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A DOR é Chocolat FRANCHISE Belgrade, Serbia

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1 a DOR é Chocolat FRANCHISE Belgrade, Serbia

2 What is franchising? Franchising is not a business itself, but a way of doing business It is essentially a marketing concept – an innovative method of distributing goods and services. It is also an extremely successful and rapidly growing aspect of small business sector. Franchising is a business relationship in which the franchisor (the owner of the business providing the product or service) assigns to independent people (the franchisees) the right to market and distribute the franchisor's goods or service, and to use the business name for a fixed period of time. The International Franchise Association defines franchising as a "continuing relationship in which the franchisor provides a licensed privilege to do business, plus assistance in organizing training, merchandising and management in return for a consideration from the franchisee". This ongoing business relationship includes the product, service and trademark, as well as the entire business concept itself from marketing strategy and plan, operational standards, systems and formats, to training, quality control and ongoing assistance, guidance and supervision. In short, it provides small business (the franchisee) with the tools of big business (provided by the franchisor). a DOR é Chocolat is looking to expand its retail chain through new strategic partnerships. We are looking for ambitious, energetic, motivated, enthusiastic, hard working, sales oriented and determined people who love chocolate and will enjoy running the chocolate shop.

3 a DOR é Chocolat brand a DOR é Chocolat - CHOCOLAT WHO AWAKE EMOTIONS aDORé Chocolat (founded in 2002) is the first workshop of handmade pralines, bars and other sweets made from the highest quality chocolate in Serbia. aDORé is a result of passion for chocolate and hedonism. aDORé Chocolats sweets are made from the very best type of cocoa beans and fine ingredients. The company imports its chocolate and nougat praline mass from Belgium, and the other ingredients are procured from renowned domestic producers or importers. aDORé Chocolat is unique in this region by using milk chocolate that contains minimum 40,5% cocoa, and dark chocolate with minimum 70% cocoa. The products are without conservatives, vegetable fat, additives or artificial aromas. We use Belgium premium quality chocolate and we make all creams and fillings in our production by our own recipes. Combination of tastes goes from lightness and fresh to decadent rich and slightly bitter, but always pleasurable! Range of products can be adjusted, personalized - What we do is intensive development and continuous innovation. Our production is flexible. We will meet most complex requirements but still satisfying the highest standards. aDORé Chocolat belongs to luxury product category. With its quality products and services we have become a symbol of prestigious and high-quality chocolate in the Serbian market. aDORé Chocolat is the first chocolate manufacture that has been certificated for HACCP and ISO9001 standards in this region.

4 a DOR é Chocolat team a DOR é Chocolat is the most professional in the manual production of chocolate in the region. Mirjana Kostić, one of the owners is the only in our region that has finished chocolatier most prestigious school in the world "Callebaut College, which accepts only 10 students per year. Aleksandar Marić, the other owner has worked with one of the world's famous chocolatier- Stef Aerts. All employees undergo internal training based on the latest knowledge in the field of producing handmade chocolate pralines. From a very beginig, a DOR é Chocolat has been recognized by high quality of its products by many- including the Presidency of Serbia, a number of embassies, international and domestic companies etc.

5 aDORé Chocolat product range Hand made chocolate pralines a DOR é Chocolat chocolate pralines are made without preservatives, so shelf life is only 30 days from the time of purchase. Preservative-free recipe guarantees the quality and freshness of the products. The main a DOR é Praline Collection consists of over 50 different tastes. There are: pistachio, raspberry, dried apricot, cherry, orange, as well as creams, rum, green tea, mint leaves, chilli pepper, marzipan and cinnamon are just some of them.

6 a DOR é Chocolats pralines are laid on a white, silky paper and placed in a box made of the best quality, black velvety cardboard. A small, red ribbon is tied around the box to emphasize the elegance because the elegance is the style of our costumers.

7 a DOR è Chocolat handmade chocolate bars a DOR é Chocolat included handmade chocolate bars. Expiry date is 180 days. Each packing is quite unique. Collection contains six different flavours: – Crunchy Mint (dark chocolate, crunchy mint), – Elle Canelle (milk chocolate, cinnamon), – JADORE Mocca (dark chocolate, caramelized coffee beans) – Sicily (milk chocolate, dried orange and lemon peel, almond, hazelnut, nut ) – Orangela (dark chocolate, dried orange peel) – BG ČO-KO (dark chocolate, dried sour cherry)

8 a DOR é CUBE a DOR é Cube Collection consists of three products Perfekta, Pasha and Crunchita. For each kind of a DOR é Cube there is three different packaging boxes (90g, 180g and box for 270g of pralines). This is an chocolate praline nougat based. Expiry date is 180 days. Perfekta - praline and milk chocolate, creamy nougat, and a product of rich milk chocolate with a minimum of 40.5% cocoa. Pasha - praline and dark chocolate, creamy nougat product rich and black chocolate with a minimum of 70.5% cocoa Crunchita - praline crunch and a combination of white and milk chocolate with a minimum of 40.5% cocoa

9 a DOR è Chocolat handmade cookies a DOR é handmade cookies are latest collection in a DOR é Chocolat assortment. There are eight different kinds of adore cookies: Cookie with nougat cream, Hazelnuts cookie with raspberry filling, Chocolate cookies with orange and pieces of chocolate, Chocolate Sablé cookies, Vanilla Sablé Cookies, Almond cookie, Cinnamon cookie, Noisette butter cookie. As all other a DOR é Chocolat products, cookies are preservative and artificial flavors free.

10 Taking care of customers The range of a DOR é Chocolat products is quite wide. Taking into account the high flexibility of our hand made manufacturing, we are able to make a smaller series of products adapted to clients needs and wishes complemented by special holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentines Day etc. In a very pleasant ambiance of a DOR é s chocolate shops, costumers can enjoy specialized hand made chocolate and as well savour a cup of the best quality hot chocolate with sweet cream, milk and a flavour of your choice: mocca, cointreau, noiset, rum or chilli pepper.

11 a DOR è Chocolat franchise concept Uniqueness of Our System a DOR é Chocolat has found a niche in chocolate market and filled it. It stimulates and caters all 5 senses, It delivers a high level of customer- oriented service, Probably the best value/cost ratio in Europe, The constant search for perfection Ability to make quick adjustments to market demands

12 An opportunity to really satisfy your hunger for success…. And chocolate… The a DOR é Chocolat franchise concept is based on: The a DOR é Chocolat method of work, A successful and tested business concept, Competitive advantages Growing market High income potential Low investment

13 The a DOR é Chocolat franchise offers: A tried and proven business system to enable you to successfully operate from day one, The right to use the a DOR é Chocolat brand, Comprehensive training program and support, Ongoing management and marketing support, A highly professional Operations Manual containing the valuable a DOR é Chocolat know how and expertise Professionally designed personalized website Assistance for A store design, Help in selecting staff, Quarterly business reviews to ensure you are on the right track.

14 Thank you for your interest in a DOR é Chocolat We look forward to welcome you! For more informations, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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