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Adam Kiu Program Manager Microsoft Corporation SESSION CODE: VIR209.

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1 Adam Kiu Program Manager Microsoft Corporation SESSION CODE: VIR209

2 Best place for coffee Café Du Monde French Quarters, 800 Decatur Street Best place for breakfast Continental Breakfast Downstairs Best place for a drink Pat OBriens French Quarters, 718 St. Peter



5 BMW Our App-V experience has been very positive. … Packaging, testing, and delivering applications is so much faster, and by enabling zero-touch deployment, App-V helps us realize significant monetary savings. Dr. Martin Rudolph Product Manager, Office Applications BMW Group

6 Readily Accessible AppsReadily Accessible Apps Easy App Lifecycle ManagementEasy App Lifecycle Management Accelerate Application RecoveryAccelerate Application Recovery Reduced Application ConflictsReduced Application Conflicts Minimize app-to-app compatibility testing Virtualize ApplicationVirtualize Application Centralized PermissionsCentralized Permissions Application StreamingApplication Streaming Application IsolationApplication Isolation Real-time metering reportsReal-time metering reports

7 What it does Creates a package of a single application Eliminates software install What it is good for Resolve conflicts between applications Simplify application delivery and testing What it does Creates a package with a full OS What it is good for Resolve incompatibility between applications and a new OS Run two environments on a single PC (e.g. corporate and personal) Hardware Data, User settings Applications OS

8 Application Sequencing and Virtualization Flexible Infrastructure with Multiple Delivery Options Policy Based application management Application Virtualization Client Microsoft Application Virtualization Platform

9 1. Sequence the application2. Publish application to the user3. Load/Stream the application

10 Rapidly packages applications by monitoring its installation. The Sequencer optionally optimizes the virtual application package for streaming. The admin has the option to make the virtual application available for streaming or create an MSI wrapper for Standalone Mode delivery Windows Application CD Windows Application Installer Unpackaging Linearization Optimization & Compression Virtualized Application

11 Application Descriptor.OSD Package icons.ICO Application Binaries, Registry Changes, Metadata.SFT Manifest - Publishing Information.XML Package data for management server.SPRJ






17 Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) Plug-ins Add-ins Middleware Small Office dependent apps Enterprise Scalability Multiple Delivery Options Background Streaming Auto-load options Security Improvements Globalization/ Localization Sequencable global apps Localized App-V

18 Broadening Windows Platform Coverage 64-bit Windows Support Win7 AppLocker Win7 BitLocker Win7 BranchCache Supporting 13 languages Office 2010 User Productivity Enhancements SharePoint integration to open, save, and edit documents Find inbox items quickly with Outlook Fast Search Connect to your inbox using Outlook Send To functionality Optimized Server Disk Storage using App-V in VDI scenarios Shared application cache Reduced storage requirements on SAN Core Management Capabilities 64-bit app support Sequencing Launching SCCM integration

19 MS Office App-V 4.6 provides Office customers with a robust set of features to tackle core challenges including application upgrade, application coexistence, and user readiness. Its an exciting, powerful new way for IT to deliver Office 2010 quickly without impacting user productivity. Takeshi Numoto CVP Microsoft Office


21 Outlook Integration Fast Search mailto:, feed(s):, webcal(s): File, Send To Advanced account configuration SharePoint Integration Directly open/edit/save hosted documents OneNote Print to OneNote Indexed Office Documents Windows Start Search


23 ValidationValidation DSCDSC ScalableEnterpriseDeploymentsScalableEnterpriseDeployments Localization and andGlobalizationLocalization Globalization OutlookOutlook SharePointSharePoint OneNoteOneNote 4.5 4.6

24 1. Fast Deployment, Fast Launch2. Easy App Management3. Painless App Migration4. Support Legacy Apps5. Customized Plug-in Provisioning6. New Co-existence Scenarios*







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