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2 Soon to be the magazine of the century! 5 exciting headings: NEWS TEENAGERS WORLD CARS RECIPES EVENTS ACND IS WHAT YOURE LOOKING FOR! Revolutionary 5 in 1 magazine

3 WHY MAGAZINES? Busy people => good way to relax Cheap and handy For all ages AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT…. We read magazines... No! We love magazines!!!!

4 21/01/09 Nr.1 1.5 RON How to have a perfect body in 3 steps Is this the car youve been looking for? ~RIHANNA~CHRIS BROWN~ROBERT PATTINSON~LILBOW WOW~BOLT~ Simple Plan concert in town

5 Teenagers World TEST:How you are seen out there

6 Daily problems SMOKING THINK AGAIN!

7 BEAUTY Beautiful inside-out!

8 Oldies but goldies! Ford, Plymouth, Dodge Are you in for the right car?

9 Lifestyle 4 steps for making you cook like a chef Landscaping:turn your garden into an oasis!

10 EVENTS Party like a ROCKSTAR!

11 Strengths of the project (unique selling point): a) the only magazine for all categories of age: teenagers, women, men and aged men b) the only magazine for the entire family c) reasonable price:1.5 RON

12 weaknesses of the project: a)probably not all people will enjoy the product b)a single person will never buy a magazine for an entire family,prefering a magazine entirely for men or women c)we compete with other magazines

13 The way we spent the money… 50.000 RON initial money Installment to the bank each month: 150 RON Utilities each month: 500 RON -estimated costs: a) equipment 2500 RON computer 1000 RON printer 3900 RON 3 Xeroxes 600 RON 3chairs 800 RON 3 desks 200 RON desk for the printer 400 RON 4 printer cartridges for the beginning 10.000 RON 10 Xerox cartridges for the beginning 6000 RON 300 quires for the beginning 3000 (11700 RON) -second-hand car 200 lei per month for -gasoline -oil -manual labor

14 b)staff editor-1500 RON per month driver-500 RON per month informatician-1000 RON 9500 RON remaining from 50.000 9500 RON remaining from 50.000 -estimated profit: 20 contracts with 3% of the profit 1500 magazines per shop =>30000 magazines in total 1000 magazines sold per shop =>1500 RON => 45 RON profit 20000 magazines sold in total =>29100 RON for the business Money for the first month:29100 RON -installment to the bank -installment to the bank -utilities -utilities -informatician -informatician -editor -editor -driver -driver -car costs -car costs PROFIT:25250 RON -salaries for the three members of the company -buy materials for the next month -buy materials for the next month

15 Its cheap Its trendy Its modern Its for all Its the future Its 5 in 1 Its …. Why would you possibly not want to buy it?

16 Members of the company Balau Cristina-financial manager Barbos Andra-project presentation Serghievici Andreea-creative manager


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