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Alena Attended ICAN Club 2006-2009 Dear Valentina, I am so glad to receive the letter from you! 4th anniversary! The Club is not a small baby any more.

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2 Alena Attended ICAN Club 2006-2009

3 Dear Valentina, I am so glad to receive the letter from you! 4th anniversary! The Club is not a small baby any more :) Unfortunately, I will not be in Minsk in June. A month ago I moved to Switzerland. So now I am a PhD student at USI (University of Italian Switzerland). The study process is in English. It will take about 4 years to write my thesis. Thank you a lot for my current English level! You gave me fundamental knowledge and experience. I wish club the best of luck and a lot of interesting people and events! You made really nice and useful place to study English!

4 There are a lot of tourists in the place I am living. This is my second day here. We were hiking in the mountains San Salvatore. The team was fully international: Japanese, Indians, Russian and, I guess, Brazilians and Spanish).

5 This photo shows the lake in a 10-minute walk from the University where I study.

6 Lena has also sent you a recipe: At the end of the letter Id like to write the recipe of some traditional food here (my flatmate from Zurich made it one day for me). Make forest berries hot (use a frying pan) until a little bit of juice appears. Then cut a piece from standard ice-cream without any fruit addition (we used vanilla) - make one thin piece and add hot berries on the ice cream. Bon appetite! I found something similar in the Internet: But we used just ice cream and frozen raspberry.

7 Nick Attended ICAN Club 2006-2007

8 October 2008 I am writing to you to share my happiness: I have gained 700 points in GMAT – partially it concerns you too. It opens me way to apply for MBA in the USA January 2009 Great news for me on Christmas! I have got an admission from BostonU with 60000$ scholarship, which constitutes 80% of the tuition fee. I am also waiting reply from the Tepper School (CMU). Thank you very much for your assistance in my application! January 2010 I am doing well here, in Boston. Got very good GPA for the first semester (3.86 out of 4). Although, should say that the semester was unbelievably tough -- we were completely burnt out at the end. June 2011 I graduated with high honors (top 10% of the class) from b-school recently. Have found a job here, in the US -- I am joining Philips in July.

9 In this photo its me running a presentation at Best of the Best (a semester-long team project among all first- years), and 200 people in the auditorium are watching it.

10 I also wanted to tell that if you have someone coming for MBA here I am happy to help and share my experience about how to prepare an application, how to write resume, how to nail GMAT, and etc. A photo from the graduation party – my MBA classmates and I.

11 Galina Attended ICAN Club 2009-2010

12 Dear Valentina, Thank you so much for everything! I posted my note on the website, hope it will be fun to read :) Well keep in touch. Sure, after I come to Minsk I will come to the Club. I miss my friends and good talking with them.. Hope you will have soon a summer holiday, welcome to stay with us! Who knows... Warmest regards, Galina

13 B&B in America

14 Ella Dombrovskaya Attended ICAN Club 2008-2009

15 Dear Valentina, Im so happy to get some news from you. Thats great to find out that ICAN Club is doing well, developing and attracting more and more people who love English and want to practice it. Once I got a message from you, I visited ICAN Club web- site (Id not been there for almost a year…). To my great delight, I found that the project is very successful and going to the right direction. No doubts this's your merit, because the job behind it, your job, is huge. Thank you for that.

16 As for ICAN Club birthday party, unfortunately I will not be in Minsk on these days. Now Im having tough time with the final exams at the university. Can you imagine that its already been two years since I came to Warsaw? Time simply flashed by…. Anyway, as soon as Im done with the exams, I plan to come to Minsk. If your invitation is still valid in July, Id love to come and meet you and ICAN Club friends anytime then... All the best, Ella





21 The Representation of the European Commission in Poland invited a couple of students from International relations department to see how a common day of the EU Commission looks like.. and I was very happy to find myself on the list of visitors...

22 Alex Attended ICAN Club 2009 – 2010

23 Hello Valentina, Yes I'm receiving all ICAN Club news and happy that it's already 4th anniversary. Congratulations. I even thought about making Skype call but unfortunately, it will be around 3am in New Zealand when you will have a party :( So I will try to find something different for you. Here is some photos of me, ethnic new zealanders and surrounding. For the club members I can say that this country is a perfect example how the English language unites people and used as universal communication tool in multinational environment. So don't be shy and start talking! Happy birthday, ICAN Club! Alex







30 ICAN Club – its you together. When you are away, keep in touch, tell your stories and send in photos.

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