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1 Welcome to !. 2Agenda Welcome & Introductions Getting to Know You Company Products & Services, History, Mission & Philosophy Whos Who Required Paperwork.

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1 1 Welcome to !

2 2Agenda Welcome & Introductions Getting to Know You Company Products & Services, History, Mission & Philosophy Whos Who Required Paperwork Video: An Introduction to Our Restaurants Corporate Perks Facilities Presentation Safety Corporate Policies BREAK Benefits Presentation Video: Anti-Harassment LUNCH Company Policies Staff Member Handbook Tour Wrap-Up

3 3 Getting to Know YOU! Focus On You Activity NAME (What I Like to Be Called) Favorite Job Prior to Cheesecake? Favorite Pet Growing Up? What I Do Best Two Successes 1 Professional/ 1 Personal

4 4 Company Products & Services A unique, upscale, casual dining restaurant offering an eclectic menu, big portions and signature cheesecakes. We provide a high-energy atmosphere seven days a week, serving Appetizers, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Dining, a Full Bar, Bar Menu, and Sunday Brunch. We also offer our entire menu for Take Out and Curb-Side pick-up. "There Is Truly Something For Everyone!"

5 5 Company History 1949: Evelyn Overton bakes a New York-style cheesecakes for the employer of her husband, Oscar. The family opens a small-scale bakery operated in the basement of their Detroit home where the business is operated for the next 20 years. 1971: The Overtons relocate from Detroit to Los Angeles and open a 700-square-foot commercial bakery & in-line store in North Hollywood, CA. 1972: The Cheesecake Factory wholesale bakery opens with a small retail component. 1975: The bakery moves to a larger facility in Woodland Hills, CA. David Overton joins the business full-time. 1978: The 1st Cheesecake Factory restaurant opens in Beverly Hills, CA. 1983: The Company opens its 2nd restaurant in Marina del Rey, CA. 1992: The Cheesecake Factory Inc. makes its IPO, consolidating the wholesale bakery and restaurant chain into one corporation with an opening share price of $20. 1995: The production facility relocates to its current headquarters in Calabasas, CA. 1998: The DisneyQuest recreation center in Orlando, FL debuts the Cheesecake Factory Express with a 2nd location opening in Chicago in 1999. 1999: The Grand Lux Cafe, opens at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, debuts as the company's 2nd brand, and becomes our only 24-hour & largest restaurant. 2001: The Company achieves the best performance of its history during fiscal 2001. The Cheesecake Factory Oscar and Evelyn Overton Charitable Foundation is formed. 2002: The Corporate Support Center relocates to its current headquarters in Calabasas 2007-8: Grand openings of GLC Palazzo (Las Vegas-Venetian) and Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen (Century City)

6 6 Company Mission & Values Mission: To create an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority. Vision: Through a shared commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food, service, people, and profit, while taking exceptional care of our guests and staff. We will continuously strive to surpass our own accomplishments and be recognized as a leader in our industry. Values: People – Our Greatest Resource A Passion for Excellence Service Mindedness Dynamic Leadership High Performance Integrity, Respect, Responsibility Quality in Everything We Do

7 7 Company Values contd Were Here to PLEASE! Our attitude at the beginning of any interaction lays the foundation for a positive outcome. Initiate conversations that clearly communicate the willingness to support others: Were on the same side-Im here to help. Active listening requires focus and an open mind. Show you care by shutting out distractions that compete for your attention. Gather informationwhat does this person really want or need? Everyone wants to be understood. Imagine yourself in others situations and withhold judgment. Be willing to invest in the relationshipI can understand how you must be feeling. Asking the right questions can be more important than knowing the answers. Dig deep for the root cause and figure out what really matters to people. Gather more information, seek to understand and work toward a complete picture. Effective problem-solving builds relationships and loyalty. Think creatively to navigate the gray and find the best alternative. Own the solution! Take responsibility and follow through to exceed expectations. How we end a conversation leaves a lasting impression. Show appreciation and offer ongoing support. Build confidence and trust by reassuring others, Were here to PLEASE. A A sk E E mpathize S S olve E E ncourage L L isten P P ositively Approach

8 8 Whos Who Founder, Chairman & CEO David Overton President/COO Restaurant Ops SVP NRO Devel. Lisa McDowell SVP Beverage & Bakery Ops Russell Greene SVP Purchasing Ron McArthur EVP Kitchen Ops, GLC Mark Pratte SVP Bakery Ops Keith Carango SVP Bus. Planning/ Syts Devel Bill Lyons CIO Jim Rasmussen SVP Business Devel/ Marketing Howard Gordon SVP HR Ed Eynon General Counsel/EVP Debby Zurzolo CFO/SVP Finance Mike Dixon President, The CCF Bakery, Inc Max Byfuglin SVP Development Brian MacKellar The Cheesecake Factory and Grand Lux Cafe Corporate Support Center and Bakery Production Facilities Senior Executive Staff Russ Bendel

