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Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 1 Semantics for the Wireless Web Presentation to European Commission Luxembourg 2000-11-22.

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1 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 1 Semantics for the Wireless Web Presentation to European Commission Luxembourg 2000-11-22

2 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 2 Mobile Internet, not iMode, is Japans big success 0% 50% 100% Dont know 1.7%3.3%1.0% No 44.0%43.9%43.4% Yes 54.3%52.8%55.6% i-modeJ-Sky Web EZ web & EZ access The penetration level of phones with mobile Internet service is approximately equal among the operators. The number of iMode subscribers reflect the strength of DoCoMo. iMode growth rate has been exponential - but so has that of the others

3 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 3 Current Japanese mobile services are really not very remarkable, but wait and see Wireless Internet is at the WWW 1995 stage Japanese fixed Internet usage is still low iMode is just a portal Like in the rest of the world, SMS is the most used service - and grows fastest But wait and see…. 3G phones have both Java and MPEG 4 3G commercial launch next year Positioned services were launched in Osaka in September 2000 New applications will grow on the Internet platform

4 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 4 Internet Big screen Keyboard Time to surf Planning Research Learning Wireless My phone Position known Always at hand Satisfy instant needs Fixed InternetMobile Internet Different user behavior

5 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 5 Content determines choice of platform General contents Contents is used as a base when making decissions People choose platform according to the timeframe of that particular decission Life Minute by minute Travel Transit Career Restauran t info Weather Event tickets Recipes Education Fixed Platform Mobile Platform Timescale for planning News

6 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 6 198619962006 Leisure Time Dead Time Working Time Source: UMTS Market Forecast by Analysis/Intercai The Killer App: Turn Dead Time into Useful Time Leisure time has actually increased - and will continue to increase. The last few years we have been turning dead time into working time (by telecommuting etc). Now, we turn dead time into leisure time - by surfing on the train, and booking tickets from the car.

7 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 7 11111 11111 11111 11111 11111 XHTML WML Voice PDF We will have lots of device types in the future - and lots of display formats Java Multimedia Vectormaps or bitmaps HTML CC/PP is the enabler for optimized presentation - and more

8 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 8 The Mobile Internet waves Cut the cord Internet in your pocket Internet in your pocket Situation centric Situation centric

9 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 9 Context-dependent information, in Schlichits definition, can be further broken down into two aspects: Environmental adaption, and personalization. Environmental adaption was not very interesting until the mobile came along - because up till then, your environment did not change. Where the border between personalization and environmental adaption runs is unclear - but the evidence is that it includes position information. Screen size Credit card number Wheel rotation Temperature Position Language Taste in music Unique to me Shared with others

10 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 10 The web wave Tim Berners-Lee invents the web (1990) Mark Andreesen writes Mosaic, introduces IMG- tag (1994) We cant live and do business without the Internet and the web (1999) GSM is 25 years old WAP Forum formed (1997) WAP terminals and applications released (2000) GPRS (2001) IMT2000 (2003 - 2004) iMode launched (1999) The five year hype wave theory First intelligent agents in portable devices (1998) RDF becomes a W3C recommendation (1999) SKi system deployed in Sweden (2000) The hype in the ITC industry moves in 5-year waves. Currently, we are in the wireless data wave. NOW

11 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 11 Metadata profile matching: Client and server The technology is an enabler for future systems 11111 11111 11111 11111 11111 Parametrized request Adapted response Profile matching Document or service profile

12 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 12 If content generation or selection is based on profiles, many profiles can be matched to generate an optimized profile Dc:coverage Se:Karlstad Date:2000-11-16 Filter:rule2 Filter:rule3 Filter:rule1 Se:Karlstad Date:2000-11-16 dc:rights=free Date:2000-11-16 dc:rights=free dc:rights dc:rights=paid_only ccpp:pref pixx=800 ccpp:pref pixy=600 Filter:rule3 Filter:rule2

13 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 13 Multiple levels and types of profiles User profile These are just examples! Situational profile Service profile Terminal profile Proxy profile Situational profile Policy profile

14 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 14 What are profiles? Structured assertions about objects within a predefined framework –E.g. CC/PP, WAP UAPROF, Ecommerce service profiles Common vocabulary and framework required –Processing and parsing becomes easier –But common does not necessarily mean standard – it could mean an industry agreement Profiles are more efficient than attribute-value tables when you have to match them across domains

15 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 15 Creation of vocabularies WAP UAPROF has developed a profile vocabulary in the CC/PP structure. Some lessons: –Developing a vocabulary is a lot of work –It is sometimes very boring –A lot of education is required for developers to use it –If no industry consensus exists, the vocabulary will not be used –Trade mark law can be a problem –The more consensus there is about the problem, the easier the development of the vocabulary

