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1 Stained Glass and the Supernormal Aspects of Color The College Of Metaphysical Studies – Online School (Click Left, Space Bar or Enter To Advance Each.

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1 1 Stained Glass and the Supernormal Aspects of Color The College Of Metaphysical Studies – Online School (Click Left, Space Bar or Enter To Advance Each Page)

2 2 Stained glass in England owes much of its brilliance to the recipes used by generations of craftsmen but it also owes a great deal to its climate with its greyer light, which shows stained glass to greater advantage than does brilliant sunshine. Colored glass was regarded as particularly precious from early monastic days. Theophilus, a German monk writing in the first half of the 12th century, in his treatise "On Divers Arts" goes into considerable detail about the making of windows, but carefully leaves out chapters which give precise instructions for the coloring of glass with copper, lead and salt. This would be one of the secret recipes so jealously guarded. In religious terms, light was a symbol of vital importance, used to describe the quality of spirit itself. And stained glass, while much more expensive than plain could be used to fill the congregation with a awe-inspiring sense of mystery and vision and also had the function of glorifying God for his own sake. "Like an intelligent inquirer," wrote Theophilus. "I have labored to inform myself, by all methods, what inventions of art and vitality of color may beautify a structure and not repel the light of day and the rays of the sun." Specimens of colored glass have been found in Saxon monastic buildings of the 7th or 8th centuries and there is a remarkable range of color, considering the limited range of materials available. Several shades of red, turquoise, viridian, four different shades of yellow, violet and a very pale violet, and white glass streaked with purple, are among the colors used.

3 3 Many of the great painters have also striven after this quality of luminosity, particularly for religious paintings, and again there have been many secret recipes, some of which have been lost and some rediscovered. Glass luster artifacts also reflect this quality and it is obviously something integral in the human being that requires this reminder of other realities than the ordinary, everyday appearance of things. Socrates in the "Phaedo", describing the "real earth" says of it that "the colors which we know are only limited samples, like the paints which artists use; but there the whole earth is made up of such colors, and others far brighter and purer still...even these very hollows in the earth, full of water and air, assume a kind of color as they gleam amid the different hues around them, so that there appears to be one continuous surface of varied colors." Gems also have this peculiar quality of luminescence, a hidden hire in their depths, which again stirs a long-forgotten memory. Ancient literature is full of such remarks as "...has the appearance of a sapphire" or "...was the color of amber", or again "...a rainbow round the throne, in sight like unto an emerald." (Revelations). The description of the New Jerusalem includes walls of jasper, garnished with all manner of precious stones, and of course we all know of the pearly gates!

4 4 Josephus, the Jewish historian in the 1st century CE associated white with earth, red with fire, purple with water, and yellow with air. However 15-centuries later Leonardo da Vinci states his color preferences as "white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness." Some of these colors are still included in astrological tradition, as with yellow for Mercury and air, and things intellectual; red for Mars, fire and energy (see below). So fashions and preferences do tend to change and evolve -- in one era nobles, warriors, middleclass and peasants tend to wear distinguishing colors, as in early Aryan cultures, or at other times certain colors are reserved for specific trades and professions, as today in law, religion and the armed forces; faculties at universities and colleges have their special colors; children at school have their team colors; and in many sports colors are important, not only in order that contestants may identify one another, but that the audience may also identify them. All over the world colors of symbolic significance have all been woven into beadwork and tapestries, painted on icons, walls, pottery and stonework, incorporated into inlay work and stained glass, glass vessels and jewelry, not only for ornamentation and visual enjoyment, but for the practice of sympathetic and protective magic in all its aspects, and ultimately and simply for the glory of God.

5 5 Supernormal Aspects of Color The prismatic spectrum is a vast storehouse of supernatural forces. We know little of this power at present. To lift, to ennoble, to spiritualize all life is the message of the color scale, and the high significance of the spectrum:

6 6 Red, the first color-note of the spectrum, is the note of activity, challenge, adventure. Here the mass consciousness of humanity is centered. Red is the dominant decorative motif of most primitive peoples. Its emanation is physically stimulating. Red is used for melancholia, anemia, all forms of sluggishness, retardation of blood circulation. Surrounding oneself with red is a splendid antidote for fear and timidity. Excess of activity is a sign of danger. Hence, red lights are used as traffic stop signals. Mephistopheles and Satan are always symbolized by the color red because excessive activity in any direction leads to negative reactions which we term sins – the work of the evil one. The transmutation of deep, dark crimson tones within the human aura into the clear, bright red of bravery, courage and daring is one of the most important steps in human evolution. Red, intoning base etheric notes, is the color of fire. It is through these notes that a human being has his first approach to Deity. In most of the world religions God is represented as appearing in flames of fire. From this came worship of the fire that is never extinguished with its votive offerings and its vestal priestesses. Red fire is only one phase of God in manifestation. His power is infinite; its expression an ever ascending spiral of color and tone. This is evidenced in hymnal worship ascribed to the 7-vowels as power ciphers of the 7-Angels of the Planets. This power is disseminated by means of the sevenfold scale in both color and tone. In its ascending rhythms, the red of terrestrial fire is transmuted into the golden yellow of pure spirit essence. By using its magical golden color, miracles of healing and transformation can be performed. A part of this magic has been condensed into the most perfect of metals, the sun's high gift to this planet, gold.

