile Bankcard Statement with Record of Purchase Job Aids (top of page on right hand side) Bankcard - Bank card Error Messages - Tips and Tricks

14 Telephone order Gov purchase - Tax exempt #30005004 Provide vendor with complete Item Description and Quantities. Obtain from the vendor the Unit/Total Prices, Delivery Schedule, and Name of Sales Representative Information regarding the item(s) purchased is entered into the Order Log in the P-Card Program either during the call or immediately thereafter. Upon completion of entering and saving the Order Log, a PR is created in the SAP system to fund the purchase(s) made (i.e., funds committed/certified). A copy of the order log can be printed for future reference. Multiple charge codes can be used per Order Log. Place order and provide vendor with Credit Card Number and expiration date

15 n Non-controlled Items - No paperwork is required to be sent to the Receiving and Inspection Area. Vendor must include the requestors name, mail code, and workstation number on the shipping label. These items can be delivered to the Headquarters building loading dock, and will be delivered to the workstation on the label. Remember you will be responsible for inspecting the items upon receipt to make sure that you have received the correct material/quantity and that the material is not damaged. Telephone order (Continued) n Ship-to address: instruct the vendor to ship complete

16 Telephone order (Continued) Controlled Items - The ordering office will fax, mail or hand carry to the Goddard Receiving and Inspection Area (Building 16W, Mail Code 239) the necessary information on the required OF347 Form, to receive the material. All items with a value (per line item) over $1,000.00 must be controlled. Items designated as sensitive with an acquisition cost over $500.00 must also be controlled. The list of items designated as sensitive is on page 12 of your handbook. The OF347 must include the cardholders name, the source (vendors company name), delivery information (name, code, room), item description, manufacturer, model number, and cost. For items requiring assembly or special delivery, contact the respective Receiving and Inspection areas and prepare and forward the OF347 Form.

17 Over-the-Counter Purchase Create Order Log with information as to what is being purchased with estimated costs prior to purchases being made. Identify purchase as Tax Exempt Check Sales Slip for tax Retain sales slip with your documentation. Modify Order Log in accordance with correct item descriptions and prices of purchases made.

18 Delivery/Acceptance For deliveries of any parcels the movers will attempt to locate the requestor, if the requestor is unavailable, any office staff member may accept the package. For non-controlled items the material will be processed through the Headquarters Receiving and Inspection area within 24 hours. For controlled items the items/materials will be inspected and tagged in the Goddard Receiving and Inspection in Greenbelt, with the bar-code tags and delivered to the requestor or the software/hardware control area. If an item is delivered to the Goddard or Headquarters Receiving and Inspection areas, and appears to be controlled equipment, but there is no documentation on file; the Receiving and Inspection area will open the package to verify that the equipment should be controlled, then may attempt to track down the requestor. All of these deliveries require the OF347 Form to be sent to Receiving and Inspection.

19 Delivery/Acceptance (Continued) For items requiring assembly or special delivery, please contact the Receiving and Inspection areas. Then prepare and forward the OF347 Form. Returns - It is the responsibility of the requestor to arrange the return of all discrepant material. Contact vendor and arrange pick-up (e.g., RMA #) Complete NHQ Form 189, annotating the vendor and pick-up information (RMA# and expected date of pickup) Forward to Move Services for material to be picked up at customers location and delivered to the R&I area for the return pick-up Submit your NHQ Form 189 a minimum of three days prior to the vendor scheduled pick-up date Vendors will not be allowed to enter the building to pick up items directly from the customer

20 Delivery/Acceptance (Continued) Immediately upon receipt of item(s) purchased inspect and match against the packing list. Record receipt and acceptance in P-Card Order Log.

21 What happens when you charge Vendor Posts charge to CH card (processing date) when item shipped or picked up Bank of America Master card Pays Vendor within 2 days of processing date

22 u P-Card provides permanent archiving capability. Because of this, the electronic records contained within P-Card can serve as official records. u All receipts, packing slips and other documentation needs to be kept for 3 years for audit purposes. Im documenting my charge! CH TRANSACTION DOCUMENTATION

23 Monthly Statement Review The A/POC will download transactions files from the Bank monthly on or about the 26th. Cardholders will be notified via email that transactions need to be reconciled. Reconciliation will be done on-line. Transactions must be reconciled and approved by the date provided by Program Coordinator. Electronic record within P-Card can serve as audit report record.

24 Disputes -- Bank of America Dispute Form Call vendor within 60 days from Monthly Statement Fax Dispute Form to Bank of America (Toll Free 1-888-678- 6046) Retain original Monitor your Disputes Memo from Bank of America Credit Items being disputed must be so noted in P-Card (comments field in the order log) and the Disputed box checked on the Order Log. (watch using PayPal) Finance no longer needs a copy of Dispute Forms.

25 Credit (-) on Statement If credit doesnt apply to charge on same Statement: Reconcile credit to appropriate Order Log in P-Card.

26 Event Cycle CH does market research. Creates Order Log in P-Card and verifies funding availability. Receives items and updates Order Log appropriately. CH reconciles Monthly Statement in the P-Card software and forwards to AO for approval. AO reviews statement and approves in P-Card.

27 Summary Track Funding-- Dont exceed funds. Create Order Logs while in the process of making purchase or immediately following purchase. FAX Dispute Forms to Bank of America. Retain Records 3 years.

28 Telephone Contacts/Web Sites Contacts: Credit Card help desk, 301-286-9372 Michelle Mumford, 301-286-3933 Dawn Murvin, 301-286-4915 n Helpful Web Sites Online quick reference: http://olqr-cf.ifmp.nasa.gov Web Based Training: http://cfwebcourse.ifmp.nasa.gov IT Policy: Pcard Web Based: https://bankcard.ifmp.nasa.gov

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