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BtB Software 1. Based on the latest Microsoft Windows development tools, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server and ASP.Net (Web Browse), the programs give you.

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1 BtB Software 1

2 Based on the latest Microsoft Windows development tools, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server and ASP.Net (Web Browse), the programs give you unparalleled control of your data. You may use any standard Microsoft tools compatible with SQL 2005 or above to analyze the data collected by the BtB suite. We supply software that works with the Public Health Laboratory and connects to the outside world via HL7 or XML messaging, ANSI837/ANSI835 billing formats. The Search and Lookup programs allow clinical staff to find their data without laboratory interaction and our software has a SQL Server complimentary password and audit control that meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements. Web Searches for Intranet or Internet is integrated into the product. Structure 2

3 BtB Software Worksheets are customized for each test, supplying a paper or electronic worksheet with bar codes, interfaces to automated machines and built in, traceable Quality Control. Quick Results lets you add standard results, entering all non-negative results by buttons and using the Make All Negative to fill out the rest or use machine interfaces for automated analyzers. Structure 3

4 BtB Software A/R Payments Make payments for Invoices and Electronic Billing AllSlips View results in a grid format, add and edit tests BactWork Report generator for paper worksheets Billing Prepare Paper invoices, ANSI 837 & EDS E-billing BtB Options Options and switches for all tests BtBNamesCompletely customize screens (language, color) BioThreatChain of Custody, symptom and patient tracking Client Entry Enter Client Names, assign tests and specimens Failed Logon Track all failed logon attempts FreezeTrakTrack specimen locations in Freezers, disposal FBDOFood Borne Disease Outbreak module Main Menu BtBMain, Password access to all programs MakeWork Make paper or electronic worksheets, track QC Media KitchenInventory Control, Machine tracking, Recipes Passcodes Assign/Maintain Passcode access to all programs Password Change Quickly update User password Program List

5 BtB Software Patient De-Dupe Find duplicate patients and records and fix them Quick Results Quickly add results for semi-automated tests Rabies Raw DB Statistics See the raw statistics (for administrators and IT) ReLink Move tests from one client to another Reportable Disease HL7 Export, Listing/Maintaining reportable diseases, find Turn-Around-Time and overdue tests Search Lookup Client results, listings and Last100. Generate statistics automatically for laboratory use. Sent / Print Logs Track where lab slips were printed and maintain tests sent out to reference labs. Statistic Search Automatically find all stats on all tests,CLIA 144a Staff TrakTrack CEUs, Vaccines, Accidents, messages VersionList Displays / Prints a list of program version numbers EnvironmentalWater, Chemistry, Dairy, Food, BioThreat Billing Billing, lists and search tests/results. Intake Add new samples, maintain clients Results Add Results Program List 5

6 BtB Software Client Entry uses quick user-defineable buttons for rapid entry of repetitive items. Tests are assigned to the individual groups as sequential laboratory numbers which are used as positive identifiers for the specimen. All items can be turned off and color schemes changed to present a custom interface for the user. The built-in search insures that clients results can be linked for historical analysis of the disease patterns. Client Entry 6

7 BtB Software Client Entry Mycobacteriology Bacteriology Parasitology Molecular Diagnosis Virology HIV (Serum, OraSure) Chlamydia/GC Syphilis Stat STD Herpes Rubella Hepatitis Blood Lead Miscellaneous Drugs of Abuse Pap Smear Non-Human Water Analysis Chemistry Dairy Food Outbreak BioThreat Rabies 7

8 BtB Software The SQL version of BtB Software has a complete search engine that lets you find clients in multiple ways. The item lists are user defineable, and in the search, any combination of items may be used as search keys, including date of birth or ages. Stats for Clinics, Age/Sex reports are automatically generated in each search. Searches may be saved and shared between BtB Client Labs. Advanced search allows for complicated, boolean searches selected by toggle buttons. Search 8

9 BtB Software Rabies handles all aspects of testing including the ability to enter animals at a remote site (i.e. Animal Control) and have information available to the laboratory in real time. Searches are built-in to generate information for agencies, animals or even the yearly report for CSDHS. You can add bites (contacts) for as many people as needed and track treatment information for each contact. A complete Chain-of-Custody is included as well as electronic Quality Control and recording results from multiple slide readers using 2 conjugates. Rabies 9

10 BtB Software Water testing tracks tests for providers sites or one-time sites. Tests can be any standard water test, P/A, MPN (10 or 15), A1 QT, QT2K. All tests may have a modifier (, Lab Accident) and dilutions up to 10 times. Searches, stats and billing are all available. The MPN 15 test now records all test reactions, LTB, BGB, EC for 24 and 48 hours. Chemistry Dairy Environmental Testing 10

