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Series 2000 Industrial Measurement & Control.

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1 Series 2000 Industrial Measurement & Control

2 Series 2000 One Range - All Solutions
C O N T R O L L E R S I N D I C A T O R S Temperature control and indication Program & atmosphere control Valve positioning controllers Flow and pressure control Process control and indication

GENERAL PURPOSE MINATURE Discrete controller markets & applications Series 2000 Previous Generation 2100 2200 2400 Semiconductor Crystal growing Diffusion M.B.E Simple heating & cooling Small ovens, chillers Injection moulding Heat treatment Furnaces Food & brewing Blending, baking Refrigeration Fermentation, Pasteurisation Ceramics & bricks Dryers Kilns Plastic & rubber Solid extrusion Wire coating Film extrusion, Pipe extrusion Glass Melting Forehearths Lehrs Heating & ventilation Gas burner & boiler control Aerospace & automotive Carburising furnaces, creep testing Environmental chambers, Autoclaves, Engine test beds, Infra-red paint drying Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Reaction vessels Fermenters Pressure, flow, level, PH

4 Series 2000 concept All popular DIN panel size formats
C O N T R O L L E R S I N D I C A T O R S All popular DIN panel size formats Scalable range of control solutions Custom configurable Single, consistent user interface style Best in class control performance Consistent mechanical design Range of communication protocols supported

5 Series 2000 controller family
1/32 1/16 1/8 1/4 DIN panel size Key Features Compact Controller/ Alarm functions Fixed build Logic & Relay Simple timer 2100 Dual display Modular build Communications Analog output Valve positioner Simple timer 2200 Plug-in modules Dual PV input Programmer Run/ Hold & Auto/ Manual key Communications Analog output Valve Positioner (w feedback) Cascade & Ratio control 2400

6 Series 2000 controller mechanics
2100 2200 2400 Series 2000 controller mechanics 1/32 & 1/16 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN Panel sizes 103mm 150mm Case depth NEMA 4X, IP65 Front panel sealing Single Dual Display Fixed build Two output modules+ 1 comms option Three I/O modules+ 2 comms options Modularity Additional function keys Auto/ Manual Run/ Hold

7 Series 2000 control 2100 2200 2400 On/ Off, PID Control modes 4 Hz
Sampling Rate 2uV Measurement resolution Heat/ Cool (time prop only) Heat/ Cool (time prop+ analog), Valve position Heat/ Cool (time prop+ analog), Valve position with feedback Control outputs Linear Linear fan, Water, Oil, CO2 Cooling Algorithms One shot One shot, Adaptive Auto tune functions Advanced control Power feedback Power feedback, Ratio/ Cascade control, Gain schedule

8 2100 2200 2400 Series 2000 controller I/O 1 Universal (mA, mV, V, 2 wire resistance) PV Inputs 1 Universal (mA, mV, V, 3 wire resistance) 2 Universal (mA, mV, V, 3 wire resistance) 10 sensor types+ custom polynomial 10 sensor types+ custom polynomial, 8 point user calibration Input linearization 2, Logic, Relay 4, Logic, Relay (2A,10A), Triac, DC (mA, V) Control outputs 2, Logic, Relay 4, Logic, Relay, Triac 11, Logic, Relay, Triac Alarm/ event outputs 1 DC (mA, V) 2 DC (mA, V) Retransmission outputs Digital inputs 2 standard+ 1 2 standard+ 9 Remote setpoint, Valve feedback DC (mA, V) Potentiometer

9 Series 2000 controller communications
2100 2200 2400 Series 2000 controller communications Yes Configuration comms 1 2 Communication channels EI-Bisync, Modbus, Devicenet EI-Bisync, Modbus, Profibus Protocols supported Output + Diagnostic, Slave setpoint retransmission, Output + Diagnostic, Master/ Slave setpoint retransmission, PDS communication Error, PV, Setpoint, Output power Analog communication

