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The Internet as a means of Communication

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1 The Internet as a means of Communication
By Vlachos Kosmas

2 The Sociocognitive perspective of CALL
Interaction among learners via the computer Computer Mediated Communication (CMC): Synchronous Communication (Internet chats) - Asynchronous communication ( ) Network Based Language Teaching (NBLT) NBLT is viewed as the “language teaching that involves the use of computers connected to one another in either local or global networks” (Kern & Warschauer 2000: 1)

3 Network Based Language Teaching: Teaching principles
The foundations of NBLT are mainly focused on the creation of discourse communities and are based on the teaching principles of Activity Collaboration Creativity Experiential learning

4 Benefits of online CMC in EFL
CMC & NBLT increase intrinsic motivation Learners see computers as a tool of learning and communication and they realize that English can be used as a true means of communication Opportunities to use the target language in meaningful situations Purposeful activities in an authentic context

5 Benefits of online CMC in EFL
Increased language input & output It has been observed that in online CMC projects learners receive an increased amount of authentic input to which they respond with an increased amount of language output Active participation & self expression Research has found that the use of the Internet for communication provides more equality of opportunity for active communication and self expression

6 Benefits of online CMC in EFL
Teacher talk is minimized & student talk is maximized Research has shown that in online communication projects the levels of learners participation increase, whereas the teacher’s role is that of the ‘facilitator’ who monitors the smooth flow of communication, assists the learners & provides feedback Opportunities for collaboration & Socialization Most CMC projects are realized on the basis of the learners’ cooperation among each other and also through their cooperation with partners from sister classes

7 Benefits of CMC & NBLT in EFL
Opportunities for authentic language use with Native language speakers The cultural understanding of the target language as well as intercultural awareness may be promoted By communicating with students from other countries in which English is used as a native language or as a second/foreign language, our learners can understand the cultures of other people

8 Integrating NBLT in a Foreign Language Program for Young Learners
NBLT is not a teaching method. It can be a component of a communicative syllabus as it may bridge the gap of meaningful communication & interaction in a real environment which cannot otherwise be present in a traditional classroom. In foreign language learning & CMC the influence of Social-Constructivist Pedagogy & Cognitive Psychology has created principles according to which:

9 Integrating NBLT in a Foreign Language Program for Young Learners
Learners are viewed as active participants who seek knowledge through interaction & problem solving activities Priority is given to intrinsic motivation & learners’ autonomy Emphasis is given to the learning process rather than the learning product Learning activities need to aim at the development of Learning Skills and Strategies

10 An example of an asynchronous online project for young learners
ECML, Project 1.3.3 “The Stars”

11 The content of “The Stars” project
The project focused on the use of a thematic story approach to teaching foreign languages (English & French) to 8-10 year-olds, using a web-based communication and publishing tool. The ‘stars’ were four characters that related to one another through a common story line. The four characters (Bouncy, Brainy, Brighty and Nosy) were asked by the sun to light the earth while the sun would be away on a holiday. The four characters asked the children from the 22 participating countries to communicate and get to know each other better.

12 Meet the four Stars My name is BOUNCY. They call me Bouncy because I like jumping up and down and all around. My favourite place at home is the kitchen. I love trying out new recipes and tasting different dishes from around the world. So, what's cooking in your pots? Can you suggest some recipes from your country which I could try out in my kitchen?

13 Meet the four Stars My name is BRAINY. At the moment I am reading a really good book about weather and climates and how it affects people's life. So, what can you tell me about the climate in your country? Do you get snow in winter? Are you enjoying pleasant summers or is it too warm for your liking?

14 Meet the four Stars Each character had a different profile and interests that differentiated it from the rest of them and invited the young learners to be involved in exploring and presenting topics such as their family and school life, the four seasons, festivals in their country, describing adventures, presenting poems from their countries etc.

15 The publishing tool The learners’ communication with the stars took place in the platform which was available at the address: . The teachers of the classes uploaded the texts directly to the publishing tool. The learners had also the opportunity to exchange s. In addition to the main platform, the young learners who participated in the project communicated among each other by exchanging soft toys (which they had created themselves and which represented the four fictitious characters), presents and sweets, which traveled from country to country by post.

16 Examples of texts produced by the learners
Ewelina Class VA and VB Szkola Podstawowa Rakszawa Poland13 March 2002 March weather This week weather in Poland is really beautiful. It is sunny and warm. The temperature is about degrees Centigrade.However,there are some suprises - sometimes it is suddenly cold and sunny. You can have a cold very quickly.We have to get dressed carefully. March is not a typical spring month. The most beautiful month is May. Bye!

17 Examples of texts produced by the learners
Johannes Kuninga Basic School Form 4S, Estonia8 March 2002 Summer night Summers are very short here- only for three months. I like the summer nights at the seaside best. The sky is so beautiful then!

18 Evaluation of “The Stars” project
The project was well received and teacher’s comments were positive In each participating country the success of the project depended on the available resources, the commitment of the participants, the support they received from the administration, other members of staff, parents and participating children Teachers reported that children were very enthusiastic and interested It was reported that children liked the interactive aspect of the website, but they did not like waiting too long to get responses to their messages or even not taking any response at all

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