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MAKING A DIFFERENCEMAKING A DIFFERENCE. MISSION STATEMENT Nutrition Services is committed to: Providing Providing all students the healthiest meal program.

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2 MISSION STATEMENT Nutrition Services is committed to: Providing Providing all students the healthiest meal program Eliminating Eliminating processed foods Seeking out Seeking out the freshest ingredients Providing Providing outstanding service Being Being an important component of your childs education Viewing Viewing all obstacles as opportunities to succeed Make a DifferenceMake a DifferenceWe are more than just Lunch Ladies

3 MOTIVATION FOR OUR PROGRAM: WHERE DID IT START? Rick Cotabackground: Former Audit Manager and consultant for CPA Firm. Consulted for over 25 School Districts and Community College districts in California. I have seen what works and what doesnt… In charge of over 45 clients in California, Nevada, and Arizona over a 10-year period. Responsible for reporting on the financials of each entity. 15 years in various levels of upper management in restaurant industry with Chilis and Souplantation.

4 MOTIVATION FOR OUR PROGRAM: WHERE DID IT START? Rick Cotaat CUSD: First Task First Task: walked through the schools to get unbiased snapshot as an outsider. Second Task Second Task: solicited feedback from students, faculty, and parents. Took into consideration existing data from Nutrition Services Department, my own experiences, and the perception I had of what Claremont wanted in their meal program.

5 MOTIVATION FOR OUR PROGRAM: WHAT POSITIVES DID WE HAVE? Ley Yeager Green and SustainableGreen and Sustainable before Green and Sustainable was cool… Many school sites had gardens…Ley and Vistas garden is unique. Orchards bearing fruit for his families. Grafting of trees and pruning done by Ley himself. no-dig Gardens are no-digraised beds flowing with seasonal varieties for families of Vista Seeing this example gave us inspiration for the direction of CUSDs Nutrition Department Healthy Initiatives.

6 WHATS GOING ON? Working gardens Our working gardens promote organic and sustainable methods. San Antonio High SchoolEl Roble Intermediate School, At San Antonio High School and El Roble Intermediate School, students participate in all aspects of a working garden. Cal Poly Pomona Department of Regenerative StudiesScripps College We have partnerships with Cal Poly Pomona Department of Regenerative Studies and Scripps College.

7 WHATS GOING ON? Sustainable practices Dig-Free Gardens are Dig-Free Ongoing composting Use of recycled materials positive difference community Making a positive difference in our community

8 WHATS GOING ON? CUSD Nutrition Services CUSD Nutrition Services program is setting new standards: Can-FreeCan-Free salad bars Farm-raised chickens Bringing the community together in volunteerism All fruits are grown locally whole foods Fresh mealswhole foods and no preservatives or additives

9 EDUCATING KIDS VIA NUTRITION SERVICES Providing educational opportunities via our meal program is part of our mission. June 2010 June 2010: Under the supervision of David Chamberlain and Linda Saeta, students from the CHS IB Program prepared recipes from Like Water for Chocolate. October 2010 October 2010: El Roble students made Pesto Pasta from fresh ingredients in their garden. 3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago: San Antonio HS Students made 200 jars of Orange Marmalade and Jam Preserves.

10 HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES Fresh-cooked meals at CUSD! All elementary schools receive meals made from scratch with healthy ingredients.

11 HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES Recent meals: Lemon Herb Chicken Lemon Herb Chicken – Chicken breast marinated in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Parsley, Pepper, Lemon Juice, and other seasonings. Seasoned Ground Beef & Rice Seasoned Ground Beef & Rice – Fresh ground beef prepared stove top with Yellow Onions, Tomatoes, Garlic, and blended with Long- Grain Rice. BBQ Chicken BBQ Chicken – Chicken Breast marinated in our own Homemade BBQ Sauce made with Tomatoes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses, Onions, Soy Sauce and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Ground Beef Nachos Ground Beef Nachos – Baked Whole-Grain Chips served with Seasoned Ground Beef. Rotisserie Chicken Rotisserie Chicken – Chicken Breast seasoned with 17 herbs and spices.

