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Company History Alcoholic Beverage Plant"Stanislavska trading company LLC appeared on the market of Ukraine in the year of 2006 and became the biggest.

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3 Company History Alcoholic Beverage Plant"Stanislavska trading company LLC appeared on the market of Ukraine in the year of 2006 and became the biggest investment into industrial production of Ivano-Frankivsk. The situation of the factory at the regional centre of Prycarpattya was not by chance: for the new production we chose one of the most ecological regions of the country, where the clean water and air are saved, where natural row material for the production of quality spirit products is reserved. Equipped with the accounting of the most modern technologies, the enterprise quickly gained the trust of the customers thanks to the perfect quality of its production. Perfect cleaning and softening of the water is provided by the equipment by the company «Gulligan» ( USA), strong line of pouring – by Italian company «Simi Packaging Machines g.r.l.

4 The first to appear on the market was the trade mark Frankivska that had six types. The production of new trend trade mark Tsisarska started in 2007. Such historical title is the meaning of events that were on the western territories during the 19 century. For that period the biggest state of Europe was Austria- Hungary empire, and the governing monarch was Tsisar. The empire united itself the territories of Galuch, Check Republic, Austria, Hungary and Bukovyna, and as for that period the production of spirit drinks was well spread, each part of empire had its own favorite, unique and produced according to the traditions vodka. Also very popular were drinks brought by guests Serbians. We decided to propose you vodka that is produced with preserving old traditions of the territories of Austria-Hungary.

5 Assortment of the trade mark Tsisarska is the collection of six types of vodka and special types of vodka that combine unique recipes and old traditions. Pride of production is also Prykarpathian Balsam, – legendary drink from the treasury of national recipes, each drop of which contains natural riches of Karpathians. It is produced of 16 herbal components, among which there are extracts of mountain herbs, the balsam has original incredible taste and strong restorative action. Alcoholic Beverage Plant "Stanislav Trade Company" LLC it is first of all grouped team of professionals. That is why the high quality of production and prestige of the enterprise is the matter of honor for each worker.

6 Production The production of qualitative production is impossible without combination of such factors as modern equipment, constant control and solid team of professionals. This uncompromising approach gave opportunity to create production, that meets all the fastidious needs of the customer. Vodka production is highly technological process, for which except spirit of high quality specially prepared water is also needed. Both factors directly influence the quality of the product. Multistage purifying and softening of the water ensures equipment of Gulligan ( the USA) company. Only several plants in Ukraine demonstrate such level of technology and use the equipping of such level.

7 The whole process of creating alcohol drinks on the plant is automated. Equipment is of rustproof steal, productions are world leader of equipping for food industry are from France, Italy, the USA. For creating vodka Liqueur-Vodka Distiller uses spirits of the best quality of the best producers of Ukraine. In June 2008 there was provided refrigerator equipment on the plant, that foresees compliance of optimal temperature on all the stages of technologic process that provides the improving of organoleptic and physicochemical scores of production. One more important stage is the purifying through setting Silver Filtration after which into the purifying vodka we add ingredients that turn it into classical or special vodka.

8 For creating the ingredients we use just natural raw. There are no any chemical stuffs – emphasize the specialists of the plant. All the raw that comes to the production is – sugar, honey, glucose, fruit lemon, cumin, paprika, branches and leaves of blackberry and cherry, plum, viburnum, rowan juices and others – certified and meets the demands of the quality and protection. We make aroma spirits (for special vodka) and infusion (for balsam) of plant components. Before the filling the production passes the last micro filtration and polishing. The important stage of the protection is triple laser marking on the cap and bottle. Laboratory control helps to get the production of a good quality – from the checking the input materials to the ready made production. The laboratory of the enterprise is equipped by modern laboratory equipment that gives opportunity during the whole production cycle to provide the quality and protection of the whole production. This all in complex proves the high level of organization of governing the production and quality of the production.

9 During the three years of its work the factory considerably enlarged its amount of selling, as the result – production enlarged as well. For the comparison: for January-October the amount of production was – 562,7 thousand dal, and for ten months of the year 2009 – 1068,4 thousand dal, and this is 89% of the enlargement of production. The dynamic development is also shown by the fact that having occupied strong positions at the Western- Ukrainian market since 2009 the enterprise began to appear on the National level and also to realize expert potential by the conquest markets of Russia and Armenia. Since next year the factory will continue to grow powers for an account of enlarging of the production and appearing at the European market. There is an certified in the international system DQS integral system of managing of quality and safety of food products according to the demands of ISO 9001-2009 and 22000:2005. Dynamics of Development


11 NATURALNESS OF PRODUCT By virtue of exclusive formulas and use of exceptionally natural raw material, the product of liquor-vodka manufacturer LLC Stanislavska Trading Company has got recognition on national and international markets. All beverages – vodkas, special vodkas and balms – are manufactured adding the components of proper preparation. The combination of old traditions with novel technologies allows creation of the product of excellent quality and original pure taste. The base for the preparation of vodkas is a blend of high quality alcohol with water. Wheat alcohol of de Luxe class is mixed with the purest water of the Carpathian rivers and complementary purified using the technology of the lead manufacturer of Guligan equipment, USA. Alcohol of the highest quality is supplied by the producers certified by the Expert Tasting Committee of the concern Ukralcohol. The blend of alcohol and water undergoes filtering according to the classic technology using carbon-sand battery; also, vodka additionally goes through the so called silver filtration for improvement of its organoleptic properties. We use aroma alcohol, liquor, fruit drinks and alcoholized juice manufactured from the natural raw material for reparation of special vodkas and liquor-vodka drinks. Aroma alcohol for the production of special vodkas is received after its distillation through natural dry material of plants, berries and spices. For liquor-vodka beverages, namely liquors and balms, we prepare tinctures and fruit drinks. Water-alcohol liquid is passing through dry plants, berries and spices, namely tutsan, sweet clover, marjoram, leaves of black currants and cherry, linden blossom, echinacea root, rose petals, haws, hips, currants and ashberries, cinnamon, sweet pepper, chilly pepper. For balms we use the alcoholized juice from ashberries, guelder rose and cherries. The production line receives the freshly impressed juice and immediately adds alcohol to it. It allows maximally keeping natural taste and aroma and transferring them to the drinks. By combining the special formulas with natural ingredients we create an unbelievable palette of different tastes and offer the feeling of pure quality of our products for our consumers.







18 TSISARSKA GOLD New vodka of premium class that combined pure quality and beneficial properties. Selected wheat alcohol de Luxe and virgin natural components give its taste freshness and lightness. Created on the basis of Rhodіola rosea, more famous as Gold root, vodka Tsisarska Gold possesses the tonic properties. Multifaceted taste, delicate aroma and fine half-crystal bottle will become a pleasant gift for everybody who knows the value of quality.







25 TM FRANKOFF Using out long-term experience and novel technologies we created absolutely new vodka with a new name FRANKOFF.

26 Frankivsk Legend Carpathians… Mysterious mountain country with crystal transparent rivers, unique valleys and blossoming nature. Country where legends are passed on since the beginning of time… Authoring of the specialists of the company. Frankivsk Legend is created on the basis of selected alcohol de Luxe and pure spring water. Alcohol redolent with red rue, the Carpathian flower that long time ago became a symbol of our land, gives this vodka unbeaten taste and barely sensed pleasant aroma. Mitigated with natural honey, Frankivsk Legend will present the unforgettable palette of taste.



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