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CULTUREGRAMSCULTUREGRAMS: Online Training Christina Theuerling Northeast ABLE Resource Center.

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2 CULTUREGRAMSCULTUREGRAMS: Online Training Christina Theuerling Northeast ABLE Resource Center

3 Introduction Have you been looking for an alternative method for bringing culture into your classroom? This is a webquest to introduce the CultureGrams online program.webquest CultureGrams The program is an excellent reference tool designed to raise cultural awareness.

4 Task You will: 1. Familiarize yourself with the CultureGrams program CultureGrams 2. Prepare for implementation 3. Create a classroom activity 4. Obtain the special access code

5 Process Use the reflective questions on the upcoming pages to guide you through this training. Clicking on the links, or underlined words, will direct you towards finding an answer on that particular website. Upon completion, youll find: The special code for accessing the full online version, and Support materials for implementation.

6 Resources Internet access to Special Access Code for the full-version Support Materials Lesson Plans

7 What is a CultureGram? A concise reference tool available online with detailed cultural, social and political information about every country around the world, as well as each state of the US.

8 How to use CultureGrams? In-class discussions Debates Orientation for Host Families Presentations Pre-Tutoring Research papers Reports Reading and writing exercises

9 Why are they unique? Updated annually by natives and resident experts Each CultureGram has 25 categories Looks at culture through: religions and worldviews, arts and traditions, and people and languages

10 Standards Does the program link to Ohios standards and fulfill benchmark requirements? CultureGrams are linked to K-12 Standards,Standards and ESOL ABLE Standards are linked to K-12.

11 What is the World Edition? World Edition

12 What else is there? Photography Famous People Recipe Collection Data Tables – available 2005 - 2006

13 Where can you view culture?view

14 Recipe Collection Have you ever prepared a dish from the Dominican Republic? Dominican Republic Find out what Mangu is and how to make it, or choose from over 900 other recipes from 182 countries.Mangu

15 Who is this Famous Person?

16 Kids World Edition What information are children interested in?information This section includes information unique to children from countries around the world.

17 States Edition Where can you find out about your state?state The 50 United States and Washington, DC! What features are unique to this section?section

18 Support Materials A Guide to My Country Lesson Plans: Scanning for Information - Read What is Culture? - Listen This is My Country – Speak This is My Country – Write My New Identity – Listen Follow Recipe Directions - Read

19 Evaluation What did you learn about CultureGrams? Do you feel comfortable using the CultureGrams online program? Is CultureGrams appropriate for your student population? What will your first lesson be about? Who can you ask for help?help

20 Conclusion Reflect on how you will use this program with your students. Record a lesson plan that is appropriate for your student population. Implement it with your class next time you meet. Have fun!

21 Contact Northeast ABLE Resource Center 800-361-7076 216-261-7076

22 Access Code! Use the full-version to create a lesson! *Contact the Resource Center for the special login and password to access the program.

23 Purchased through… ProQuest Information and Learning Courtesy of Axiom Press and Brigham Young University 2003

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