10 Series 2000 controller alarms
2100 2200 2400 Series 2000 controller alarms 3 4 Number of alarms Full scale, Deviation band, Loop break, Sensor break Full scale (high, low), Deviation (band, high, low), Loop break, Sensor break, Diagnostic Full scale (high, low), Deviation (band, high, low), Loop break, Sensor break, Diagnostic, Rate of change Alarm types Latching, Blocking Latching, Blocking, Delay Special functions

11 Series 2000 controller timer & programmer
2100 2200 2400 1+ standby 2 2, 4, 16 Number of program setpoint steps Number of programs 1 1, 4, 20 (x 16 segments) Control functionality Ramp-rate control Ramp-rate control, Master/ slave synchronization Run, Reset, Hold Logic input functions Run, Reset Up to 8 Number of program event outputs

12 Series 2000 Indicating alarm units
I N D I C A T O R S Temperature Pressure/ Force Humidity Non-linear level Flow Process inputs (mA, V)

13 Series 2000 Indicator family
1/32 1/16 1/8 DIN panel size Key Features Compact Instant accuracy measurement Fixed build Indicator or Alarm Red or green display option (2108i) 2100i High precision Instant accuracy measurement Modular build Communications Red or green display option Logic, relay and analogue outputs Dual PV input Transducer & transmitter power supplies Tare and zero functions Maths functions (including ) 2400i

14 Series 2000 Indicator mechanics
1/32, 1/16 & 1/8 1/8 DIN panel sizes 103mm 150mm Case depth NEMA 4X, IP65 Front panel sealing Green (Red option 2108i only) Red/ Green options Display color Fixed build Three I/O modules + 2 comms options Modularity Additional function keys Alarm acknowledge (2808i only) Alarm acknowledge

15 Series 2000 Indicator I/O 2100i 2400i PV Inputs
1 Universal (mA, mV, V, 2 wire resistance, 3 wire 2108i) 2 Universal (mA, mV, V, 3 wire resistance) 4 Hz 9 Hz Sampling Rate 2uV Measurement resolution 10 sensor types+ custom polynomial Input linearization 10 sensor types+ custom polynomial, 8 point user calibration 2, Logic, Relay Alarm/ event outputs 11, Logic, Relay, Triac Retransmission outputs 2 DC (mA, V) Digital inputs 1 (alarm acknowledge, keylock 2108i) 2 standard+ 9 Remote setpoint DC (mA, V)

16 Series 2000 Indicator communications
Yes Configuration comms 2 Communication channels EI-Bisync, Modbus, Profibus Protocols supported PV , Setpoint PDS communication PV, PV1 - PV2, Setpoint Analog communication

17 Series 2000 Indicator alarms
3 4 Number of alarms Full scale (high, low), Deviation band, Diagnostic Full scale (high, low), Deviation (band, high, low), Diagnostic, Rate of change Alarm types Latching Latching, Delay Special functions

18 PDSIOTM - Pulse Density Signaling I/O A simple cost effective method
of transmitting analog, digital, control and diagnostics information between two instruments • PDSIO Modes: * Mode 1 - SSR Fault Indication * Mode 2 - SSR Current Monitoring * Mode 4 - Setpoint Retransmission * Mode 5 - External CT SSR Current Monitoring

19 PDSIO Mode 1 Controller transmits a simple time proportional signal to the SSR (TE10S only) SSR replies to the controller with a single message (LD.F) indicating a good or bad health situation for the load circuit

20 PDSIO Mode 2 Controller transmits a simple time proportional signal to the SSR (TE10S or Mode 2 PD/CTX only) Contactor transmits LOAD CURRENT plus SSR Fault Heater Fault Shorted SSR Blown Fuse Broken Signal Open Heater wire Open Line Open SSR Controller transmits On demand Off demand

21 PDSIO Mode 4 Master controller (2400) transmits a setpoint value to the subordinate controller (2400 or 2200) Subordinate controller tracks the setpoint and replies with a holdback request (2400 only) if it cannot stay within a specified tolerance limit

22 PDSIO Mode 2 PD/CTX Designed to be attached to a low DC control voltage input mounted on a suitable heatsink Diagnostics: RMS Amperage, Heater Fail, SSr Fail Works with 2200 and 2400 series instruments Drives an external zero voltage level switching SSR with up to 7mA, 5V level logic signal

