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JLD Application Workshop. Agenda JLD Overview Overview of Grant Opportunities Community Impact Provisional Projects Kids in the Kitchen 2014-2015 Community.

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1 JLD Application Workshop

2 Agenda JLD Overview Overview of Grant Opportunities Community Impact Provisional Projects Kids in the Kitchen 2014-2015 Community Program Application Process Q&A

3 JLD Leadership Team President Laura Johnson President Elect Julie Bagley Community VP Erin Pope Incoming Heather Roberts Outgoin g Community Impact Chair Megan Pharis Incoming Greta Kerwin Outgoing Provisional Chair Lee Gleiser Incoming Sara Morgan Outgoing Kids in the Kitchen Chair Charlotte Caudill Research & Development Chair Jennifer Wegman Incoming Cindy Tonnessen Outgoing Administrative VP Kristin Baker (outgoing) Grants Coordinator Jana Shackleton

4 Mission Statement The project must further the mission of the JLD, which is: The Junior League of Dallas is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Founded in 1922, the Junior League of Dallas, Inc. trains members for effective participation in the community and is dedicated to the belief that volunteer service is an essential part of responsible citizenship.

5 Issue Areas Arts & Cultural Enrichment Education Family Preservation Health Poverty Intervention Violence Intervention

6 Community Impact 120,000 + uncompensated hours given annually to 41 community agencies Approximately $1 million given annually to support nonprofits in the Dallas community JLD members serve on more than 50 boards and community coalitions

7 Membership at a Glance DEMOGRAPHICS (Active Members) Age 21-24: 0% 25-30: 33% 31-35: 39% 36-39: 21% 40-49: 7% Marital Status Single: 42% Married: 58% Employment Status Employed: 67% Not Employed: 33% As of March 2013: Total Members: 5139 Provisionals: 417 Actives: 1892 Sustainers: 2830

8 Grant Opportunities Community Impact Committee Kids in the Kitchen Provisional Projects 2014-2015 Community Program

9 Community Impact Committee Community Assistance Fund provides emergency funding to agencies that have a critical short term need: Agency must address critical human needs Agency faces the possibility of disruption of program or service+ Agency has prospects for continued funding Agency has an unforeseen need not covered by present financial resources Funds will make significant impact on the agencys clients Application available on website Agencies may receive a maximum of $3,500 over a two year funding period

10 Provisional Projects Trains new members to be effective volunteers Each project must offer 20 hours of community service Each project must support a minimum of 20 volunteers Each project must make an immediate impact to the agency Project must provide an opportunity to work in a group setting Application deadline is April 5, 2013

11 Kids in the Kitchen The goal of the Junior League of Dallas Kids in the Kitchen program is to empower youth in grades K-5 to make healthy lifestyle choices and help reverse the growth of childhood obesity and its associated health issues. The program covers an eight week curriculum that includes nutrition information, fitness activities, recipes and parent information. Application deadline is April 30, 2013.

12 Community Program Required Financial Documents and Guidelines JLD Placement Perspectives JLD Board Parameters R&D Process Application Process and Timeline

13 Required Financial Documents Letter certifying 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status List of current officers and Board of Directors Certificate of insurance evidencing general liability currently in effect W-2 Audited financials for past 3 years (new agencies) Annual budget and balance sheet for current fiscal year Prior Year actual revenues and expenses compared to prior year budget A statement explaining any special/particular financial circumstances the agency wishes to be considered

14 Helpful Hints Submission of complete application up-front makes the review process easier and demonstrates agency commitment to the process If substantial variances in an agencys financial documents exist which may indicate agency instability, please provide an up-front explanation

15 Placement Perspective Offer day, evening, weekend and concentrated placements Concentrated placement are camps, conferences, etc. Each volunteer must complete 60 hours annually to remain active Part-time option requires a 30-hour volunteer placement Three hour shifts seem to work best for our volunteers (20 three-hour shifts)

16 Placement Perspective Agencies are to hold an orientation and training prior to commencement of volunteer shifts New agency requests must be for 10 or more volunteers R&D evaluates requests for 10 or fewer volunteers and decides if there will be a large enough impact JLD volunteers are not to be involved in fundraising, medical research, political and/or religious activities

17 Placement Perspective JLD does not send money to agencies without sending our volunteers JLD representative required to hold an ex officio seat on agencys Board

18 Board Parameters The JLD Board of Directors establishes Parameters for the R&D Committee on an annual basis Parameters include: Maximum number of agency projects Minimum/maximum number of community volunteers Grant budget Additional policies regarding funding guidelines, clients served, Issue Area adherence, etc.

19 Research & Development Considerations R&D Guidelines Volunteer hours offered 10 volunteers x 60 hours = 600 hours minimum JLD Board of Directors parameters Placement perspective R&D policies, procedures and bylaws Financial review Agency need Agency fit with JLD mission

20 R&D Process March: Agency Application Workshop April: Application Deadline Friday, April 26, 2013 May June Initial review of new agencies to ensure key application criteria are met Agency visits Issue Area subcommittees meet and vote on agencies to bring to Full Committee Financial Reviews

21 R&D Process July September Full Committee (R&D committee and JLD leadership) meet weekly to discuss agencies requests October November Committee votes Full Committee reaches consensus on the agencies that will comprise the Community Program Full Committee reaches consensus on number of volunteers for each agency Full Committee reaches consensus on funding amounts for each agency Note: Committee votes separately on volunteers and funding. Each component must receive at least 75% affirmative vote to pass R&Ds proposed slate must then must be voted on by the Board of Directors, Leadership Council and Full Membership

22 Top Reasons for Release Volunteers unable to get 60 volunteer hours Unorganized request No Volunteer Coordinator OR unclear who our volunteers would report to at agency Poor financial / cash flow of agency Location for volunteer request not identified, unclear or safe Agency is not a fit within our six Issue Areas of focus

23 Application Process Deadline for accepting completed JLD Community Project Applications is Friday, April 26 th at noon. Go to click on Community Impact and then Community Project Request (R&D) for application

24 Community Program Questions and Answers

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