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Christa Chodkowski & Sue DiGangi

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1 Christa Chodkowski & Sue DiGangi
Pave His Path with Christa Chodkowski & Sue DiGangi

2 Opening Advent Prayer "Jesus said to his disciples: 'Be constantly on the watch! Stay awake!...You do not know when the Master of the house is coming.'" Mark. 13:33 All Together: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. O Jesus, your voice sounds through the house of my world: “Be on your guard! Stay awake!” Yet I hardly hear you. Busy with so much, I go about the things I do like a servant trapped in household routine, hardly giving a thought to what my life is about. My spirit within has grown tired and you, my God, seem far away. How can I hear your voice today? Speak to my heart during this season of grace, as you spoke to your prophets and saints. Remind me again of the journey you call me to make and the work you would have me do. I am your servant, O Lord. Speak to me in this holy season and turn my eyes to watch for your coming. O Emmanuel, Jesus Christ, desire of every nation, Savior of all peoples, come and dwell among us. AMEN.

3 Our Goals for Today To help you gain an understanding of the benefits of using Pinterest (in your classroom and in other areas) To share Advent ideas from Pinterest To create a take-home Advent Pinterest craft To have lots of fun! *All ideas you see today have come from!

4 What is Pinterest? A free digital bulletin board
A place to get and share ideas, including: Educational best practices Recipes Home Décor Travel Organization/DIY projects Health/Wellness Crafts….and more!

5 Let’s briefly explore…

6 The Pinterest possibilities for Advent are endless!
Nativity House (instead of a Gingerbread House!) Christmas Acts of Kindness Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

7 Popsicle Stick Nativity
The Pinterest possibilities for Advent are endless! Baby Jesus! Wise Men Handprint Art Popsicle Stick Nativity

8 Today’s Advent Craft WHAT YOU’LL NEED:
3 of your favorite Christmas scrapbook strips 2 brass fasteners (1.5”) 12” of 1/8-1/4” ribbon About 20” of your favorite Christmas ribbon (1-1.5” wide) 3-5 beads A print of the 12 Prayers of Christmas A permanent marker A hole puncher A pair of scissors A copy of “The 12 Christmas Prayers”

9 Today’s Advent Craft As the craft begins, students/teachers may read one of the 12 Christmas Prayers at a time. As each prayer is read, the corresponding term may be written on one of the ends of the scrapbook paper strips. In essence, students can create a beautiful ornament to take home, while conducting a brief prayer service!

10 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 1
Punch a hole in both ends and in the very center of each of your 3 scrapbook pieces.

11 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 2
Write the title of each Christmas prayer in between the holes on the front and back sides of your scrapbook strips. (In class, this is when you’d conduct the prayer service while crafting.)

12 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 3
Lay the strips down as shown to the left. Be sure all center holes match up with each other.

13 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 4
Attach the 3 strips with a brass fastener.

14 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 5
Bring the 2 ends of the top strip together, so that the holes match up. Continue to do so with all 3 strips.

15 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 6
Attach the 2nd brass fastener through the single hole formed by all 3 layered strips.

16 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 7
Take the 12” thin ribbon, and make a knot at the end.

17 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 8
Twist the “U” end of the ribbon around the top brass fastener, at least twice, so that it is secure.

18 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 9
Slide 3 to 5 beads down the thin ribbon.

19 Today’s Advent Craft: Step 10
Pull the piece of wide ribbon through the loop, and tie a bow. The ornament is ready to be hung, and students will be able to share the prayers and ornament with their families for Christmas.

20 Email us if we can help in the future!!
Sue DiGangi = Kindergarten Teacher at St. Anthony School, Bristol – Christa Chodkowski = Middle School Teacher at St. Anthony School, Bristol Have a Blessed Advent!

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