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Syngenta Flowers Friday April 4th 2014

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1 Syngenta Flowers Friday April 4th 2014
Steve Watanabe Mike Mitchell Zack Pernack

2 Florific New Guinea Impatiens
NGI from Seed New colors Sweet orange Mix Orange (pending production) Extra large flowers on top of foliage Tight branching habit is perfect for high density production Good for 4’’ production and large packs For large baskets and containers stick with Sonics and Super Sonics Seed samples available now

3 Pansy Pansy Wonderfall Series
Range of vivid colors in the trailing class Higher tolerance to powdery mildew No bald centers in the landscape or containers Pansy Mariposa Peach Shades Improved Good substitute for Pansy Skyline Copperfield Genetic improvements for the grower and gardener Not as much stretch Wonderfall Cool Wave

4 Seed Mixes Syngenta has discontinued some popular seed mixes
SHS Griffin is blending mixes in house Available Exclusively from SHS Griffin

5 Gerbera Elephant Bright Scarlet Red Flower Large 6’’ plus flowers Great for the garden center to catch people’s eye Vigorous plant overall, fill large containers Recommended pot size 8’’

6 SeedSations Combo recipes from seed Good quality combinations at lower price point vs vegetative Great price point for economy baskets Seed samples available upon request

7 Cyclamen Laser Synchro Laser Snowridge Coral Flame (new)
Scarlet (improved) Improved to hold habit longer Best red for holding color Will not gray out when getting older, best compact and branching Excellent choice for high density production 4-5’’ pots Laser Snowridge Purple (new) Wine (new) White edges around the petals for striking contrast Thicker petals Holds up to botrytis and heat stress well Good for landscapes Excellent Weather tolerance

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