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Student Questions and Scenarios. 1. Suzie is new to campus and concerned about her belongings and personal safety at the school. What is in place at your.

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1 Student Questions and Scenarios

2 1. Suzie is new to campus and concerned about her belongings and personal safety at the school. What is in place at your campus that Suzie should know about?

3 2. Joe is signing up for classes and is not sure how different a course will be if he has a TA compared to a professor or taking the class online. What should he know about each?

4 3. Kevin is preparing for an interview with a college admissions representative and is wondering what the college thinks or already knows about Hudson High School.

5 4. Kelly is looking forward to being accepted to college and is wondering how students partying on campus may affect her at school.

6 5. Amber is a junior and is trying to make herself highly marketable to various colleges. How do you view different factors for admission from test scores and grades to extracurricular activities, resume, and interviews?

7 6. Ryan is concerned about what types of job opportunities he will have once he finished his degree. What resources are available to help him prepare for employment after college?

8 7. Steve is struggling though his first year at college. Things aren't as easy for him as they were in high school. What options does he have for assistance?

9 8. Lauren is considering commuting to campus. What things should she know as a commuter student? Would she be viewed differently if she didn't commute.

10 9. Zach is in need of a break from all of his classes and coursework. What are some popular events/activities at your campus that he can experience?

11 10. Molly is searching for some merit based aid. What are the best avenues for her to find this?

12 11. Kim is planning to live on campus and wants to know how roommates are assigned what is available for residence hall life and where she can go for the best food.

13 Thank You!

14 1. Baldwin-Wallace Back Baldwin-Wallace enjoys the safety and community of being in small town Berea, with both access to campus safety services and The Berea police department. Memorandum of understanding to assist one another Fire right-to-know information and statistics Student auxiliary staff Campus escort service Blue lights with phones and security cameras Proactive crime prevention through programs on Residence hall security Identifying valuables Vehicle assists More information and safety record available at:

15 2. Baldwin-Wallace Back At Baldwin-Wallace, all classes are taught by faculty; we do not use graduate students as teaching assistants. Faculty have in-depth knowledge of their field, classroom experience, and the genuine desire to mentor undergraduates in both liberal arts studies and professional pursuits through the Conservatoryof Music.

16 3. Baldwin-Wallace Back The Hudson Counseling Office provides profile information and statistics about Hudson High School as part of your college application. Your counselors are accessible to us as questions arise or if further information is needed. Most importantly and personally, I know about the success and reputation of Hudson High School because of previous Conservatory students.

17 4. Baldwin-Wallace Back College is a time to: learn to manage your time, accept responsibility for your actions, and make your own decisions for life style choices. B-W is not known as a party school; however, each student at any college determines their own path and how they will be influenced by the general campus environment

18 5. Baldwin-Wallace Back Most important are: College preparatory curriculum Achievement: GPA, rank, test scores Additional: Genuine and carefully prepared application (essays, recommendations) Activities Attendance

19 6. Baldwin-Wallace Back Experience Career Services Internships Resumes Interviewing Faculty and alumni connections

20 7. Baldwin-Wallace Back The Learning Center Free tutoring Academic Advising Study Groups Let faculty know of your struggles, and your determination to succeed. Identify your needs early; dont wait until the end of the semester or when it is too late to improve!

21 8. Baldwin-Wallace Back B-W welcomes commuters; they are a driving force in our community. Get involved in clubs, activities, and campus life. Communicate with your parents about house rules and your status as a college student.

22 9. Baldwin-Wallace Back Get Involved! Over 100 different organizations Greek Life Theatre Music ensembles Athletics Service Projects

23 10. Baldwin-Wallace Back Any student who applies to Baldwin-Wallace is considered for academic merit awards ranging from $5000-13,000 per year. Some talent scholarships at the Conservatory, all who audition are considered. Visit

24 11. Baldwin-Wallace Back Housing questionnaire to match roommates. Your and your friend can choose to live together. All food prepared by our own Dining Services. The Student Union The Hive The Colony Room Lang Dining Hall Jacket Express Card

25 1. Kent Back Agree with the University of Akrons comments. Also- It is important that students continue to use good judgment regarding safety issues. If you would lock the door to your house, you should lock the door to your residence hall room.

26 2. Kent Back 15% of classes are taught by TAs or GAs.

27 3. Kent Back Kent State University values the relationship they have with Hudson High School. Hudson students have the reputation for taking their education seriously. The rigor of coursework that Hudson students experience makes it easier for them to make a successful transition to college.

28 4. Kent Back This does affect grades, relationships and there are serious consequences for underage use.

29 5. Kent Back Similar to other schools

30 6. Kent Back Kent State University has a Career Services Office. There are also opportunities of r campus employment and part-time jobs. We promote a 3 step process: Plan- Develop- Prep. We also emphasize networking, job fairs, and alumni contacts. KSU hosts potential employers on campus and we offer services to our graduates too.

31 7. Kent Back It is important to ask for help if needed! As a freshman college student I struggled with a class but was able to repeat it and have my grade replaced. I got an A ! freshman forgiveness

32 8. Kent Back Similar to other colleges

33 9. Kent Back There are hundreds of activities to choose from on campus such as Greek Life, Movie Night, bands, comedians, sporting events. We bring some big name entertainment to campus.. You can also participate in intramural sports.