23 PDSIO Mode 5 PD/CTX Monitors load current of any zero crossed fired load up to 100 amps Works with all 1/8th and 1/4th DIN series 2000 instruments Works with standard logic inputs, no extra hardware

24 2404 Furnace & Kiln Atmosphere Controller
ES0278 offers PID or VP control, 5 standard relay outputs, optional Modbus or Profibus communications and an optional CO input for continuous correction of the carbon potential calculation. ES0209 offers PID Control, two module slots, and optional Modbus or Bisync communications. ES0288 offers the same features as ES0209 with the option of Profibus communications. Direct connection to most types of Zirconia Probes Control of Carbon Potential, % Oxygen, or Dewpoint CO or H2 compensation input PID Control or PID on/off Valve Positioning Control Sooting and Probe Health Alarms Probe Clean Output Retransmission Output Profibus or Modbus Communications

25 Series 2000 FM Alarm Units 1/32 Din, 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN, and 1/4 DIN
Independent Alarm Outputs Customized Operator interface Digital Input for alarm reset EIA-485 Modbus RTU Communications Simple front panel alarm acknowledgement and reset of alarms

26 Series 2000 Config station Used with iTools Menu driven procedures
Allows rapid cloning of instruments Configures all 2000 series instruments Enables software features via hardlock

27 What is iTools? A next generation D2000 for Windows
Windows 95, 98 & NT Supporting System Integrators, OEMs and end-users Integrated OPC Server and Data logger 2100, 2200, 2400, 2500, 2604, 2704 controllers Supports D2000 Configuration Station Custom linearizations

28 iTools Functionality Full parameter lists
Option to show ‘relevant’ parameters only Live’ panel mimics 2200, 2400 Cloning User Wiring Editor 2500, 2604, 2704 only Simple Recipes Cloning Watch Window All functionality available for both on-line and off-line configuration

29 iTools Advanced Features
Itools OPC Explorer Trending Data Logging DDE Server OPC client/server architecture SCADA integration, e.g. Wonderware, with no additional drivers ActiveX components User can build own views using Visual Basic etc.

30 Digital Communications
Instruments are designed to be integrated into factory automation networks. Interfaces exist to provide easy integration with most popular SCADA packages and PLCs.

31 Protocols EI Bisync ASCII Modbus RTU Profibus DP DeviceNet

32 EI Bisync ASCII Based on an Established Standard
Introduced in Eurotherm controllers in 1983 Standard known as ANSI-X3.28 Controls supports ASCII mode only - EPA uses binary Always 7 Data Bits, Even Parity, 1 Stop Bit Single parameter query Transmission Technology EIA-232/422/485 Supported in Series 2200e Available NOW

33 EI Bisync ASCII Terms Channel Numbers
Address Consists of ‘Group’ and ‘Unit’ Number 100 Different Addresses - 00 to 99 00 Typically Used for Configuration Mode Mnemonics Identify Parameters Within Instrument Typically 2 Letter Abbreviations - an ASCII code PV for process value SP for setpoint Channel Numbers Identifies separate logical units (controller) in a single instrument Discrete controllers support optional ‘1’ Control characters used to frame messages STX, ETX, EOT, ENQ, ACK, NAQ Data Formats Free format - variable length with ETX delimiter values returned as displayed on instrument (23.5, -9.3, 435) Hex formats Used primarily for status words & set parameters value preceded by a > (>203E, >EB3A)

34 Modbus Protocol Modbus (JBUS) Defines a Digital Data Communication Protocol Defined by Modicon specification PI-MBUS-300 One Master and One or More Slaves Single or multi-drop network is possible Transaction Based Protocol Request sent from Master, response returned by Slave Each Slave Must Have Unique Address From 1 to 247 Responds only to request having matching address Does not respond if Master’s CRC is invalid Master Device/Field Bus Addr 30 Slaves Addr 31 Addr 1 Addr 2 Addr 3 Addr 10 Addr 11 Addr 20 Addr 21

