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Turkish Baklava It is a very popular dessert in Turkey. Made of flour, eggs, walnut or pistachio, syrup and butter.

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2 Turkish Baklava It is a very popular dessert in Turkey. Made of flour, eggs, walnut or pistachio, syrup and butter.

3 Aşure Wheat, pea, haricot beans, dried fruits such as apricot, fig, grape, walnut, pistachio and sugar are the main ingredients. It is a nutritious dessert.

4 Güllaç Made of milk, sugar, walnut and rose water.

5 Tel Kadayıf A kind of sweet pastry. Prepared with flour, walnut or pistachio, syrup and butter

6 Künefe It is pepared with a kind of sweet pastry, special saltiness fresh cheese, butter and syrup. It is served hot.

7 Pumpkin A dessert prepared with boiled pumpkin, sugar and walnuts.

8 Höşmerim Prepared with cheese and sugar. It is light, delicious and nutritious dessert.

9 Zerde Prepared with rice, rose water, crocus and sugar.

10 Revani A sweet made with semoline, sugar, eggs and yoghurt.

11 Un Helva Ingredients are flour, oil and sugar It is made by burning the flour with oil. Flour and bread are holy things in our country. For that reason this dessert is made on religious days and offered to the neighbours. It is prepared especially for dead people. It is believed that the more people eat this food the more the dead person will be happy.


13 Semoline Helva A dessert made of semoline, pistachio, sugar and milk.

14 Tulumba A syrup-soaked pastry.

15 Kemal paşa Prepared with flour, eggs, oil, yoghurt and sugar.

16 Şeker pare A syrup-soaked pastry.

17 Kestane şekeri Made of chestnut and sugar.

18 Rice Pudding A dessert with milk

19 Cheese Helva It is made of cheese, sugar and oil.

20 Vezir Parmağı It is a finger shaped pastry prepared with pistachio and butter.

21 Saray sarması It is prepared with pistachio, butter and syrup

22 Antep Pistachio

23 It is a special nut grown in Gaziantep, one of the southeast city in Turkey. Pistachio is very important for our desserts. It is sometimes used as the main ingredient. Pistachio is also grown in İran but it isnt so delicious as the one in Turkey because Turkey has better weather conditions and agricultural geology than İran.

24 For that reason Iran pistachio is sold cheaper than Antep Pistachio. Almost all cities in our country have their special meals and desserts or beverages. Kocaeli, where we live in, is famous for a sweet called pişmaniye. Pişmaniye is a very delicious sweet made of flour and sugar.

25 Pişmaniye


27 In spite of having soup for breakfast is still common in some rural areas of Turkey, there are also many other foods for breakfast. The main foods for breakfast are different kinds of cheese, olive, jam, scones, honey, tomato and cucumber. The main drink for breakfast is tea. Tea is the main source of caffeine for Turks. Cereals are not prefered for breakfast.

28 Foods for breakfast

29 Some kinds of cheese There are 160 kinds of cheese in Turkey but the most of them are made in a traditional way and eaten at home. White soft cheese and a pale yellow cheese are the most common cheeses.

30 Soft light cheese and a pale yellow cheese.

31 Other kinds of cheese Otlu peynir Örgü peyniri ÇökelekHellim

32 Jams There are different kinds of jams and marmalades made of different fruits grown in our country. For instance apple, quince, pear, fig, cherry, strawberry,peach,orange, apricot, rose, tomato, etc…

33 Boreks and Scones KeteKete: is a kind of scone usually made in the east region of Turkey.

34 Gözleme It is prepared in south and east regions of our country. Cooked on metal sheets.

35 Çiğ Börek

36 Sac Böreği It is usually made in rural areas. Cooked on metal sheets

37 Su Böreği It is a difficult pastry to prepare at home. It is boiled.

38 In addition to these general categories, there are numerous meat and vegetable dishes which feature unique recipes Especially in many cities by the sea there are various kinds of snacks, salads, rices and soups made of fish and marine products. As a result of different weather conditions, different cultures and beliefs we have a big, rich cuisine.

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