16 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 16 Origin server Presentation engine, e.g. WAP application server Mobile gateway, e.g. WAP or iMode Mobile network User terminal Existing services, e.g. E-Pay, Internet Advertiser Information base (distributed) The future information system: Interacting XML applications Capability server/proxy

17 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 17 XSLT and CC/PP 11111 11111 11111 11111 11111 Mobile gateway Application server Transaction server XML repository CC/PP cache Transformation sheet repository XSLT Transcoder Modules shown represent logical functions, not physical entities The database model can easily be exchanged for a standardized model This works for XML content - it can not handle the errors in HTML (60 % of all HTML deployed has errors!)

18 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 18 Profile structures in the wireless web today CC/PP Semantic version of OGIS GML Dublin Core Technically, you do not have to register anything - XML is a distributed system However, for educational and authoring purpouses, you need to show which vocabularies are available A worthy topic for the EC to support would be the creation of vocabularies (e.g. for vertical city portals)

19 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 19 Marking up with heuristics Essentially turns your document into a database structure Describes which content elements should be applied where You can create generic rules in the markup and then add the heuristics in the document profile is generic - the meaning of rule1 is undetermined May require an intermediate step

20 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 20 Generic filtering heuristics You could get by with only one attribute –Remove –i.e. the filtering starts with a full document, removes everything that is marked up But if you want to do more to the content, you need more heuristics –Add to summary –If attribute is e.g. if vendor=FunFon Further work needed –What are generic heuristics for content filtering?

21 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 21 The wireless web is the catalyst The keyword is contextualized computing Your computer is aware of you and your environment, and adapts to it This means that it will become extremely personal, an extension of yourself 11111 11111 11111 11111 11111 What is relevant where I am? Is this an authorized user? What do my friends think about the same thing? How long till my next appointment? Including how long to get there from here. No calls now - I am in a meeting Before the next meeting, put the latest financial figures and news items about the people in the room on the screen Hello beautiful, heres my phone number

22 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 22 Infostructure = a system that makes information available as a basic resource Given a common vocabulary, where is the information? –Much of it is shut up in governement databases In the XML world, anyone can invent their own vocabularies –But to facilitate authoring, we need standard vocabularies Swedish tourism industry is doing the right thing –event information is made available in machine-readable format free of charge –Some Swedish governement agencies are doing the right thing –But more education and more work is needed! Users need to be educated in the use of metadata and the availabilities of vocabularies Users need to be motivated to use metadata

23 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 23 Privacy management and Contractual management These aspects go hand in hand with interchange of profiles Only workable solution so far: P3P from the W3C The user gets the ability to automatically deny the release of parts of his profile But still, there are lots of things unclear Will P3P be deployed? How does it work with CC/PP? How does it work with other profile formats? The problem can be handled using out-of-band negotiated contracts User requests policy Server sends policy User sends request with parameters Server sends requested information

24 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 24 Terms for profile use - the killer app for micropayments? What terms apply to the use of a profile –How is it paid for (micropayments?) –How can it be used (i.e. an aspect of copyright management, actually - the user has a copyright, too) –How is the policy being policed? –How is the contract established? This actually comprises a meta-profile! E-commerce does not discuss these issues Actually, this is the same problem as telephony roaming –In the telecom industry, we know all about clearance of small payments.

25 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 25 Interchange of profile information (i.e. protocols) If profile information is to be useful to more than one party, it has to be interchanged between parties This implies the use of a standard protocol and a standard data format These ought to be the same for all access methods and uses But there is a bunch of consortia and working groups SOAP (Microsoft et al) BEEP (IETF) XML Protocol (W3C)

26 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 26 What are the profile problems? Matching algorithms –Database matching works well in a single-node environment, but maybe not in multinode environments Communicating and exchanging profiles –Wich protocol: SOAP, BEEP, i-CAP, HTTP? And how? –In a trusted way? Profile filtering heuristics Occlusion of part of profiles, and policies for this –For instance, using P3P to keep part of a profile private Formats (frameworks) and vocabularies –Not only do we need to define them, we also need to publish them, preferrably as standards Education, education, education

27 Open 11/22/00 NRJ/RR/R Johan Hjelm 27 What can you do? Enable and perform education Develop and publish vocabularies Develop algorithms for matching of profiles Develop generic filtering heuristics Develop profile transport formats and protocols Investigate and mandate profile privacy management The EC could have a crucial role as a catalyst –e.g. enabling cooperation between the Infocities programme and the WAP UAPROF work

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