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EBOOKS WITHOUT VENDORS Using Open Source Tools to Create and Share Meaningful Ebook Collections.

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1 EBOOKS WITHOUT VENDORS Using Open Source Tools to Create and Share Meaningful Ebook Collections

2 Who am I? Matt Weaver Web Librarian - Westlake Porter Public Library Board member Library Renewal

3 Not an alternative to Overdrive, ebrary, 3M, etc.

4 This talk is not about ebooks as products

5 EBOOKS AS TOOLS To be created by: the library the community For collaboration For connection

6 Ebooks as source material for new products

7 DIY Ebooks: Library as publisher

8 An Experiment: Library as publisher


10 WHY DIY? Design for your community: Responsive Relevant Hyper-local

11 WHY DIY? Gain knowledge and skills that can be applied in other projects/partnerships

12 WHY DIY? Content independence


14 Free to use Free to develop Uses free licenses (GNU GPL most common) OPEN SOURCE: WHAT IS IT?

15 Open Source: Four Freedoms The freedom to: Run the program for any purpose Study how the program works and adapt it to your needs (requires source code)

16 Open Source: Four Freedoms The freedom to: Redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor Improve the program and release your improvements to the public

17 Why Open Source? - Collaboration & Community Zero software costs, yet you get powerful software

18 Why Open Source? Control over Content You control development: ultimate control over content

19 Why Open Source? - Collaboration & Community Collaborators can be united with common tools

20 Why Open Source? - Collaboration & Community No restrictions on collaboration by software publishers' technologies/license agreements

21 An Open-Source Model for Community Publishing affordable for even small libraries return on investment

22 DRM (Digital Rights Management) Think of DRM on an eBook as a lock, with your eReader having the key to open the lock and display the file. - Jason Griffey Digital Rights Management (DRM)

23 DRM in libraries Impedes access by imposing friction = technological obstacles Expensive Counterproductive For much content, isnt necessary


25 DIY: Copyright Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been a lawyer. I am not a copyright expert.

26 DIY: Copyright Because of digital distribution, and because the library does not own titles to be digitized… o no Fair Use case, o no section 108 protections

27 DIY: Copyright Determine if book has fallen into the public domain Or seek permission from rightsholder

28 DIY: Copyright - Resources

29 DIY: Copyright - Resources ?forward=home ?forward=home

30 Digital Copyright Slider DIY: Copyright - Resources

31 Copyright Genie DIY: Copyright - Resources

32 DIY: Copyright – Show your work Document copyright research to justify your usage, and to show that you acted professionally in trying to locate rightsholders.


34 DIY: Copyright - Guidelines

35 Securing permission: consent forms Organizational leaders: may think they have to sign over copyright may be afraid to sign something will likely seek broader approval

36 Securing permission: consent forms Consent agreement should be clear on copyright Be clear how content will be used If you already have a consent form, make sure it applies to new projects For consent agreement questions, consult an attorney.


38 ePub as zip file


40 ebook markup HTML & CSS

41 Everything has been digitized, right? Bad OCR: hours, fractions Scanned Digitized Corrected WPPL Epub page

42 Homer ebook project

43 Homer The following tools are installed as part of the Homer Project: ImageMagick (for manipulation images) Jpegtran (loseless jpeg transformation) JBIG2 encoder (compression tool for bi-level images) Tesseract-OCR (optical character recognition) RubyInstaller (installs the Ruby programming language) Hpricot (HTML parser) RMagick (interface between the Ruby programming language and ImageMagick) Pdfbeads (to create searchable PDF) Cmdow.exe (command-line utility used in Homer) ScanTailor (post-processing tool) Homer (command-line bash script)

44 Ebook Production Workflow

45 or

46 Homer: ScanTailor Preprocess tiff-format images of book pages Deskewing De-speckling Correcting warp Right-to-left language support Outputs images for Homer

47 Homer: ScanTailor

48 HOMER BASH SCRIPT It looks like command-line…

49 HOMER BASH SCRIPT but its drag-and- drop!!!

50 Homer: tesseract-ocr Optical Character Recognition Multilingual support - From Afrikaans to Vietnamese

51 Homer: pdfbeads Outputs a searchable PDF

52 Homer & pdfbeads Outputs a searchable PDF

53 Sigil

54 Epub Validator

55 Calibre

56 Drupal Open source content management system Widely used in libraries Drupal 7 Responsive layout

57 Drupal Ability to create custom fields for metadata – can be hidden from users

58 3 content types: recipe ebook organization Drupal 7 Responsive layout

59 Drupal – Recipe module

60 Drupal – ILS authentication module

61 USAGE: Since late Oct. 2013 Nearly 800 ebook downloads More than 11,000 individual recipes downloaded or printed

62 Costs: Content: $0 Software licensing: $0 Staff time: 4-7 hours per ebook (estimated)

63 The Community Cookbook – whats next?


65 Original content: We can help organizations produce their own cookbooks Work with organizations to produce ebook versions…but

66 The Community Cookbook – whats next? …with one more open-source tool, we can even help them design print versions: We can do everything but the printing.

67 Its an exciting possibility… for the future of libraries that there is value to be mined from content already in our communities.

68 Even more exciting is the thought that the most valuable content to libraries is content from our communities that hasnt been created yet.

69 Further Reading Jarret Buse - A Hands-on Guide to EPUB2 and EPUB3 Excellent guide to the guts of ebooks Features many of the open-source programs I have discussed

70 Further Reading Stanford University: Copyright & Fair Use – Charts and Tools

71 mattrweaver }

72 Image credits Open Source Sign Timothy Appnel - Librarian from Turn of the Century - ex.html?id=34 ex.html?id=34 Ereaders - Michael Porter Apples & oranges

73 Image credits Techno_background2.jpg (ones and zeroes) Pile of books with lock: Librarian in Black - ml ml Ricoh Copier: aficio-mp-4001-fast-photocopier-copier-printer-scan-fax-5598- p.jpg aficio-mp-4001-fast-photocopier-copier-printer-scan-fax-5598- p.jpg

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