35 EI-Bisync & Modbus Transmission Protocol
TIA/EIA-232-F, TIA/EIA-422-B, and TIA/EIA-485-A Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Defines Electrical Performance of a Network TIA/EIA-232-F abbreviated to EIA-232 in Remainder of Presentation TIA/EIA-422-B to EIA-422 TIA/EIA-485-A to EIA-485

36 EI-Bisync & Modbus Eurotherm Provides Enhanced EIA-422
Meets full Electrical Requirements of EIA-485 32 Instruments Supported per Network Labeled as EIA-422/485 EIA-422 or EIA-485 Recommended for Plant Installation EIA-485 should be used for new installations where multi-drop capability required EIA-422 provided for compatibility with existing Eurotherm instruments Earlier Eurotherm Instruments used Different Terminal Marking

37 New Products 2404f Profibus-DP PID Controllers
Direct connection to controller micro bus Windows Configurator

38 PROFIBUS-DP Transmission Technology RS 485 transmission - DP or FMS
Baud rates from 9600 bits/sec to 12 Mbit/sec One unique transmission speed for all devices on the bus Series 2400 currently 1M5 maximum Medium Shielded twisted pair shielded copper cable Or glass/plastic fiber optic Network topology Linear bus w/termination both ends - must be powered Stub lines only when baud <1.5M Up to 32 devices per segment Repeater enables up to 127 devices More than 3 repeaters in series not recommended Plug Connectors DB-9 preferred - 9-pin D sub plug Switchable bus termination available RxD/TxD-P(3) RxD/TxD-N(8) 390 220 VP(6) DGND(5)

39 PROFIBUS-DP Maximum cable length
Depends on transmission speed Shielded twisted pair cable type Belden ( 3079A or 9182 recommended

40 GSD File Editor

41 Device Net 2200e PID Controllers

42 DeviceNet What is DeviceNet? Statistics
A simple low-cost industrial networking solution Based on CAN (Controller Area Network) Developed by BOSCH for the European automobile market Reduces cost & time to wire and install automation devices Provides interoperability of ‘like’ devices from multiple vendors Provides power to attached devices Statistics Over 10 Million chips shipped in ‘96, 122 Million forecast in ‘00 Over 320 DeviceNet products Stopped giving out node counts this year - it’s a lot Managed by ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc.) An Open Network standard Manages the DeviceNet specification Supports the worldwide growth of DeviceNet More than 285 members An Open System - vendors are not required to purchase hardware, software or licensing rights to connect devices to a system. ODVA works with suppliers by providing assistance through developer tools, training, compliance testing, and marketing activities. Supports SIG (Special Interest Groups) for developing device profiles for specific classes of products.

43 DeviceNet Maximum cable length Depends on transmission speed
Shielded twisted pair cable type Trunk Line Dropline Tap

44 New features, releases and development

45 Series 2000 New features, Available now May 2000
All models now using indicator/ controller V1.43 firmware New Ramp dwell timer function User calibration 2100 Latest firmware version V3.03 DeviceNet communication option (D2N) Full advanced load diagnostics, Mode 2 and Mode 5 PDS support in all models, (2416 mode 2) DC retransmission option Simple 2 segment timer/ programmer VP control function 2200 Full advanced load diagnostics, Mode 2 and Mode 5 PDS support in all models, (2416 mode 2) 2400 Complete configuration and cloning support via clip for, 2100, 2200, 2200e, 2400, 2100i, 2408I Custom linearisation facility Access edit facility Hardlock support for complete range S 2000 iTools configuration

46 Series 2000 development, Future release plan May 2000
Safety limit alarm unit (UL certified) Soft start option, (timed output power limit) Dual channel DC control and retransmission output Improved timer/ programmer Improved VP control function 2200 DeviceNet comms option High precision input 3 additional I/O slots, (2404) 2400 Improved transducer (load cell) scaling and calibration Improved alarm functionality, (independent PV1, PV2) High precision input DeviceNet comms option 2408i

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