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Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan Identifying geographical locations and unique places from the story using resources in the BMMS Library.

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1 Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan Identifying geographical locations and unique places from the story using resources in the BMMS Library

2 Making Meaning of Location/Setting

3 Today we will… 1.Identify the unique purposes for using Atlases, Encyclopedias, and CultureGrams. 2.I the tools within each resource that are useful in guiding information searches 3.Conclude by completing an exit ticket with list of terms and questions by identifying which the 3 resources would be the best to use in each given circumstance Tomorrow we will… 1.Identify the purpose of DE Streaming and how to use its tools 2.Journey to the media center to research given terms using the four different resources we have been studying 3 Return to the classroom and each group will report on their research strategy 4. The lesson will wrap-up with a self assessment of what you may have learned from this lesson 5. Four Research Handouts will be graded using an attached rubric

4 AtlasAtlas EncyclopediaEncyclopedia CultureGramsCultureGrams DE StreamingDE Streaming AtlasAtlas EncyclopediaEncyclopedia CultureGramsCultureGrams DE StreamingDE Streaming

5 Expert Group Directions Step 1: Study the resource your group has been assigned Step 2: Discuss what the purpose or of the resource is and what tools are within it that make it easy to use Step 3: Create a Usage Description agreed upon by everyone in the group Step 4: Create a bulleted list of Tools for Using agreed upon by everyone in the group Step 5: Each group should designate a spokesperson to share the groups findings with the class

6 Thesaurus Reference Example: Thesaurus Usage: A thesaurus is a good place to look up a word for which you have a particular thought or meaning in mind but do not know or cannot recall the most effective word to express it. Tools: alphabetical order guide words on each page part of speech an example of the word in the context of a sentence synonyms and antonyms of words

7 Encyclopedia Usage: A good general resource for finding information about people, places, things, events, and ideas. Tools: arranged alphabetically guide words cross-references index article headings and subheadings tables (facts, terms, important dates) lists of additional resources lists of related articles

8 Atlas Usage: An atlas is a set of maps bound together. Maps are typically physical, political, and topographical. Tools: table of contents index latitude and longitude lines map scale legends

9 Usage: Login required. CultureGrams documents, in firsthand detail, the customs and traditions of over 200 countries. CultureGrams also covers all 50 United States and all of the Canadian provinces and territories. CultureGrams provides a Kids Edition for students in grades K-6. Tools: Watch the following tutorial from CultureGrams and listen how there are at least 11 unique tools that can be used in CultureGrams -- be sure to record what they are in your notes. CultureGrams


11 1.FlagsCultureGrams makes it easy to view flags from hundreds of countries all in one place. Here users can view thumbnails of each flag, then click links to view a larger image, print an outline, or go directly to each CultureGram report. 2.VideosOur growing collection of Videos (streamable and downloadable in WMV and QuickTime) are a real treat. Watch short clips of daily life and cultural events in a growing number of locations. Examples of the new video feature include a look at the diamond trade in Belgium, street performers in Dublin, a flamboyant "welcome dance" in a Malian village, and dozens more. 3.SlideshowsThis feature organizes photos around a single theme. For example, explore a souq in Egypt, a French bakery, the Duomo (Cathedral) of Milan, a chocolateria in Spain, and an open-air market in Vanuatu. 4.PhotosTake a tour of any location through images. Youll find pictures of people going through their daily lives, plus images of popular attractions, cultural and historical hot spots, and more. 5.RecipesHungry for some real cultural insight? Our collection of recipes makes it easy to recreate the foods of every location in CultureGrams.

12 6.Famous PeopleView a list of notable people from each location and learn more about their lives and contributions. 7.Graphs and TablesCreate your own tables and graphs. Just select the countries and categories that interest you. Up to four graphs can be generated at one time. You can choose to download your tables as CSV (comma separated value) files, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. 8.DefinitionsTap into our glossary of cultural terms and more. 9.World TimeWhen its 2 p.m. where you are, what time is it in Belgium? Check on the current world time by clicking this link. 10.Distance CalculatorChoose 2 countries to find the distance between their capital cities. 11. Currency ConverterHow much is a euro worth vs. the U.S. dollar? Compare currencies from around the globe!

13 Stop Point for Day 1


15 Usage: Login required. The DE Streaming database allows searching by subject and grade level for information in a variety of formats, including: Audio Clip Art Encyclopedia Articles Events Full Videos Games Images Reading Passages Skill Builders Songs Sound Effects Video Segments

16 DE Streaming cont Tools: Login required Key word Search Advanced Search Browse by subject, grade level, or format Generates citations




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