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TESTIMONIALS. Belinda from Victoria – released 53 kg Was 145.6 kg – now 92.6 kg Started program being Insulin resistant, had an under active Thyroid and.

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2 Belinda from Victoria – released 53 kg Was 145.6 kg – now 92.6 kg Started program being Insulin resistant, had an under active Thyroid and on Warfarin due to blood clot. Not any more – lots of energy – can dance now when I struggled to even walk – from the walking frame to the disco frame! Thank you to all involved – fantastic! Watch this space for when I reach my goal weight!

3 Warren from WA – released 27kgs Was 140 kg – now 113 kg (October 2013) I have lost not only the weight but my health issues have improved. a.No longer take pain killers for knee pain. b.Have Sleep Apnoea – used to stop breathing 60 times per hour, now it is 3.2 times per hour which is within the normal limit. The program has made a huge difference to my feeling of wellbeing. Gwyn my partner and I enjoy sharing our story with others.

4 Deb from Queensland – released 39 kg I tried so many diets and was so skeptical when I heard about it but once I read the stories about the successes - It just made sense to me. Have done 3 rounds of the program since May 2012 I cant believe how easy it was to get rid of all that fat. The health benefits are amazing and you dont realise how great it is possible to feel until you get there. It has changed my life – for the better!

5 Christine from WA – released 30 kg Weighed 104 kg on the way to becoming a diabetic. I now weigh 74 kg! I was breathless, gluten intolerant, ached all over and unable to cope with the summer heat. The Complete Fat Release and Detox Program has changed my life. Simple to follow and lots of support. My family cant keep up with me, doing things I havent done for years! I can wear my wedding and engagement rings which I havent done for 5 years I am no longer gluten intolerant. I would recommend this program to anyone – which is what I do!

6 Ben (24) from Victoria – released 50.5 kg Weighed 142 kg – now 91.5 kg I have been overweight for as long as I can remember and have tried everything to lose weight – until I tried the Complete Fat Release and Detox Program. It was incredible, 22.8 kg in 40 days, 19.7 kg on the 2 nd 40 days and 129cm! The thing that keeps you going is seeing the results, how easy it was to do and the MASSIVE support group who encouraged me. Good luck everyone!

7 Chrissie – released 15 kg I felt sluggish, wasnt sleeping properly and always tired, nothing seemed to fit me properly and if wasnt a tent – I couldnt wear anything well. My back hurt after only 6 hours sleep – nobody (doctors or physios) could tell me why. I needed this as I wanted my old body and self back. Working FIFO, I organised my food and took it with me. I feel amazing and did I mention the sleep – 6 hours plus and no back pain. I loved the program, loved buying size 10 jeans and my shape has returned. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!

8 Sheryl from Victoria – released 77 kg I tried a may weight loss programs, lose some weight and the gain it again and some more! I was doing diet shakes and walking 5kms a day, seven days a week when I injured my achilles, couldnt exercise but continued the shakes AND PUT ON 16 kg! I was devastated. A friend told me about the Complete Fat Release and Detox Program. I asked myself Can anyone on this program release significant weight. YES! In a 10 month period (3 rounds of the program), I lost 57kg and 180cms. Ive said goodbye to feeling tired, unhealthy and lifeless. I am feeling alive, living a life of meaning, motivation and purpose.

9 Jess from WA – released 8 kg I was a skeptic and needed proof that the program worked. My mum introduced me to it – she lost over 30 kg and was my inspiration. I only need to lose the 8 kg but have suffered with allergies, eczema, asthma and food intolerances since I was a child. Since doing the detox I have noticed considerable improvements with all my allergies. This is the real deal and I highly recommend the program to EVERYONE looking for a complete lifestyle change.

10 Emma from Victoria – released 30 kg and 130cms Five years ago I was told by a neurologist to go home and make the most of my life. There was nothing they could do for the chronic daily migraines and fibromyalgia and I had to learn to put up with it. I was introduced to the program and the results have been life changing! I am healthy and pain free – I credit this to this amazing program. I cant recommend this highly enough to anyone who wants to regain their health and wellbeing. I am so grateful every day for this program! I have my life back.

11 Kevin and Delcie from WA- released 26 kg (Kevin) and 17 kg (Delcie) Kevin – I work FIFO and have been able to maintain my weight over the last 12 months I have said goodbye to the Michelin Man having gone from a size 42 down to a 33 waist. All I can say is the program works and has been a serious life changing event. Delcie - I feel fantastic and for the first time actually feel in control of my weight. Even going on holiday to Penang I was able maintain the weight. I have lost 2 dress sizes and I am looking forward to going back on the program to get to my goal weight.

12 on! Brett from Victoria – released 38 kg I am 30 and have tried diets before which never really worked for me. I immediately loved this one, had so much energy and regained my confidence. It has been amazingly easy with my friend Amanda coaching me. I feel fantastic! Do yourself a favour – your health really matters. I am really proud of what I was able to achieve.

13 Kym and Richard from Victoria – released 18 kg (Kym) and 14 kg (Richard) Kym – I am fitting into clothes that were on top of the wardrobe – lost 50cm I was never hungry and maintenance was easy. I love this program and I am happy to show anyone how to do it. Richard – I am feeling great having lost the weight as well as 35cm. I am getting comments from men wanting to shed their mass. Its easy, just speak to Kym!

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