11 BtB Software Next: Screen Shots Client Entry All Slips Billing A/R Search/Lookup Water Rabies Reportable Diseases 11

12 BtB Software Client Entry main screen 12

13 BtB Software Client Entry Select Tests Client Entry Select from Panel... 13

14 BtB Software Client Entry Showing Preferred Sample list for TB and Syphilis 14

15 BtB Software Client Entry Accept samples, showing edit options and Flags. Specimen info, tests, clinics may all be edited by drop down boxes, all other fields are available before printing or accepting the specimen. 15

16 BtB Software Client Entry Showing previous tests selected for the patient. Integrates with Web based Remote Request module 16

17 BtB Software Client Entry Showing Standing Order List and tests selected from the list... 17

18 BtB Software Client Entry Printed Laboratory Request Slip (From remote client entry) Or Web based remote request 18

19 BtB Software All Slips Add/Edit Results Drug Susceptibility DNA Probes Edit Specimen info Print Lab Slips 19

20 BtB Software AllSlips Test Options Test in Demo mode may be run, but all slips print with a watermark 20

21 BtB Software AllSlips Test Headers and Results 21

22 BtB Software AllSlips Editable Specimen Information with full Audit trail 22

23 BtB Software Slide 23 of 52 AllSlips Quick Buttons Drugs/Probes

24 BtB Software AllSlips Lab Slip Print Preview 24

25 BtB Software Slide 25 of 52 Bug Lists Maintain a list of local bugs, with Reflex reports, Interpretations, Paragraphs and Statistical counter.

26 BtB Software Slide 26 of 52 Quick Bugs Maintain a list of quick reporting results for rapid data entry, including result calling a result (e.g. TB Smear Neg adds Culture Pending)

27 BtB Software Slide 27 of 52 Worksheets Multiple worksheets may be used and quickly selected as needed. All worksheets are user defineable.

28 BtB Software Slide 28 of 52 Worksheets Quality control is built into worksheets and printed on all copies (electronic or paper)

29 BtB Software Billing ANSI 837 Electronic HCFA 1500 paper Paper Invoices Accounts / Receivable Envelopes Print #10 envelopes from the database 29

30 BtB Software 30 HCFA 1500 Print HCFA 1500 From BtB A/R using Speedy Claims

31 BtB Software Billing Main Screen 31

32 BtB Software Billing Edit ANSI 837 Info: Design different ANSI837 format for different payors (MediCal, MediCare, 3 rd party Billers). 32

33 BtB Software Billing Printed Invoice Detail 33

34 BtB Software Billing Summary Information Billing Summary 34

35 BtB Software A/R Invoice List 35

36 BtB Software A/R Adjust- ments 36

37 BtB Software Rabies Specimen Entry Animal History Bite History Statistics Search/List 37

38 BtB Software Rabies Main Screen, Add Specimen 38

39 BtB Software Rabies Animal Status 39

40 BtB Software Rabies Pet History 40

41 BtB Software Rabies Search Listing 41

42 BtB Software Rabies Agency Stats, Animal Stats 42

43 BtB Software Search Search Listing Last100 Client Lookup 43

44 BtB Software Search Main Screen, Search by Dates, Last 100, Lab # Range 44

45 BtB Software Search Last 100/ Search listing 45

46 BtB Software Search Stats: Listing by Clinic 46

47 BtB Software Search Stats, by age 47

48 BtB Software Environmental Water Analysis Presence/Absence MPN 5,10 or 15 tube LTB, EC, SF or A1 Quantitray or QT2K Plates (SMF,FMF, Heterophile) Temperature controls Chemistry Dairy Food Borne Disease Outbreaks BioThreats 48

49 BtB Software Environmental (Chemistry) Main Screen 49

50 BtB Software Chain of Custody Source Food Listings Contact Lists Symptoms Media PrepLists Slide 50 of 52 Food Borne Disease Outbreak

51 BtB Software Slide 51 of 52 BioThreat Chain of Custody Source Threat List Contact Lists Symptoms Case Linkage

52 BtB Software Slide 52 of 52 BioThreat Contact Information

53 BtB Software Reportable Diseases HL7 Export (CELDAR) HL7 Export (Lead) Turn around time HL7 Export as text 53

54 BtB Software Reportable Diseases Main Screen 54

55 BtB Software Reportable Diseases Mtb Complex found 55

56 BtB Software Reportable Diseases Lead Reporting (All Tests for California) 56

57 BtB Software Reportable Diseases Export as HL7 57

58 BtB Software Reportable Diseases Find all tests with Turn- around-time greater than... Running the TAT section will generate a list showing days from receipt to reporting or only find those tests exceeding the limits set here. 58

59 BtB Software Santa Barbara (since 1999) Monterey (since 1993) Shasta (since 1998) Kern (since 2005) Massachusetts State Laboratory Institute (Since 2006) Los Angeles Public Health BioThreat (Contract in progress) Current Clients 59

60 BtB Software PO Box 845 Bayside, California 95524-0845 Phone: 707-499-0035 Fax: 866-381-6887 email: 60

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