7 7 Orange, the next higher ray of the spectrum, is produced by blending two primary colors, red and yellow. Red, as noted, is the activity ray. Yellow is the mental or wisdom ray. Therefore orange is a color of tremendously dynamic power for healing. Visualizing the orange ray as encircling and permeating afflicted parts often brings instant relief. This is the color of discrimination, the capacity for making wise decisions.

8 8 Yellow, a primary, has been termed the mind color, and it proves itself to be a vibrant and refreshing mental stimulant. Its vibratory rate is high, its influence elevating and inspiring. The halo around the heads of saints is always depicted in golden yellow. It is generally recognized as the color-note of the Christ and the Illuminati, for it sings of infinity rather than concreteness. It lifts above the mundane. It soars up and away, reaching ever toward the supreme goal which is Light. To become one with yellow is to comprehend the unreality of matter and the eternity of Spirit. This is the true meaning of Wisdom.

9 9 Gold was held sacred by primitive peoples, who were wiser in esoteric truths than we moderns. Its use was never permitted to become common, but was reserved for temple worship. The misuse of gold has brought destruction instead of strength and elevation. Humanity has forfeited the rights of its blessings and is fast losing the use of the metal as well, for its prostitution has brought upon us a heavy karmic debt involving our entire planet.

10 10 Green is the color of earth. Each resurrection season nature adorns herself in robes of shining green. Forests radiate such powerful and magnetic life emanations that highly sensitized persons are not only renewed but can actually see them. We all know the sense of rest, well being and refreshment gained from a prolonged stay amidst the greens of nature. This color is most efficient for soothing tired or frayed nerves, for headache and other upsets caused by nerve tension. Green as stated, is the nature color. It belongs to summer and the Moon, and is known as the Mother of Nature. In the radiations of this magic light fairies per-form their enchantments over field and forest. In countries where many people possess "second sight" and hold communion with the "little people of nature," green is held in high esteem.

11 11 Blue, is the Spirit color. Deep, dark blue indicates power of immense intensity. Light or azure tones imply high and ethereal aspirations. This is the color in which creative artists should immerse themselves before starting work. Dr. Babbitt, father of color healing, states that he used blue in all forms of inflammation and various diseases of the skin. When one visualizes blue, the head instinctively lifts, the eyes raise, as blue is the color of the sky, of mountain crests at dawn and sunset, of smoke as it spirals upward from chimney tops. Blue lifts, exalts and inspires one toward ever greater heights of endeavor and attainment. Blue describes the sea and sky, symbols of infinity for humanity. Blue reaches into infinity, so that the soul may know that Love and Immortality and God are one.

12 12 Indigo receives and unifies the forces of all the prismatic colors into the one great force, just as night brings a recapitulation of the day, and as death serves to assemble all the events of the past life into conscious totality. Its key-note is Universality; God in humanity and humanity in God. The human consciousness must be raised to this realization before higher, freer color rays can be released upon the planet; or in other words, before a new spectrum can be brought into visibility. This is the color of introspection. It is, the most difficult of colors to visualize accurately; but if, through persistent effort one becomes adept at this visualization, doors of the subconscious will be unbarred and long buried soul memories will be restored – for indigo is the color-bridge between the finite and infinite.

13 13 Purple is the royal color and is associated with earthly power and splendor. In it is sounded the exalted soul song of God. It is the color most prominent in the coronation of kings and High Priests. Purple or violet is a secondary color, formed by a red fire of sense life (matter) that has been lifted into the pure blue (Spirit) of spiritual life. The process of transforming lower man into higher is always accompanied by much travail so the darker tone (purple) has become associated with pain and sorrow. Wagner immersed himself in purple when he was ready to transcribe the music of angels for his transcendent operas. Jupiter, to whom the purple ray is ascribed, is associated with the sacred rites of fire. Its key-note is transmutation. As transmutation is concerned with the most advanced phases of spiritual development, so purple or violet is the highest color vibration of the spectrum. It is the seventh color ray, and seven is the number denoting transmutation: 4 (matter) plus 3 (Spirit). Their blending attains the supreme goal of human evolution; hence, seven is the principal number of the earth planet.