9 9 Whos Who contd The Cheesecake Factory and Grand Lux Cafe Corporate Support Center Vice Presidents VP, E-Commerce/Direct Marketing Geric Johnson VP & Exec. Corp. Chef Bob Okura VP, Design Rick McCormack VP, Facilities Mngmnt Richard Reinach VP, Strategic Planning Matthew Clark VP, Finance/Controller Cheryl Slomann VP, Performance Devel. Chuck Wensing VP, Staff Relations Jennifer Bispo VP, Talent Dina Barmasse VP, Investor Relations Jill Peters VP, Kitchen Ops Donald Moore VP, Kitchen Ops Support Kix Nystrom VP, Purchasing Stan Harvey VP, Risk Services Kurt Leisure VP, Comp. & Benefits Don Cervantes VP, Restaurant Sys/Tech Svcs Rob West

10 10 Getting You In the System –HR11-A –Form W4 –Form DE-4 –Form I-9 & Identification –Direct Deposit Form (w/voided check) Required Paperwork

11 11 Welcome Video Getting to Know Our Restaurants –Originally produced for restaurant staff Are you Hungry Yet?!!

12 12 Corporate Perks Cake Discount Benefit –Order cakes from the bakery any time –Truck Sale cakes – monthly sales Quality Dining Program Corporate Referral Program Food! –Treats on Wednesdays –Bagels on Fridays –Fresh fruit, milk, juice, soda, lemonade, hot cocoa (daily) CAKEStake Stock Option Program

13 13 Corporate Perks contd Rideshare Program –Incentives/Rewards Quarterly Staff Member Newsletter Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Staff Appreciation Awards & Years of Service Recognition Program Staff-funded Hardship Emergency Lifeline Program (HELP Fund) FedEx Corporate Discount Staples Corporate Discount

14 14 Corporate Perks contd Corporate discounts with: Numerous entertainment venues, attractions & retail vendors such as: AGOURA HILLS/CALABASAS COMMUNITYC ENTER

15 15Services Coffee Catering: The Conejo Grind –Mon, Wed, Fri – 9:00 a.m.; Watch for email! The WORK Number –Employment Verification Dry Cleaning Car Wash Massages (Quarterly) –$7.50/15 minutes Flu Shots HelpDesk –IT needs Office Services –Security badges, Shipping (postage), conf. room reservations Production Facility Tours –Shawna Bossart, ext. 3249

16 16 We Love to Have Fun! Book & Gift Fair - March & November Career Cake Walk –a.k.a. Take Your Children to Work Day – April Presidents Circle week of activities Summer Party –This year at Calamigos Ranch, Aug 5 th, Pass the Torte Halloween Dress-up/Pumpkin Decorating Contest Holiday Luncheon Birthday & Service Anniversary Celebrations Quarterly Corporate Communication Meetings –State of the Cake Thanksgiving Feed the Homeless –Salvation Army

17 17 Facility Presentation (Michelle Sterling) Security System Procedures –Badges –Facility procedures –Security guards –Please sign... Food & Beverages –Cover & clean –Kitchenettes Shipping –FedEx, mail Staples – ordering Office supplies Company store Parking Rideshare Program –What is ridesharing? –Incentives

18 18Communications Company Intranet Site (portal) –Directory News of the Day –Daily corporate-wide email Bulletin Board –Located in the corporate mail room & production facility admin kitchenette Phones –Contact/phone lists –Use –Etiquette Faxes, E-Fax Restaurant-Speak

19 19Safety

20 20 Corporate Policies Man - Calabasas is strict! Business Casual (jeans on Fridays!!) Ask your supervisor - Got an IPod? Arent those photos of our restaurants lovely? A little oxygen never hurt anyone People are trying to sleep work around here! Cars (Stickers & speeding) Business Cards (People need to know who ya are)

21 21 Corporate Policies contd Attendance Policy –Absences & Tardiness Sick Leave Bereavement Time of to Vote Pay Schedule/Earnings Statements –Different schedule for corporate center & production facility Holiday Pay Vacation Benefit –Exempt and hourly

22 22 Lets Take a Break!