12 HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES In support of our efforts to Make a Difference…CUSD Nutrition Services was the recipient of three professional cooking ranges. The Royal Range Company of California donated two Professional Series Ranges with Ovens. The Thermador Company donated one Professional Series Range and Oven

13 NUTRITION SERVICES BACK TO THE BASICS fruit and vegetables were grown and eaten every day There was a time on our very school district land that fresh fruit and vegetables were grown and eaten every day by school children and their families. same quality and commitment today CUSD Nutrition Services is committed to providing that very same quality and commitment today at all school sites.

14 CUSD LEADING THE WAY! Local growers January 2010 Since January 2010: CUSD Nutrition Services contracted with local growers to bring us fresh picked fresh fruit and vegetables for our students. Old Grove Orange We are proud to feature organic fresh fruit from Old Grove Orange. Bob Knight is committed to making connections with his local growers and local school districts so that our last remaining family farms remain sustainable. Revolution Our efforts have led neighboring school districts to bring in their own organic fresh fruit as well. We have started our ownRevolution.

15 HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES FRUITS! 100% from local sources Many are Certified Organic

16 HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES Strawberries picked in seasonMarch through Junefrom local farmer in Claremont and Ontario at 5:00 a.m. and brought to our loading dock by 9:00 a.m. every day Kiwi picked from the only 100% certified grower in the U.S., a Redlands farmer Apples Picked from local farmers in Yucaipa specifically for us No need for warehouse storage Oranges Valencia and Navel Oranges picked from local farmers in Redlands & Cal Poly Pomona Brought straight from the tree to our loading dock within 24 hours of being picked

17 PARTNERS IN HEALTH & WELLNESS Local business partners of CUSD Local business ownersmake meals especially for our kids utilizing healthy recipes Lack of equipmentneed assistance of partners to help us serve students healthier choices

18 PARTNERS IN HEALTH & WELLNESS Eddies New YorkOwner Ed Inglese fresh-made pastamade-from-scratch Provided fresh-made pasta featuring made-from-scratch sauce Pasta is whole-grain Served for lunch; made the same morning Eds triplets recently graduated from CHS. He has one son currently at CHS, and has helped CUSD booster and club organizations over the years. We are grateful to have a partner committed to helping us serve the needs of our students at CUSD.

19 PARTNERS IN HEALTH & WELLNESS Dr. GrubbsCUSD graduate Greg Burkle fresh grilled Blackened ChickenTeriyaki Bowls Healthy Wraps Provides fresh grilled Blackened Chicken, Teriyaki Bowls, and Healthy Wraps to CHS students. Has provided meals for numerous events Has given our meal program at CHS choices that no other district in our area can compare with.

20 PARTNERS IN HEALTH & WELLNESS Success in any school program relies on partnership and working together. We are proud to work together with partners who feel the same. local business owners healthy food choices to our students CUSD Nutrition Services has given local business owners the opportunity to provide healthy food choices to our students. Claremont community CUSD has helped sustain local business owners by purchasing healthy meals within our Claremont community. Economic Sustainability This practice is Economic Sustainability in action. Over $330,000 in revenue for 100% Claremont Business owners in 2009/2010. This means local jobs and tax revenue.

21 HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES Cal Poly Pomona Departments of Regenerative Studies and Agriculture San Antonio High SchoolEl Roble Intermediate School The Cal Poly Pomona Departments of Regenerative Studies and Agriculture provided assistance with the construction of garden boxes at San Antonio High School and El Roble Intermediate School.

22 HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES Both departments have put effort into better educating students on enhanced nutrition. Dr. Sharonda Wallace (Condit Parent) & Dr. Kyle Brown (Vista Parent) have facilitated volunteer efforts at both schools and coordinated efforts utilized throughout our district, such as nutritional education in classrooms. Professor Jasmin Ilkay has donated numerous hours and efforts to CUSD students through her class volunteers.