14 14 Black and White

15 15 Black is the feminine complement of white. White is active, containing the active manifestation of all life, black is passive. White is positive, black is negative. White is all revealing, the opposite pole of black, black is concealment. Black is a Saturnian color, and Saturn is the home of all beginnings. To symbolize the hidden, secretive phase of their work, many Temples of Initiation are draped in black. The highest truths are discoverable only by those who have the courage to pass beyond all sight and sound into the Great Darkness preceding the Light of Eternal Day. White is dynamic and stimulating; black is mysterious and inspiring. White is revelation, the light and action, embracing all colors of the Cosmic Day. Black, enfolding all colors, is the Cosmic Night. When their forces blend, the perfect Cycle is complete. Black is another designation for Chaos, the seed-ground of Infinity; the seed-ground of the unmanifest, the uncharted. Visualizing intense blackness stimulates latent and undeveloped soul faculties. When from the celestial core of this blackness a point of white light emerges, without solicitation or premeditation, finer and higher forces are awakening within. Into the utter blackness of Chaos, God sent His supreme mandate. Light was born. As the divinity in man comes into fuller expression, the white light flames forth. Man becomes divine when black and white merge. The human evolution is at an end.

16 16 In his "Theory of Color", Goethe, one of the world's most profound mystics, gave to humanity a textbook on this subject which will be a classic in the incoming New Age. To him color was the Voice of God speaking through nature. Blackness was not merely an absence of light; it was the background of the cosmos, a field of intense activity for Beings of a vastly higher order than our humanity. Azure-white light is the highest concept of humanity and entirely transcends physical vision, so "seeing" it must be always a spiritual experience. The light has been used since time immemorial by Wise men, the Illuminati, as a means of both physical and mental protection for their disciples. There are thousands of recorded instances when miraculous protection was given by surrounding an individual with an aura of white light in times of great emergency. One occasion of special interest has to do with a hospital located several miles from Hiroshima. When the atomic bomb struck, no one was seriously injured, though many people were knocked down and suffered minor bruises and cuts. The amazing factor was that no one dressed all in white received any kind of injury despite the fact that many so clothed were working in close proximity to the injured. White light is weighted with the power to bless. It is God speaking through the manifold activities of creation. When humanity learns to tune in and freely utilize this transcendent force, many limitations and disabilities of this three-dimensional world will be conquered or eliminated. Then will humanity assume our rightful place as an "heir to God," a true son or daughter of God in full possession of God's divine heritage.

17 17 The Stained Glass window A Visualization The rest of this presentation is a visualization, we ask that you visualize not only the picture we will paint, but that you attempt to hear the sounds, see the colors, smell the fragrances.

18 18 To begin I ask that you get into a comfortable position, Sit with your back straight, your feet on the floor and your hands in a relaxed position on your lap. When you are comfortable become aware of your body; notice how your body is feeling right now... if you notice any tense places in your body, gently breathe into those places. Imagine them relaxing and all unnecessary tension releasing and dissolving. Let your awareness scan through your entire body, from head to toe, from toe to head, and feel your entire body deeply relaxed... Imagine that you can feel life energy flowing smoothly and freely through your entire body. If an area feels tight or tense, gently release it and feel that energy flowing through it. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, release any tension that might remain in your body. Feel your body totally relax. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, relax your mind. Imagine that your mind is just another muscle in your body that you can now relax. Do not hold on to any thoughts. You can let everything go for right now and let your mind become quiet and slow...Take another deep breath, and as you exhale, move your awareness into a very deep place inside of you... You find yourself comfortably seated in a beautiful chapel. The light is subdued, flowing only from a brilliantly colored stain glass window in front of you. Each of the colors sparkle like gems... Rest for a moment in the shower of iridescent light, and listen to each color as they speak to you...

19 19 I am red the color of blood, of birth and death. Throughout the ages I have been "sacred" to the deities. I am related to the planet Mars and the element of Fire, both being aggressive energies. I am protective and I work to strengthen the body and will power. I promote courage, to lend energy to the body, and to provide additional power to rituals by my presence. In ancient times, I was worn as an antidote to poison, to keep one's thoughts "pure", to banish anger and all violent emotions. For healing I am intimately linked with blood. I am used to relieve anemia, to halt bleeding and to heal wounds. I work on rashes and inflammation, and have been used to prevent miscarriage.

