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There is more to payday than just how you get your money.

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1 There is more to payday than just how you get your money.
TotalPay® Card There is more to payday than just how you get your money. UPENN - June 2, 2011





6 You MUST call to activate this check before usage (866) 880-7245
Failure to call will result in a bounced check* When you are ready to write a check you MUST call to activate it first. Please call (866) , Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9 AM – 5 PM (Eastern time). You will need to have the check in front of you to give the cardholder service representative information on the check you are using. You must also know the EXACT amount you are writing the check for. After activation, you CANNOT change the check amount, or it will bounce. You understand that by requesting to use the check and authorizing us to activate it, funds will immediately be deducted from your TotalPay Card account. If we are unable to verify sufficient funds in your TotalPay Card account your request to activate the check will be declined by the cardholder services representative. Record the authentication number the cardholder services representative gives you on both the check and the stub for your records. The check must have this matching number on the check or it will bounce. The date on the check must be the date you receive the authentication number. Complete the rest of the check and complete your transaction. *Bounced checks are subject to fees assessed to your TotalPay Card account by ADP and may also result in fees charged by the party you gave the check to. Your TotalPay Card account may also be frozen while bounced financial transactions are resolved. You may call to request convenience checks with your ADP TotalPay account. You can request only three convenience checks at a time. You must use all of your checks before you request additional blanks checks. You must call and receive an authentication number every time you use a check. Please note that once you receive an authentication number, the convenience check is valid only for the amount authorized. To cancel or place stop payment on an convenience check after it has been authorized, please call (866) A credit will be refunded to your TotalPay Card account if we are able to determine that the Convenience Check has not been paid. You will be liable to ADP for the amount of the check despite placing a stop payment on it in the event the check is later presented by a “holder in due course.” There may be a fee associated with stopping payment on a check – consult your fee schedule. You may call or request additional convenience checks by writing or calling: TotalPay Card, 400 Covina Blvd, San Dimas, CA 91773, (866) Complete and Keep For Your Records Check Number 1234 Date: Amount: USD$ Pay to the Order of: Mandatory Authentication Number Please call (866) First Last Address City, State, Zip 1234 Date: Pay to the Order of: Amount: USD$ In the Amount of: Dollars Void after 180 days from activation Not valid for an amount in excess of $2,500 This check is void if there is no authentication number listed in the box and both signatures are not complete. Payee: To verify the validity of this check, please call (877) JP Morgan Chase Plaza New York, NY USA Mandatory Authentication Number Please call (866) ::: ;;

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