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2 TrayTrakker Plus combines all the features of TrayTrakker with the ability to develop menus and print tray tickets. TrayTrakker Plus allows for recording and tracking of resident information--eliminating the need for a cardex.

Resident Demographics Diet Orders Meal Service Likes, Dislikes and Allergies And More! MENUS & TRAY TICKETS Master Menu Templates Cycle & Extend Menus Holiday Menus REPORTS Over 35 reports needed in the daily operation of the Foodservice department

4 Diet Office Management
Streamline the diet office and improve efficiency by automating the tracking of resident: Demographics Diet Orders Meal Service Likes, Dislikes and Allergies Meal Preferences Weight Changes Assessment Schedules

5 Resident Demographics
Easily track: Admit Date Age Date of Birth Emergency Contact information Religion Room Location And more!

6 Diet Order Standard diet orders provided with software
Add diet orders as needed Tube feeding type and rate tracking Meal portion tracking

7 Meal Service Feeding Assistance information Calorie Counts Tray Notes
Staff Notes

8 Likes, Dislikes and Allergies LDA’s
Record and maintain resident preferences LDA food item list provided with software Add LDAs as needed

9 Meal Preferences Track resident-specific meal preferences for meals and snack periods. Add food items to menu preference list as needed.

10 MENUS View Menus “At-A-Glance” Develop Master Menus
Copy and Extend Menus Automatically Cycle Menus Develop Holiday Menus Add Recipe Names to Menus as Needed

11 Menus Master Menus Master menus serve as resident menu templates
Assign and customize resident menus as necessary Print resident menu calendars Master Menus Print master menu calendars for posting Print production guides based on resident menus

12 Modified Menu Extensions
Select which master menu to extend to your modified menus Extend select meals or the entire menu Extensions are based on recipe substitutions you select

13 Nourishments Manage, record and maintain resident nourishment information Nourishment food item list is created from your recipes Add recipes and food items to nourishment list as needed

14 Meal Locations Assign, track and maintain resident meal locations
Quickly and easily add or adjust meal locations

15 Special Services Assign and maintain resident Special Tray Services such as: Early Late Guest Hold

16 Weight History Record and graph resident weights
Percent weight changes flagged per OBRA regulations

17 Medical History Manage, record and maintain resident information such as: Medical History Physician Active Diagnoses Diagnosis Start and End Dates

18 Tray Tickets Customize tray tickets as needed
Items print on tray tickets in trayline station order

19 Reports TrayTrakker Plus provides over thirty-five reports needed in the daily operation of the Foodservice Department. Customize reports as needed.

20 Report Highlights Assessment Date Report - Lists each resident’s last assessment date. Totals assessments by month. Resident Detail Report - Provides detailed resident information. Useful for resident conferences. Nourishment Labels - Prints resident-specific nourishment labels. Nourishment List Report - Lists resident nourishment delivery locations. Also includes a staff sign off sheet! Intake Record by Meal Service Location - Intake records are printed by meal service location, with options to print records for an entire dining area. Records may be printed and placed in the resident’s chart, or kept in a notebook in each dining area.

21 Report Highlights Care Plan Reports - Lists all care plans by due dates and references last assessment date. Use as a monthly care-planning guide. Physician Report - Lists residents by physician. Diet Order Report - Lists all residents and their diet orders. Use as a reference when checking physician’s orders in residents’ charts. Special Services Report - A listing and tally of all special services by meal and day. Helpful in determining the number of guest trays, early trays, sack lunches, etc. for each. Weight History - Tracks monthly weights and prints weight histories according to OBRA requirements. AND MANY MORE REPORTS NEEDED IN THE DAILY OPERATION OF THE FOODSERVICE DEPARTMENT!

22 Weight Chart Report Track resident weights easily.

23 Weight History Report Track weights for individual residents

24 The Bottom Line TrayTrakker ® Plus : Increases efficiency
Increases customer satisfaction Decreases labor costs Decreases food costs Is Windows 2000 and XP compatible Provides easy-to-read standard reports And so much more!

25 Contact Information To order our software or to receive additional information, contact us at: Web: Mail: Nordhoff Place Chatsworth, Ca Phone: (800) Fax (818)


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