34 10. Kent Back Similar to other colleges

35 11. Kent Back Options for residence halls vary- apartment style, suite style. We have many themed communities. We offer Honors housing.

36 1. Case Back Agree with the University of Akrons comments Also- CWRU has a cell phone emergency alert notification system, as does several other colleges.

37 2. Case Back All classes are taught by professors. Lecture classes 1 st and 2 nd year also have a TA assigned to help. Professors have required recitation once a week and also hold office hours. Students are able to develop relationships with their professors and also network.

38 3. Case Back Our job as Admissions Professionals is to reach out and make connections with your counselors. Hudson High School graduates have a strong history of being successful on our campus.

39 4. Case Back This is a matter of individual choice. There are many opportunities to get engaged in positive things on campus without partying such as – Greek Life, athletics, intramurals, community service. There is a difference between socializing vs. partying.

40 5. Case Back During the interview component it is important to address how the college is a good fit for the student. Senior should also be careful to pay attention to deadlines. We look at senior performance and we can revoke an admissions decision, so finish strong.

41 6. Case Back This process starts freshman year with selecting an appropriate program of study. We also utilize alumni and network with employers. There are opportunities to work on campus, participate in internships, attend resume workshops and career fairs.

42 7. Case Back Similar to other colleges

43 8. Case Back Similar to other colleges

44 9. Case Back I would encourage Zach to get involved in campus and cultural opportunities. Our location near University Circle offers many museums etc. WE are close to Cleveland, Coventry area, Little Italy, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Public transportation using the bus or Rapid is available.

45 10. Case Back It is helpful to look for merit scholarships within the institution. CWRU automatically screens applicants for scholarships. There are also some additional scholarships that are posted on our website. It is helpful to look for local and Nationally based scholarships and use free websites- check with your counselors. Never pay someone to help with the scholarship search.

46 11. Case Back Roommates are determined through an electronic process using a questionnaire. We also have a chat space set up to help with this process. Virtual tours are available of residence halls. First year students can live in one of three residence halls that are clustered and we have themed resident villages. Residence halls have a kitchen on each floor. We encourage having a roommate vs. a single. We offer an ID card that you can put Case Sash on. We will meet dietary needs when necessary.

47 1. Tri-C Back Agree with the University of Akrons statements. Also- Tri-C has an emergency cell phone notification system.

48 2. Tri-C Back All classes are taught by professors. There are no GAs or TAs. Faculty is full-time and adjunct- same is true for web- based classes.

49 3. Tri-C Back We have an open door policy so there is no interview process. We do appreciate the information your school provides.

50 4. Tri-C Back We have many commuter students so we typically do not see that many problems related to this issue.

51 5. Tri-C Back Open admission

52 6. Tri-C Back We offer many programs, particularly in the health care fields. These programs include rotations in hospitals which helps our students make connections. Our visual communications students are able to make connections with faculty who are involved in this community in the real world. Networking is a great resource for our students.

53 7. Tri-C Back We offer Success Specialist Coaches, and Peer Mentoring for first year students. Our faculty and staff keep in touch with students from the first semester and beyond.

54 8. Tri-C Back Our students are commuter students

55 9. Tri-C Back Similar to other colleges

56 10. Tri-C Back Take advantage of your schools financial aid night. Participate in College Goal Sunday after the Super Bowl- reps from different colleges will assist with filling out the FAFSA.

57 11. Tri-C Back We do not have residence halls. You can put money on a Ti-C card that can be used in different dining rooms. We have a culinary program that experiments with different recipes and serves twice a week.

58 1. Univ. of Akron Back In addition to the Akron Police, the University of Akron also has their own campus security force. The campus is fully lit and there are activities that take place in the evenings. There are emergency phones throughout the campus and there is a Zip Patrol that will escort students as needed.

59 2. Univ. of Akron Back Similar to KSU and CWRU

60 3. Univ. of Akron Back Hudson High School provides us with a comprehensive overview of your school, the High School Profile. This document helps us understand the quality and rigor of the classes your school offers. We also are given a matriculation list that indicates where your graduates are attending college.

61 4. Univ. of Akron Back Similar to other schools

62 5. Univ. of Akron Back Similar to other schools

63 6. Univ. of Akron Back Similar to other colleges

64 7. Univ. of Akron Back We encourage students to connect with their academic advisor and make career choices that are a good fit. The first year of making the transition can be challenging. It helps if students join organizations and find support networks. It is not uncommon for students to have challenges and they do miss their home and parents. We also have counseling available on campus as well as academic advising and other resources.

65 8. Univ. of Akron Back Most students do not know if other students are commuting. Whether you commute or not, it is important to talk with other students and get involved. Dont just go to class. Use the facilities like the recreation center. Join student organizations, go to the student union, play intramural sports!

66 9. Univ. of Akron Back Similar to other colleges

67 10. Univ. of Akron Back Similar to other colleges

68 11. Univ. of Akron Back Students at the University of Akron complete a housing contract that allows them to view opportunities and find a good fit. If roommate is not working out work with RA and might be able to change. Best place to eat- Robs Café.

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