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How Commercial Services Meet The Diverse Needs of The Universitys Student & Staff Population.

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1 How Commercial Services Meet The Diverse Needs of The Universitys Student & Staff Population

2 Overall Commitment We embrace all aspects of a students time at York University. Above all we aim to provide: an attractive social and residential experience; active participation in cultural experiences sporting and work experiences; and a sense of wellbeing and support. We understand the diverse needs of our customers & recognise the importance of providing the same opportunities but not treating people as the same.

3 Customer First Putting the Customer First is the National Standard for Customer Service. The Standard looks at Building Customer Relationships, Maximising Market Awareness and Developing Staff. We will: assist in identifying customer needs; support the means by which services can be tailored to meet those needs ; influence customer care service delivery and follow up; help to identify the benefits that customers have gained from our services.

4 Investors in People For staff, the IIP standards will promote: a recognition of individuals contribution to the Organization, and their job satisfaction; better communication on training and development issues; a supportive working environment; relevant, quality training where it is needed.

5 Staff Training Diversity in the Workplace online training course: Gives staff an introduction to Equality and Diversity legislation and helps to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities under this legislation. Race and faith are covered in this training course. Cultural Awareness workshop: Covers working with cultural differences in an educational setting and fostering an open attitude to cultural difference. It aims to increase awareness of cross cultural issues and explore the challenges faced by international staff and students when working and studying in the UK.

6 Students We strive to provide an environment which meets the needs of a diverse student community and supports optimal student achievement, enhancing the health and wellbeing of a diverse student community.

7 Trip To China 11% of our undergraduate and 45% of our postgraduate students are from overseas. To gain first hand knowledge to better understand the expectations of our overseas students at York University. We visited universities in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nanjing to look at student accommodation, sports facilities and catering facilities. Internationalisation is one of our four strands of the university plan and with a deeper understanding of these students we will be better equipped to meet two other elements of the university plan, those of excellence and inclusivity.

8 Catering and Bars Through a mixture of electronic and paper feedback, focus groups, surveys and experience, we have now developed a database of 1500 recipes from all around the world. Various pricing strategies have been adopted to try and encourage and support student and staff choices on all budgets. Within our catering and bar outlets, we run events and food promotions in celebration of various International and Home celebrations including: FIESTA provides an opportunity for both International and British students to try out cuisines from all over the world as part of a celebration of diversity and culture. A selection of other International and Home food promotions we have promoted are as follows:

9 Indian Curry Night International WeekChinese New YearSlavic Society St Davids Day St Patricks DayBritish Yorkshire PuddingPancake Day

10 Catering For Vegetarians All our catering food outlets provide at least one vegetarian option at all times, in accordance with the Vegetarian Society guidelines. We also support National Vegetarian Week and create awareness by promoting our vegetarian dishes.

11 Our Costcutter Stores We try our best to provide ethical purchases using local suppliers for fresh fruit and veg, meat, dairy products and fish, keeping the food miles as low as possible. At Costcutter, we provide the following products: Fairtrade products including tea, coffee, fruit juices and wines. Halal meats Gluten free products Organic products Oriental food A diverse range of fruit & veg.

12 Fairtrade Commercial Services has worked closely with the Student Union's Environment Officers to raise awareness of Fairtrade ethics and to develop the range of Fairtrade products available in catering and retail outlets across the campus. Fairtrade coffee is provided as standard at all conference refreshment breaks. All our vending machines on campus supply Fairtrade tea/coffee/hot chocolate as standard. We are constantly on the look out for new Fairtrade products to add to our portfolio.

13 Halal Food The University is a multicultural community with students, staff and visitors who have differing religious and non religious beliefs and ethics. In line with the University Plan and Equality and Diversity Policy, Catering Services are committed to ensuring that services provided meet the needs of this diverse community. We have worked closely with the ISA, particularly Dina Salah and her colleagues and Professor Mohamed El Gomati (Electronics) to discuss and understand the catering needs of the Muslim community. As a result of this collaboration we have developed an 'in house' Halal service standard for the Roger Kirk Centre enabling customers to select appropriate dishes at the point of service. We will continue to develop and identify our range of Halal suitable products in line with customer demand and availability of products. The Executive Chef and the RKC Chef attended approved Halal awareness training in November 2009

14 Sports Centre Each booking is suited to the individuals needs i.e. Specific equipment. Our facilities are suitable for disabled access including changing and shower facilities and the Fitness Suite is accredited to IFI standards. We provide a variety of leisure time sport opportunities that will enhance the students overall academic experience and meet the diverse needs of the students, faculty, staff and university community.

15 York Nursery Rates: Student charges are at a lower rate than general fee rates. Staff can take part in the Nursery Extra Scheme. We provide information to parents that may be of help in settling into the community i.e. toy lending services, children centres etc Multi cultural toys and learning aids are available to teach the children about different cultures. We have a calendar of events to celebrate different cultural events i.e. Japanese kite day.

16 Conference Office We employ a number of students during vacation periods to help with conferences running. Based on a case by case situation for conferences booked we cater for specific needs such as attendees with blindness, deafness, etc. Conference and Bed & Breakfast bedrooms are serviced with Fairtrade tea and coffee as standard.

17 Design, Copy & Print We work with a translation service to provide multi-language stationery / publications etc. We offer assistance with electronic payments to the University for overseas post graduate students using our services We provide assistance to students and staff who need help with formatting their files for print Costings off price list to Departments and Student societies who have projects with a limited budget.

18 Future Plans We will continue to respond to the evolving expectations of our students, the influence of advancements in knowledge and the needs of employers, in order to deliver an exceptional experience. We are dedicated to improving our current position even further…

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