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©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 A great time for trendsetting Todays bar and cocktail scene is in a vibrant state of reinvention, creating.

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1 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 A great time for trendsetting Todays bar and cocktail scene is in a vibrant state of reinvention, creating the opportunity to attract new guests, adapt to the changing climate, and create new and exciting cocktails to fit virtually any concept. Well cover: Seasonality: green/fresh/organic cocktails Wine and Beer Cocktails Golden Era and historic cocktails Savory Ingredients… does bacon belong in your cocktail? Keeping favorites updated and fresh. Incorporation w/o alienation

2 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Know who your creating for. Comfort-zone drinker: Stick with more familiar drinks; lemondrops, margaritas, cosmos and mojitos. Developing for this drinker means keeping it familiar – but incorporating new and interesting flavors and products. Adventurous drinker: Educated in their cocktails and willing to experiment. They want to be challenged. Engage them with a classic cocktail, top- shelf flights, or creative fresh ideas. Training bartenders is critical in attracting these drinkers. You must develop for 2 styles of drinker…

3 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Keeping it Local & Going Green Seasonality: Keep bar menus hot with drinks that change with the season. Fresh Queue: Use fresh garnishes during peak season. Buy Local: Support the new breed of Micro- Distilleries in your region by showcasing a small batch distiller from your neck of the woods in a cocktail. Organic Spirits: Some spirit companies are going organic. Good for the mind and the spirit: using blends of super fruits (acia, cranberry, blueberry, pomegranate) with fresh juices make power packed good for you cocktails.

4 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Wine and beer Cheladas- Beer for those that "don't drink beer. This is a new category of beer-like beverages with great "non- sweet" but unique flavor profiles. "Training Wheel" cocktails –half and half gin/vodka martinis, for the gin naysayer; twisted up manhattans with sweeter liquors being added. Champagne Cocktails- a great holiday and brunch choice, but bubbly is being added to all kinds of drinks to give it an effervescent kick. Bubbles are BIG in cocktails. Wine Floats- add an interactive component with a wine float to a multitude of cocktails. Also unique Sangrias are on the rise – especially white….

5 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Classic Cocktails - Contemporary Innovation Whats classic is cool again: Bartenders have become cocktail historians as the spirit world experiences a renaissance in Golden Era cocktails. Bitters have made a real comeback as menus move into spirit-forward and classic recipes. Antique recipes and lost spirits are being found and re-introduced..i.e.: rye, old tom gin… Bars are resurrecting the embodiment of a classic period in cocktail history, in service, dress, glass wear (small/tulip shapes) and ambiance, without appearing gimmicky. Classic bar techniques are being adapted to a modern menu and treated with a great deal of respect. Mirroring the long training of a Chef or Sommelier.

6 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Clover Club Cocktail The Clover Club Cocktail is the perfect example of a pre-prohibition cocktail. –its name comes from the Philadelphia mens club by that name and was created at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. Its the kind of drink that lures in gin squeamish drinkers. –When faced with gin drinks, most people assume that this juniper heavy spirit will be reminiscent of pine needles, with the Clover Club Cocktail however, this is not the case. You could easily serve this to a gin-averse friend, and they would never be the wiser. A handsome drink for Ladies and Gentlemen. –Its pink hue once threatened to cast it off as a ladies drink, but its richness and complexity makes it a great cocktail for both men and women and a great introduction to pre-prohibition drinks for customers who shy away from spirit-forward drinks.

7 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Classic Cocktails - Contemporary Innovation Whats old is now new: Todays Cocktail Lounge is a juxtaposition of classic style and modern science. Molecular Mixology; the newest trend in the cocktail world is all science but some of it is steeped in tradition. Foams: breath new life into fruit flavors and texture, but its texture is based on flips and sours that contain frothy shaken egg white. Pearls or Spherification: use coagulants to create semi-solid drops of liquor or fruit. Also adding texture and bursts of flavor. Fat- wash, Flame and Freezing: fats add body and flavor.. I.e. the bacon washing liquor technique. Flame is used to bring out smoke or caramelize natural sugars and extrude the natural oils in herbs.. I.e. flaming rosemary in a glass before making a drink. Liquid nitrogen is often seen these days for making quickie frozen table side drinks. Nitrous Oxide NO2 is used to add bubbles and fizz.. for fizzing your foams or even your garnishes.

