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Improving Quality of Life through Food Executive Chef -Rob Johnson – US Foods Oklahoma March 12th 2013.

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2 Improving Quality of Life through Food Executive Chef -Rob Johnson – US Foods Oklahoma March 12th 2013

3 Open 2 Agenda Improving the Quality of Life Fun Interactive Prizes for participation Maybe learn something MORE prizes for participation…if you laugh at my jokes! Take away an APPLE! …………-Oh and more prizes…just sayin!


5 Food Trends How important is it to follow food Trends? Very Where do I find Food Trend information trends_n_2398213.html

6 Trends Why is Food Trends important to Q.o.L in my operation? Because Food is Social…..

7 Trends are Social? Where Are your residents seeing / learning about food trends? Television Magazines Newspaper Internet

8 Food Trends Hey Chef What Food Trends are HOT right now? Top Food Trends Super Foods Winter Vegetables Special Diets Pickling Popcorn

9 Super Foods Top 12 Super Foods - Salmon- Broccoli - Beets- Kale - Green Tea- Dark Chocolate - Ancient Grains- Fresh Berries - Brazil nuts- Spinach - Red / Black beans- Sweet potato Foods with a Super Booster

10 Super Foods Ancient Grains Quinoa- Red and black (gluten free) Wheat Berries- Red and black (not gluten free) Farro- (not gluten free) Teff- (gluten free) Spelt- (not gluten free) Millet- (gluten free) Gluten-free nut flours- Almond, corn, sorghum flour

11 Popcorn How much does the average American eat in a year 13 gallons Average Calorie per cup? 30-40 plain cooked From ordinary to Extraordinary!! Kitchen spices, fresh herbs, as a topping on ice cream, Kettle corn, drizzled with chocolate, dipped in honey mustard???? Endless possibilities…

12 Fresh Berries Visually Beautiful or Nutritionally Powerful? Yes & Yes! – #1 Super Food

13 Fresh Berries Blueberries- Most easy to source – 38 states grow blueberries. Most common is the Highbush High in Manganese: helps convert protein, fats and carbs into energy. Heavy in antioxidants – 1cup =80cal Blackberries- Nicknamed Black Caps here in the south, similar to the raspberry, but has a bramble in the center. Most common is the Marrion. Contains Salicylic Acid – which acts like aspirin to heal body aches and fever! – 1cup =56cal Raspberries – 60 varieties – most common is the Boyne Potassium, Vit. C, Iron, Antioxidants, foliate – 1cup =60cal Strawberries – 500 varieties world wide – Earliglow is #1 Potassium, Vit. C, Iron, Antioxidants, foliate – 1cup =46cal

14 Fresh Berry Applications Fresh Berries Wonderful Dessert Ideas Dark Chocolate pudding with Fresh Berries Replace whole milk with skim-milk, Berry Rice pudding Replace rice with quinoa- use with fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries Mixed Berry Cheesecake Use wheat berry crust paired with mixed berries- use low-fat strawberry yogurt or Greek yogurt Dessert sushi Millet or Quinoa cooked in almond milk for sweet flavor. For filling, you can use ripe berries and Kiwi. Instead of using nori, roll the finished product in toasted dried coconut flakes, cocoa powder, chopped nuts, dark chocolate shavings, or sesame seeds before cutting into slices.

15 Trends are great and all but…How many of you have this resident?

16 You see him and it makes you……

17 How familiar is this?

18 Under the dome you get…..

19 No wonder why hes? Not feeling his Food is Social is he?

20 What they envision…..

21 Happy Medium….

22 Gorgeous…but is it feasible?

23 Bet you could do this!!!

24 What seems to be the theme Visually appealing Colorful Fresh ingredients Presented nicely Nutrient dense Flavorful – It tastes good! Food is Social

25 What about dysphasia residents ?

26 Which would you rather have?

27 So where do I start? A.P.P.L.E.

28 So where do I start? Attitude

29 So where do I start? Passion

30 So where do I start? Presentation

31 So where do I start? Love

32 So where do I start? Everyone

33 So where do I Finish A.P.P.L.E.

34 Then Where?..... Enhancing Flavors with low cost Fresh Herbs Spices Fruit – relish, garnish, chutney

35 Food Applications Save your Vitamins Steaming: Using a steamer is a very effective method of cooking vegetables, as long as you don't use too much water and cook them too long. Alternative to steaming: Blanching Frying your vegetable kills most vitamins and minerals due to exposure of high heat.

36 Food Applications Lighten up Carb Heavy dishes Zucchini ribbons, asparagus shavings, spaghetti squash, Jicama, and carrot curls Eggplant slices can stand in for the noodle sheets Rice dishes: replace 1/3-1/2 of the rice with finely chopped cauliflower or broccoli florets, mushrooms, or green or red pepper. Replace mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower, or Parsnip puree

37 Whats the pay off = W.I.I.F.M. Chain Reaction Improving the quality of food you serve, and how you serve it Much more content resident Makes your job easier –less stress Actually making a difference in their lives Q.o.L. is Improved / Achieved

38 Always Available Menu

39 Cycle menus Typically offer minimal choices Minimum 2 hr service time Always Available Menu Limit to 5-10 choices Easy to prepare, popular, comfort driven, Grab-N-Go food choices. Utilizing items already on purchase guides – Cross utilization Define Timeframe availability Alternative to regular dining times. Family visits


41 Family Meals Family Visit Dining Full Family (8-10+) visit 1-2 times a year Repetitive Family Visitation Weekly, Bi-daily Random Visitation Never know, Pop-In

42 Family Meals Menu Offerings Cycle menu offerings Always Available Menu Creates more comfortable environment QOL Dietary Stability? Do you charge / Not charge visitation – Open discussion Whats your policy How do you see this effecting your food costs

43 Staff Employee meals Whats your policy?.....Do you even have one? 1. Free meal per shift Less time away from community Additional meals during shift – payment system 2. Free if orders off Cycle menu Charge if ordering off of Always Available menu? 3. Administer a Punch card system, payroll deduct 4. Free as a employee bennefit. Must calculate that into your Monthly food cost PPD Reduce risk of pilferage Increase moral

44 Affect (N) –{Definition} : 1. a feeling associated with an action, an emotion, or mood associated with an idea. 2. Influenced by Food (N) –{Definition} : 1. Source of of nutrients 2. material that provides nourishment 3. something that stimulates the mind or soul.

45 Quality of Life Food Trends Food is Social Plate Presentation A.P.P.L.E. Always Available Menus Family/Staff Menu Super Foods FOOD AFFECT

46 Questions ?

47 Resources Links: Gluten Free Recipes: Antioxidants 101: Free Registered Dietitian Advice: / / Funny pictures – Rob Johnson – (405)475-4760 //

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