20 20 I am yellow. Ruled by Mercury, I am used in rituals involving communication. If you are having trouble expressing your self in an intelligible way, try wearing one of my stones. Writers receive help with their work by utilizing me, while public speakers use me for eloquence. I am also ruled by the Sun and am protective energy, and can also be used to strengthen the conscious mind and to enhance visualization abilities. I promote digestion, regulate the nervous system and cure skin problems. I am a color of movement, of exchange, of energy and mental awareness.

21 21 I am green, the color of nature, of fertility, of life. I am often linked with red in religion and magic. I am receptive and am used in healing. I can be carried or worn to guard the health. Specifically, I strengthen the eyes, control the kidneys, relieve stomach problems and prevent migraines. I am ruled by Venus and am used during gardening to promote luxuriant growth, or am placed in the earth for this purpose. If you have house plants, put some of my stones in the earth. I am also used to increase fertility and therefore I promote conception. My association with the element of Earth also leads to money, riches, prosperity and luck. I am grounding and balancing and can be used to attune with the Earth.

22 22 I am blue, the color of the ocean, of sleep, and of twilight. Ruled by the element of Water and the planet Neptune, I am receptive and promote peace. Gazing at me or holding something of mine calms the emotions. If you have difficulty sleeping, trying using me. I am excellent for halting nightmares. I am used to promote healing, in general, and specifically to reduce fevers, remove ulcers and their causes, and for eliminating inflammations. I am often held to reduce or remove pain from the body. If you need purification, wear me, to purify your inner being as well as your outer flesh.

23 23 I am purple and am receptive and spiritual. I am ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, and have long been associated with mysticism and purification. I am excellent for meditation, psychic work or during rituals designed to contact the subconscious mind. As with green and blue, I am the color of healing and peace. I am used to maintain health and am sometimes given to unruly children to promote obedience. Physically, I am utilized to relieve complaints in the head such as headaches, mental illness, concussion and hair problems. I soothe depression and project restful sleep when worn at night. I am associated with organized religion as well as the more spontaneous, Earth- oriented systems, and I am used to contact higher forces.

24 24 I am black and I am receptive. I represent the Earth and stability and am ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction. I am symbolic of self-control, of resilience and quiet power. I am sometimes viewed as protective, but I am more often used to ground a person. If you are light-headed, dizzy, or so focused on the spiritual that your physical life suffers, wear me. Mystically I am the color of the outer spaces, of the absence of light.

25 25 I am white, receptive and ruled by the Moon. As such I am intimately linked with sleep and psychism. In the past, I was worn to promote lactation by mothers having trouble feeding their babies. In contemporary American, I am considered to be lucky, often carried or worn to promote good fortune. Because the Moon glows at night, I am used for protection after dark, often when walking alone in hazardous places. I am worn with red for protection at all hours. To be rid of a headache, carry me. Because I contain all colors, I can be charged to act as a substitute for any color.

26 26 It is now time to return, but before you do, allow the colors to totally engulf you. Rest for a while in the vibration of these colors that connects you with the totality of Life. After returning from this journey the wholeness, the strength, the light and love which you have experienced will remain with you and continue to live within you, enriching you and your world. Allow it to happen of its own accord. Now direct your attention completely to your body. Take deep breaths and exhale deeply. Stretch your limbs and your torso a few times until you feel that you are back in the present moment.

27 27 We hope you have enjoyed this presentation. Should you desire additional information on this subject we suggest you consider ordering our course: EP-101 The Esoteric Use of Color, Sound and Fragrance You can find a complete listing of our courses on our website at The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS), located in Clearwater, Florida, has been a leader in metaphysical and spiritual education since 1986. CMS was formed after extensive evaluation of the educational needs of the Metaphysical, New Age, New Thought, Neo-Pagan and modern spiritual communities. We are authorized by the Commission for Independent Education, Independent Colleges and Universities, Florida Department of Education to operate as a private, non-secular college and to issue Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in metaphysics, religion, spiritual awareness, spiritual and holistic healing, esoteric studies, parapsychology, and the entire allied metaphysical field. CMS trains and certifies ministers, spiritual and holistic healers, teachers, pastoral counselors, mediums, intuitive practitioners, past-life regression facilitators and administrators. Certification is by the New Awareness Ministries, International (NAMI). (See the next slide for contact information)

28 28 The College of Metaphysical Studies 18514 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Suite B Clearwater, Florida 33764 18514 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Suite B Clearwater, Florida 33764 Phone: 727 538-9976 Fax: 727 539-READ 800 780 META E-mail: Phone: 727 538-9976 Fax: 727 539-READ 800 780 META E-mail: Visit our award-winning website at: Visit our award-winning website at: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

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