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Our Food Storage Plan What is a Food Storage Plan?

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2 Our Food Storage Plan

3 What is a Food Storage Plan?

4 T raditional Food Storage Plans include food which has the minimum nutrition your body needs To Survive

5 C reating your Food Storage Plan is the next step after you have created your Prepared Pantry TM

6 A lthough these Food Storage items contain the minimum nutritional requirements, they will sustain life over a Long Period of Time

7 T hese foods may or may not be in your Diet Already

8 S ome of these foods include dried beans, oil, honey, Wheat & Rice

9 How Do We Know What We Need to Store?

10 P rospering Families favorite Food Storage resource is Food Storage Planner The


12 F ood Storage Planner shows your family what you need to store for your Food Storage Plan


14 F ood Storage Planner will even tell you when to Rotate Your Items

15 Y ou can change your goal Any time

16 W e use the information in Food Storage Planner as a Reference Tool

17 F ood Storage Planner also has over 200 Food Storage Recipes!

18 W e have found it helpful to try new Food Storage Recipes Each Month

19 N ow we know which recipes our families will eat if needed during An Emergency

20 S toring long-term food storage items is a waste of time & money if you dont know how to Use Them

21 S toring long-term food storage items is a waste of time & money if you dont know how to Incorporate Them Into Your Daily Diet

22 F uture Preparedness for Life Series programs will teach you in depth how to incorporate your long-term Food Storage into your Daily Lives

23 Whats the Big Deal with Water?

24 B ottled water is the first item to fly off store shelves when disasters are predicted, or immediately following Any Disaster

25 Y ou can live for weeks without food, but only days Without Water

26 T here is a saying that goes: Many have lived without love, None Without Water

27 N EVER underestimate the value of water - Store Some Today!

28 How Do We Store Water Safely?

29 T he simplest way to store water is to purchase clean Water Drums

30 W ater drums are made of food grade plastic. You need to check with your city to confirm they recommend storing treated tap water in your Water Drums

31 I f your water department Indicated its safe, you are okay to store water without needing To Pre-Treat it

32 T he minimum amount of water to store is one-gallon of water Per Person, Per Day

33 I deally, you should store three-gallons of water Per Person, Per Day…

34 O ne gallon is for drinking, one gallon is for cooking, & one gallon is for washing; You should store a Two Week Supply

35 Y our family should store water in different kinds of containers, including water pouches, gallon jugs & water bottles which are Easily Transportable

36 Ready… Store! Set…

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