8 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Non-Alcoholic drinks are HOT! ….Offering more than Strawberry Lemonade A virtually untapped market, Bars and Restaurants are adding exciting N/A offerings focusing on flavor. Innovations in syrups, mixers and juices expand the ingredients base for exciting mocktails, teas, and fruit blends. This is another area that is great to extend green and seasonal cocktails to. Mom-tini: a new trend with mothers and mothers-to-be being offered. Sparkling drinks, fruit and vitamin packed cocktails. House-made Sodas: More places are crafting their own carbonated blends to create grown-up sodas or to include children into the bar menu. Pure cane sodas appeal to anyone concerned with High Fructose Corn Syrup and are great for the bottom line! Energy Drinks: either added into cocktails or served as nutritional drinks, energy drinks are still on the rise, while low sugar non-crash options are most popular. Try making your own signature energy drink.

9 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Herbs: Sage- dusky, good with tequila, Thyme –excellent with fruit, Cilantro –add to mojitos for an herbal flavor Basil – great with strawberry, cherry Rosemary- adds dry essence to cocktails Lavender – on the hipster scene Veggies: Cucumber –dry crisp flavor, hot in drinks; both alcoholic and N/A, easily available Bell peppers – drinks made with these get a lot of ink, works with vanilla vodka and citrus Chilies – sublime with mango and tropical, hard to mange strength of heat Pumpkin – Fall flavor, musky, and sweet; Savories: Spices - cardamom, coriander, curry The Meat Craze – bacon, bacon, ham, salumi Fun: Bubble Gum Cotton Candy Nostalgic - sassafras, root beer, Fanta flavors Bringing the Kitchen into the bar:

10 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Fresh Fruit: look for a little something different Fruits: High quality fruit purees and syrups such as those by Monin allow you to dream up super-creative cocktails that location, seasonality and operational issues wouldnt. Pomegranate – makes anything sell – a trend gone mainstream Ginger mixed with fruit – tasty and earthy Hibiscus Flower – bright color and tart cranberry taste Pear – for its dry crispness and goes great with warm spices Elderflower – top newcomer; floral character –good with cucumber Tangerine – the new orange Super fruit – good for you & mixable properties Tropicals- mixed with traditional sell well with gen x&y – tiki is hot Yuzu – the new lemon/lime Sour Cherry – tart and tangy

11 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Sweet Innovation Sweeteners: Infused and flavored syrups – chipotle, lavender, cardamom, open up a world of flavor options Rimmers- give cocktails an extra burst of flavor and color, with flavored sugar. Honey syrups – easy to make, unique flavor, good menu merchandising.- especially with local honey! Molasses syrups –with rum or brown liquor or cocktails with a southern flair. Agave nectar – or agave syrup, a healthier and richer substitution to sugar syrup. The new it sweetener. Pomegranate molasses- Economical exotic new flavor for adding pop to cocktails. Shrubs, homemade infusions- seen more in the upscale cocktail scene. Bars are making their own grenadines, tinctures and syrups for super innovative flavor combinations.

12 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Spirit Trends: Brown spirits: making there way towards women and younger drinkers – i.e.: (Ri)1 Gin: the comeback kid – used extensively in classic cocktails; the new "cocktail geek" Vodkas: still king/queen of spirits, but we are seeing new attention to flavors, distillation processes. Wine and Beer: creating cocktails with wine or beer as the spirit; chelada, sangrias, champagne cocktails. Tea: liquors to infusions! Making its way.. slowly Archival spirits: finding rare or lost recipes or spirits and bringing them back. Classic Cocktails: Fizzes, Brambles, Punches, Clover Clubs, Manhattans and the incorporation of golden era spirits and bitters. Celebrity Sponsorship: Like shoes and clothing, celebrity sponsorship drives sales. Celebrities are using spirits as a branding opportunity. Alternative Bartending Techniques: molecular mixology, flair,

13 ©Kathy Casey Food Studios ® Liquid Kitchen 2010 Cultural trends: Speakeasies, Lounges and Cocktail Clubs are reviving the American Cocktail, and have spawned a new generation of bartenders dedicated to the integrity of the craft. Social Networking: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare with the ability to create viral buzz cocktailers, bars and nightclubs use social media to engage customers, with live twitter feeds in bars, cocktail clubs, hosting events, and keeping clients informed of special menus. Eating out at the bar. Guests are eating and drinking at the bar these days, restaurants and bars offer extended bar menus and special drink and food offerings. From small plates … now to small drinks.. the trend is sharing and enjoying a variety of different options.

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