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ICE CREAM Prepared by : Asmahan al_essa. For Dr: Mohammad sabah 1.

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1 ICE CREAM Prepared by : Asmahan al_essa. For Dr: Mohammad sabah 1

2 ICE CREAM.. Ice cream is a frozen mixtur which contains milk, sugar, fat and optional thickeners (e.g. pectin or gelatin), colouring, and flavouring. It may be sweetened and flavoure in numerous ways with nuts, fruit pieces, and natural or artificial flavours and colours. 2

3 Ice cream recipes first appear in 18th century England and America. The first ice cream makers were produced in the United States from the 1860s. The inner can was placed in the outer bucket, and ice and salt were placed between the inner can and outer bucket. The salt lowered the freezing point of the ice, and contact with the inner bucket made a thin layer of milk freeze on the inside of the inner can. The rotating paddle, turned by a crank, scraped off the frozen milk, and let a new layer freeze. 3

4 The principles of preservation are:- Freezing to inhibit microbial growth. Pasteurization to destroy most micro- organisms and enzymes. 4

5 Processing.. ingredientsProcessing stageEquipment Milk, sugar, fat, Thickener, colours, and flavours. Mix ingredientsWeighing and measuring equipment Liquid mixer PasteurizeBoiling pan or steam jacketed pan Thermometer Heat source Cool mixture to approximately -5 0 c and beating Ice cream maker Fill into containersFilling machine Freeze at -18 0 Cfreezer 5

6 Pasteurization.. pasteurization is carried out by heating to 65 0 C for a period of 30 minutes. cooling and beating. 6

7 Next.. Ice cream makers are available commercially and work on the following principle. The mixture is placed in a bowl which is operated rotor or by a powered stirrer. At the end of this process the ice cream should be at a temperature of approximately -5 0 C, and be partly frozen. 7

8 Packaging and storage:- The ice cream is usually packaging in plastic, waxed paper, or cardboard containers, and is stored at below -18 0 C. The storage temperature is important for two reasons:- To prevent the growth of micro-organisms.. To maintain the texture of the product. 8

9 Next.. Ice cream may be transported in an insulated box (e.g. for sale from a bicycle ). It is especially important to guard against thawing and re-freezing this will cause change in texture and mouthfeel, and there is the increase possibility of food poisoning by contaminating food poisoning microorganisms. 9

10 For make the ice cream you need to.. 1.½ cup of milk 2.1tablespoon of salt 3.½ tablespoon of vanilla extract 4.Alternate flavor : if you want chocolate ice cream, add 1 tablespoon of cacoa powder 5.4-6 tablespoon of sugar 6.2 trays of ice 7.Small amount of butter 10

11 t40 t40 11

12 Plz high score man. 12

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