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Sometimes I lie awake and ask, why me? then a voice answers _ nothing personal, your name just happened to come up. Charles M Schulz.

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2 Sometimes I lie awake and ask, why me? then a voice answers _ nothing personal, your name just happened to come up. Charles M Schulz.

3 What can the Free From Coach do for you? - Coaching for your own Healing Journey - Healthy eating support - Creativity & general tips for wellbeing How to ; EAT WELL! BE WELL! STAY WELL! Tips & Recipes for: Baking with no added sugar and why this may help you.

4 Demonstrating how the M.E. Community can support each other. Sharing experiences of what has worked well for me which you may want to explore if you havent already.

5 There was a woman (me!) who; Worked full time in a demanding job Worked hard at home Played sport Supported a self employed business Helped out family & friends Liked to holiday & socialise often & who unbeknown to her was becoming emotionally and physically exhausted.

6 Headaches & general tiredness and then she contracted the flu. She lost 2st in weight, had indigestion & body tremors, had giddy spells, felt lightheaded, had runny eyes, aching muscles, was unable to sleep, had anxiety/panic attacks, was extra sensitive to sound and fumes, and life became such a struggle that she had to stop work. Does that sound familiar?

7 Her GP was knowledgeable & supportive and referred her to a Specialist Consultant. Diagnosis M.E./CFS. Cure NONE Energy Nil Medical supportANTIDEPRESSANTS Daily lifesleep/eat/rest/sleep Determination to improve 100% And so began a new life chapter...............

8 Working part-time in demanding job and able to support others. Have normalised life Take no medication – just vitamins & minerals Have regular breaks & holidays Attend art classes Have dance lessons Have set up website and written E book of 40 no added sugar recipes.

9 GOOD NUTRITION & HEALTHY DIET *fresh meat/fish with fruit & veg and less processed foods. *check for food intolerances *Build up essential vitamins & minerals

10 IMPROVE DIGESTION, GUT CONDITION & IMMUNE SYSTEM * no added sugar * low wheat/dairy products *get tested for Candida.

11 RESEARCH & TRY COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH PRACTICES *Maintain those that help you. E.g. Reflexology Yoga Acupressure massage

12 GET ADEQUATE REST & RELAXATION. (these are not necessarily the same thing) *Use pacing *Be nice to yourself *Try meditation *Only mix with positive people *Do relaxing activities.

13 BECOME SELF-AWARE. try to see a set back as just that - part of the journey, not the destination. recognise your personal warning signs and make a change to help yourself on your journey to wellness.

14 Over 70% of immune system is in the gut. Sugar and refined carbohydrates feed bad bacteria creating an environment thats not beneficial for optimum digestion. sugar reduces the effectiveness of our white blood cells by 40%. Once refined sugar enters the bloodstream, it attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules. Refined sugar causes a sharp increase in blood glucose levels which then causes the body to work hard to reduce it again. By decreasing refined sugar intake we can increase our emotional stability which will boost our health & wellbeing.

15 Corn syrup....honey..Glucose.......Maltose... Fructose,Dextrose.. dextrin.... sucrose.. Agave syrup....................... They all mean one thing – sugar. Do your own spot check on foods that you buy – you will be amazed how many contain a form of sugar...... Cheese biscuits!... Savoury sauces! Research has also linked increased sugar consumption to higher rates of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. For more information on why no added sugar go to;

16 Baking naturally with no added sugar (sugar is in there from fruit and vegetables together with natural fibre) can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. (and be very enjoyable!)

17 The recipes contained in my Ebook Recipe Collection contain natural fruit sugars which, when eaten whole (not just as juice) with the pulp and fibre of the fruit itself, slow down the digestion and absorption of the sugars.

18 Baking with no added sugar. Puddings, desserts & tea-time treats. 40 recipes straight from nature's store cupboard, sweet treats, colourful and scrumptious. easy to follow cookery card layout Ebook available for only £6.50 via website or try the free recipe given. A donation will be made to Action for M.E. for each Recipe Collection sold.


20 Creativity for wellbeing. You dont need to be an artist to be creative & its therapeutic. Create your own personal gallery –let me show you how.

21 Please contact me via my website if you have any comments or questions or Email: See also my feature article in Interaction – Aug. 2013.

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