23 SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES Eliminating our carbon footprint Styrofoam free Styrofoam free! All trays, cups, and plates are 100% post-consumer paper or molded fiber products. over 600 cases of trays CUSD uses over 600 cases of trays each school year for elementary students. Each case is 32 pounds of Styrofoam not going to a land fill. That is 19,200 pounds of 100% biodegradable Sugar Cane Trays composting in our land fills instead of Styrofoam poisoning our land. Composting vegetable trimmings Composting vegetable trimmings from the Central Kitchen being utilized in the El Roble garden. Recycling Recycling plastic and cans from the Central Kitchen. Local vendors Local vendors means less fuel consumption and emissions. school gardens 100% organic All school gardens are 100% organic. No pesticides used. All seedlings utilized for plantings are 100% certified pesticide-free.

24 FINANCIAL RESULTS With many fixed expenses such as labor, our department can increase its revenue and efficiency via increased meal participation. 2008/2009 2008/2009 – 466,057 total complete meals served 2009/2010 2009/2010 – 549,465 total complete meals served 83,408 more meals served over prior year 2010/2011 2010/2011 – 566,460 projected complete meals to be served based on data from first 108 school days. 16,995 more meals projected over prior year.

25 FINANCIAL RESULTS 2008/2009 2008/2009total revenue: $2,206,000 2009/2010 2009/2010total revenue:$2,630,000 2010/2011 2010/2011total projected revenue: $2,845,000 28.9% revenue growth projected over 2-year period. Increase in revenue has led to department operating in the Black.

26 FINANCIAL RESULTS Revenue over Expense 2009/2010 2009/2010--$34,000, per audited financials Current fiscal year Current fiscal year projected at $25,528. Contributing factors: Federal and State Reimbursement meal participation Increase in Federal and State Reimbursement money with increases in meal participation. purchases by students Increase in purchases by students at all grade levels. lunch program School of the Arts in Pomona as Our Lady of Assumption Catholic School CUSD now provides lunch program for School of the Arts in Pomona as well as Our Lady of Assumption Catholic School in Claremont.

27 CUSD – SETTING NEW STANDARDS 1. No Canned Fruit! fresh fruits We cut and slice fresh fruits by hand. Our salad bars have fresh/seasonal selections daily. 2.CUSD Chickens! With guidance from Cal Poly Pomona, we have raised hens that produce wonderful organic-fed eggs daily. Students are learning about chickens first- hand and are taking part in their upkeep. Our chickens are able to roam freely in their enclosure

28 CUSD – SETTING NEW STANDARDS 3. More fresh items! salad dressings marinades Items previously ordered from processors are now being made fresh by our staff such as salad dressings and marinades. 4. Meatless Mondays Meatless main entrees Meatless main entrees are the meal of the day at elementary school sites. This is our effort to improve students personal health by reducing the risk of chronic preventable conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. We are also helping to save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel.

29 CUSD – SETTING NEW STANDARDS 5. Fresh Fridays cooked from scratch Freshly prepared entrees cooked from scratch in our Central Kitchen. This is combined with another fresh, unprocessed entrée provided by one of our vendor partners. CHS 6. Fresh, unprocessed Hamburgersprepared at CHS fresh Ground Beef Monday through Thursday, our ladies prepare and season fresh Ground Beef. Each patty is Hand-formed and seasoned. No frozen poor-grade hamburger patties here! These efforts set us apart from other school districts.

30 CUSD – SETTING NEW STANDARDS Promote healthier eating habits Promote healthier eating habits by featuring new freshly prepared meals including vegetarian choices. eliminate processed foods Continue to eliminate processed foods at all levels. working gardens Construct working gardens at every school site. Promote curriculum in classroom Promote curriculum in classroom via resources at Cal Poly Pomona, Scripps College, & Pomona College. operate department sustainable Continue to operate department in a sustainable manner. increased participation fiscal accountability Continue to warrant increased participation and fiscal accountability by providing great service, a great product, and a great attitude!


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