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2009 Season Kick Off. Agenda Trends Making a Difference & Providing Value Ideas and Tips Questions and Summary.

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1 2009 Season Kick Off

2 Agenda Trends Making a Difference & Providing Value Ideas and Tips Questions and Summary

3 The New WorldThe Brave New World

4 Trend # 1 - Sustainability Vancouverites are aware of and concerned about who grows, processes and brings their food to market. They are becoming more concerned about sustaining local food systems and keeping farms in their local area Preserving local food systems is valued by customers You need to focus on: Educating consumers about the advantages of locally grown, processed and retailed food. Bringing the message to the forefront in all positioning and marketing messages The outcome will be: Increased loyalty and perception of value

5 The aging of the population combined with the desire to stay healthy and fit as people age will increase the demand for farm market products including fruits and vegetables especially those grown and sold with the smallest environmental impact You need to: Providing both the quality products and services that a discerning buyer is expecting Provide packaging solutions that are consistent with the overall message of authentic The outcome will be: Healthier and happier customers Trend # 2 - Wellness

6 Farmers, shoppers and city planners are discovering that these markets provide a vital link between consumers and farmers while also functioning as a vibrant community center. You need to focus on: Making the experience both satisfying and fun for those in attendance. Every single contact with a consumer is a moment of truth The outcome will be: VFM will become an anchor in many communities bringing the local people together to support one another rand the community as a whole Trend # 3 – The Experience

7 Consumers are becoming very conscious of how they allocate their Total Household Income. Wallets are becoming smaller and people are making more conscious decisions on how / where they spend their money You need to focus on: Secure the value for money proposition and that the price / value disparity is acceptable for the discerning consumer The outcome will be: Continued loyalty despite smaller wallets Trend # 4 – Home Economics

8 Making A Difference …but I am just one person [farm]…can I really make a difference?

9 Value Research conducted at the University of Northern British Columbia has indicated that BC's farmers' markets have a significant economic impact on the province, over and above their value to community- building and local food production A study has shown that B.C.s farmers markets contribute $118.5 million annually to the provincial economy, Agriculture and Lands Minister Pat Bell announced. November 9, 2006 ABBOTSFORD

10 VFM Growth

11 Think about… Price Benefits Higher More Lower Less Perceived Price

12 Price vs Value $ 3. 50 Basket Strawberries Fresh picked – today! Locally grown NO pesticides $ 3.50

13 VFM Value Proposition Vancouver Farmers Markets is about people who love fresh food at festive gatherings = quality and community Plazas of fun, discovery, and connecting Weekly markets create healthy food networks that sustain our land, our community, and our homes Vancouver Farmers Markets help keep BC farmers farming = jobs for our community + A long list of community spin off effects

14 What Is Your Value Proposition ? Lets brainstorm… Keeping in mind Value Attribute

15 Why Eat Locally Taste the difference Know what youre eating Meet your neighbours Get in touch with the seasons Discover new flavours.

16 Why Eat Locally Continued Save the world Support small farms Give back to the local economy Be healthy Create memories & have fun

17 Raising Your Value Proposition Publicity for Your Farm Farmers markets allow you to interact with customers, educating them about your farm and how food is grown. You get a chance to pitch your product to the customer Growers can share information on crops, growing techniques, market ideas and cooking.

18 Selling Tips Price your product appropriately – remember - value is in the eye of the customer. The more you educate your customers about how a product is grown, the better they will understand your pricing system. Posting all your prices for each product takes out the guess work for customers. Markets can be notorious for fluctuating prices (which concerns cost conscious consumers) Many customers prefer to handle the products and pick them out themselves, rather than purchasing them pre-packaged.

19 Selling Tips 2 Learning good selling techniques can help you establish customer relationships which lead to more sales. Bring a smile and stories to tell. Engage your customers in conversation and educate them on your products and how they are grown. Make eye contact with them when you are talking and appear eager to serve them. Pay attention to your physical appearance as well. You want to project a clean, responsible, honest image, so dress accordingly.

20 Display Convey a sense of pride in your product and appear ready for business. A good display does not have to be expensive Keep the display off the ground, preferably at waist level Prop boxes or baskets at a slant toward the customer Give your display the illusion of abundance Make it appear as though your product is spilling out. Make sure all items are clearly visible and easy to reach. Use props from home/farm to create your display

21 Signs A good sign is a must at a farmers market. A sign with your farm name (and logo) identifies you so people can find you again and tell their friends how to find you. Have photos and information about your farm available for consumers to see and learn about your farm. Tips: Make sure the sign is clearly visible from a distance Make sign from sturdy material, especially for windy markets Be sure to include descriptive phrases or words, such as "locally grown" or "organic", if applicable Humour is good, we all need a laugh now and then!

22 Top Reasons People Visit Farmers' Markets Taste local or regional and hence fresher, food. Enjoy mouth-watering, tasty delicious foods that are available in-season only Buy a variety of specialty foods that will impress your dinner guests. Discover a wide variety of "new" specialty products that offer new tastes and flavours. Enjoy foods produced with fewer chemicals thus protecting the your health and the environment. Support farmers who are committed to the humane treatment of animals. Seek out foods produced in a unique way. Meet the farmer who grows your food and ask them for details on how the product was produced. Pick up some cooking tips and recipes from Chefs and Producers. Purchase foods at the market and support the future of family farms and food security in British Columbia. Connect with your neighbours and community. Reduce your carbon-imprint by walking or cycling to your community farmers' market.

23 What Do You Have In Store For Us?

24 2009 Season Kick Off

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