23 23 Anti-Harassment Video The Cheesecake Factory is committed to providing a work environment that is free from all types of harassment and discrimination. Please review and sign The Cheesecake Factory Staff Member Anti-Harassment & Non-Discrimination Policy Statement *If you have any concerns or issues you d like to report, please contact: 1. 1. Your supervisor 2. 2. A member of the Staff Relations Dept. 3. 3. Our toll free Careline

24 24 Lunch!!! at

25 25 Company Policies CA Break & Meal Policy –(hourly) Staff Member MPN Information Anti-Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy –Statement Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse Alcohol Agreement Arbitration Agreement ECS Policy ECS –Use of Company E lectronic C ommunication S ystems

26 26 Company Policies contd Code of Ethics & Business Conduct Confidentiality Agreement CA Retail Food Code –The Big 7 Illness Chart Personal Relationships Between Managers & Staff –Managers & above Special Trading Policy & Procedure –Directors & above Where to find the P&P Manual –Screen shot of the portal –Google CakeSearch feature

27 27 Staff Member Handbook Our apologies! –Were sharing with the restaurants... the corporate version will be done soon! At Will Employment Communication with the Audit Committee Equal Opportunity Employer Open Door Policy The Forbidden ERISA Statement

28 Sec- - - -y Awareness 101 Be a Human Firewall U R IT

29 It Could happen to you! Click me!

30 But I Didnt Mean To….. Houston, We have a problem coming from The Cheesecake Factory

31 This Could Happen To Anyone!

32 Are You A Human Firewall?

33 The Key to Sec-U-R-IT-y is in the Word! U-R-IT! Be a Human Firewall

34 Sec-U-R-IT-y Awareness 101 Objectives Educate The Cheesecake Factory Staff on the following: What is Security Awareness? Real World Information Security Threats. Security issues you may face. What The Cheesecake Factory is doing to protect you. Your Responsibilities. What you should do to become a Human Firewall SEC_RITY is not complete with U!

35 Privacy Concerns Confidential/Sensitive Data Stored on Systems Names, Addresses, Date of Birth Social Security Numbers Health Insurance Information Credit Card Information Banking Information

36 Regulatory/Compliance Issues Governmental and Association Controls Required Fines, Civil or Criminal Liability, even Jail Time. 1987 Computer Security Act covering U.S. federal employees Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) CA SB 1386 VISA/MasterCard PCI DSS Sarbanes Oxley Act

37 What is expected of YOU? RESPONSIBILITY As a staff member of The Cheesecake Factory, it is your responsibility to help in the protection and proper use of our information and technology assets in accordance with the companies policy on the use of Electronic Communication Systems. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU TO BE A HUMAN FIREWALL

38 Global Security Issues Did you know: An estimated 600,000,000 computers are controlled by hackers worldwide and that 250,000 computers are taken over every day? Or that a group of just 3 Dutch hackers controlled 1.5 million Zombie computers? Or that Internet extortionists send out viruses that lock peoples hard drives and demand payment?

39 Identity Theft Did you know? An estimated 100,000 people are affected by identity theft every year in the United Kingdom? And an estimated 8.9 million Americans were the victims of identity theft in 2006, with a typical out of pocket cost of $422?

40 Data Security – Hacker Breach Cost of data breach at TJ Maxx soars to $256m TJX Cos.TJX Cos. said its costs from the largest computer data breach in corporate history, in which thieves stole more than 45 million customer credit and debit card numbers, have ballooned to $256 million. Several analysts have estimated TJX's costs could run as high as $1 billion, including legal settlements and lost sales as a result of the negative publicity.

41 Protect Confidential/Sensitive Information

42 What Protections are in Place? Internet Firewall E-Mail Firewall/SPAM Filter Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Personal Firewalls Patch Management Security Monitoring Website Filtering Vulnerability Scanning Information Security Team Password Protection

43 Leading Threats to PC Security Viruses/Worms Software programs designed to invade your computer, and copy, damage or delete your data Trojan Horses Viruses that pretend to be programs that help you while destroying your data and damaging your computer Spyware Software that secretly watches and records your online activities or send you endless pop-up ads Anti-Virus Tray Icons

44 Passwords: Selection & Protection Use Strong Passwords Never Give Them Out Never Let Others Use Your Login ID Do Not Write It Down or Store It in a Document If You Think Someone Knows It, Change It.

45 Guidelines For Strong Passwords A Minimum of 8 Characters A Mixture of Uppercase and Lowercase Letters At Least One Number or Special Character (&%$#@!~) A Word NOT in the Dictionary Randomly Generated Do not Increment (1,2,3) Do not use Kids, Pets, or Family Names

46 Examples of Strong Passwords Cu@th$b3ach! See You At The Beach! Cnw84FriDAY! Can t Wait For Friday! J&Jwuthtfap0w Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

47 Social Engineering – The Art of Deception Is A Form Of Hacking Tactic To Gain Information Non-Technical Approach Exploits Peoples Tendency To Trust Be Aware Of Your Surroundings Dont Give Out User Name/Password Dont Give Out Company Information Trust your Instincts, Dont be Rushed or Bullied If uncomfortable, END the contact & REPORT it immediately

48 Social Engineering – Who to Trust? Real Tactic Used – The Hack Begins Hacker: Calls reception and asks to talk to the guy in I.T. support….Forgot his name… Receptionist: Oh, you must mean Bill Thompson. Hacker: Ah, thats It. He hangs up. Hacker: Calls back reception and asks for the number in our other office. Receptionist: Do you mean, Irvine Development, Rocky Mount, or The Calabasas Bakery. Hacker: Irvine Development.

