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The virtual tourist sight The imaginary Thummerer confectionary.

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1 The virtual tourist sight The imaginary Thummerer confectionary

2 Eger is the best place to visit either you come from the space, from the poles, from the Sahara, from the bottom of the ocean or from Australia…

3 One of the Comenius teams arrived from the U.K., Nottigham, the Bramcote Park Business and Enterprise School.

4 The other Comenius partner team arrived from Italy, Castelfranco Veneto, Istituto Professionale Di Stato Carlo Rosselli

5 We altogether went to Eger, to the Neumann János Secondary Schools business partners winery and confectionary. Thummerer Confectionary Thummerer Winery

6 The Thummerer winery is located in Eger It was founded in 1982, working in two cellars and on 8-10 hectares of land The family winery is divided into two sole proprietorships Approximately 300 000 bottles of wine are produced in a year

7 The family has been dealing with wine tourism since 1994 They only offer high quality bottled products 5-6 times a year they organise wine dinners The technology of production is completed with the most up- to-date equipment and the latest machineries

8 The confectionary was founded in 2009, especially to please the Comenius Multilateral Partnership Schools participating students. After a thorough market research they started to produce wine-linked cakes and sweets

9 They have unique wine-linked and traditional recipes at the same time, all in all, about 50 kinds of different cakes. All of these products are popular such as grape-pie, fruit-cake with grapes topping, grapes-pudding, grapes-sponge cake, white wine yogurth cake, bulls blood bits, rose slices, wine-foam. They only work with natural ingredients (white and red wine, grapes) and they can fulfil all special requests concerning the decorations of the cakes.

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