49 Social Engineering – The Mark Hacker: Calls Irvine Development. Finds the Office Manager. Says he is Bill Thompson from I.T. Says we are upgrading the mail server this weekend. We want to ensure your e-mail is available Monday morning. We just need your username and password to test. Office Manager: Thank you so much. No problem, my username is imasucker and my password is ibgullable.

50 E-Mail Security Best Practices #1 - Prevent Virus Outbreaks & SPAM Only open e-mail from trusted sources Only open attachments youre expecting Be cautious where you post your e-mail address Never forward chain messages, jokes, etc. Never Click Links in Messages Unless You Are Expecting It. (E-Cards) Only subscribe to what you really need Delete SPAM, Do Not Open It. If you open SPAM, dont click links to unsubscribe Do NOT release messages in Quarantine sent to multiple recipients

51 SPAM – Not the Canned Meat Up to 20,000 Messages Per Day 91.4% SPAM 8.6% Legitimate.2% False Positive.1% Slips Through

52 E-Mail Security Best Practices #2 – Avoid Phishing Attacks Phishing is an attempt to steal information Masquerade as a legitimate site Usually pretend to be Banks, eBay, or PayPal If you suspect Phishing, contact the company directly.

53 E-Mail Security – Confidential/Sensitive Information Never E-Mail Confidential or Sensitive Information – Unless Encrypted (PGP) Confidential/Sensitive Information Includes Social Security Numbers Bank Account Information Health Insurance Information Credit Card Numbers Recipes, Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Add A Confidentiality Notice to the bottom of all External E-mail. Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient and received this in error, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and you are hereby notified that the copying, use or distribution of any information or materials transmitted in or with this message is strictly prohibited.

54 Internet Usage Internet Usage is Monitored and Filtered – No Expectation of Privacy Category Filtering Being Implemented Increase Productivity Protect Limited Bandwidth (Streaming Music/Video Sites) Protect Against Malicious Sites Restrict Access to Objectionable Content (Sex, Violence, Crime, Hate, etc) Chat Programs Blocked – Protect Against Viruses Peer-to-Peer Blocked – Protect Against Viruses, Malware, Copyright, etc. Internet Bandwidth is Expensive & Limited. Bandwidth Will Be Protected for Business Purposes Use Primarily for Business Purposes. Personal Use Should be Limited and Restricted to Reputable Sites

55 In-The-Office Physical Access Controls Exist Security Cameras in All Areas Conference Rooms, Offices, Cubicles Are Open Badges Must Be Worn To Identify Staff from Visitors Visitors Must Be Escorted in Public Areas Challenge Visitors Without Badges and Without Escort Watch for Tailgaters – Sneaking Into The Building Report Suspicious Activity Inside or Outside the Building to Management

56 In-The-Office Best Practices Practice Clear Desk/Clear Screen Procedures Safeguard Hard Copy Documents Use Shred Bins Avoid Use of Removable Media (Thumb Drive, Hard Drive) NEVER Store Confidential/Sensitive Information on Removable Media or Laptops Shared Network Printers Faxes Unattended Lock Screen When Away Report Issues Immediately

57 Out-Of-Office – Best Practices Avoid Public Internet Access Home Internet Must Have a Hardware Firewall Home Wireless Must Be Secured Use Only Reputable Hotel Internet Keep Track of Cell Phones/PDA Phones Watch Confidential Conversations in Public Watch for Social Engineers Never Talk About Company Technology or Practices Never Take Confidential/Sensitive Information Out of the Office Protect Laptops from Theft/Loss

58 Start Now! Practice good computing behavior that lowers your risk Manage Confidential/Sensitive information carefully Use technology to reduce nuisances, follow company policies and raise the alarm when appropriate

59 SEC_RITY is not complete without U! Be a Human Firewall

60 60 Sherry ONeill & Sheila Overton Established in honor of our founders on Sept. 11, 2001 Purpose: –Created to support worthy causes, including sponsoring grand opening fundraisers for a variety of charities –Is a vehicle by which our enthusiastic staff members can channel their efforts and participate in activities that reflect their compassionate attitude and concern for our guests and their communities under a unified effort Supports National Organizations –City of Hope –Salvation Army The Oscar & Evelyn Overton Charitable Foundation

61 61 Almost Done! Just a few more signatures –Consumer Report and Investigative Consumer Report Disclosure & Authorization –Handbook Receipt

62 62Questions? Comments?

63 63

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