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OPIM 5984 Web Design and Development Allison Love 1/31/2011 Confidential.

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1 OPIM 5984 Web Design and Development Allison Love 1/31/2011 Confidential

2 Diageo: A global premium beverage company Large Portfolio of Spirits Brands Not much opportunity to communicate with consumers at a portfolio level The Diageos Direct Conversation with Consumers Confidential

3 Context of Project Test usability of Diageo Website through the following methodologies: Heuristic Scenario Checklist Compare Diageo Site to its Key Competitors Identify ways to improve the current site Confidential

4 The Primary Business Purpose of the website is to sell Diageo branded products to Confidential

5 The Primary Consumer Purpose of the website is to learn to make mixed drinks for a variety of purposes Confidential

6 Users of Demographics: Males and Females 21+ Confidential

7 Users of Psychographics: targets those who are either consuming or serving alcoholic beverages: Consumers who are interested in creating mixed drinks. Levels of Drink mixing Experience Beginner Intermediate Expert Who are using the internet as a source to plan entertainment for a small or large group of people, Who are interested in matching drinks to cuisines Who are interested in learning how to mix their own drinks at home like what they are used to ordering out. Users will differ demographically through psychographics Confidential

8 Tasks Vary By User Experience End User Task NoTask Description Importanc e Frequenc y New Users1Find a drink recipe11 2Learn about correct bar tools33 3Find a recipe based on what is on hand12 4Learn where to buy products11 5Budget shopping trip22 6Learn what to buy for your bar to get started13 Medium Experience1Find where to buy products22 2Find a recipe based on what is on hand11 3Find where to buy products11 4Budget for shopping trip11 Expert Bartenders1Find out about New Products21 2Find complex Drink Recipes11 3Learn the history behind the brands33 4Find where to buy products11 Party Hosters1Find Drink Ideas for an event11 2Plan Party Shopping List23 3Get hosting ideas22 4Find out where to buy products12 5Budget shopping trip22 Food Pairers1Find Drink Recipes11 2Find Food Pairings22 Confidential

9 Task Analysis- All Users Task DescriptionAnalysis Description Find a drink recipe2 With search function this is simple, but not easily navigable through menu options Learn about correct bar tools1 Difficult to find, hidden in "Articles & Videos" Find a recipe based on what is on hand1 Hidden in "Leftovers" advertisement at bottom right of screen, forces users to scroll Learn where to buy products2 Not effective search tool, "legal" prevention Budget shopping trip1 No budget tools provided Learn what to buy for your bar to get started2 Difficult to find, hidden in "Articles & Videos" Find out about New Products1 On front page Find Drink Recipes by Level of Experience Learn the history behind the brands2 Find Drink Ideas for an event2 Buried Plan Party Shopping List2 Difficult to find, hidden in "Articles & Videos" Get hosting ideas Difficult to find, hidden in "Articles & Videos" Find Food Pairings1 Difficult to find, hidden in "Articles & Videos" Confidential

10 Heuristic Analysis: Redundancy- much of what is included in the top portion of the screen is repeated at the bottom Drinks by Type, Drinks by Brand, Quick Drinks- all of these could easily be categorized as Drinks Drinks and Cocktails are used synonymously but not defined as so Use of slide show for new products- requires consumers to spend time on site to see all of them scroll The Task List primarily came out to be either neutral or negative in terms of ease of use, as outlined below: Confidential

11 Scenario Testing Plan a party with a budget Find where to buy a product Find what you need to stock a new bar Look up a recipe Confidential

12 Competitive Analysis 1. 1. Diageos Main Competitor: Pernod Ricard 2. 1. First in Cocktail Google Search 3. 1. Top result in unpaid search for mixed drink recipes Confidential

13 Competitor: Pernod Ricard Most User friendly of all competitive sites However, not easy to find. May be a threat in future. Confidential

14 Drinks Mixer Popular search result No clear business purpose at first; appears to be tied to an app. Busy site design Confidential

15 Popular Search Result Unnecessary Ads, Relies on Video to relay site purpose (potential accessibility issue) Confidential

16 Conclusion may be the only industry led recipe site available today, but the competition is close. Content needs overhaul Analysis of target user needs can pinpoint changes Develop Task-Friendly site Organize with inverted pyramid Make website more user-friendly, and less of a blatant Diageo Advertisement Confidential

17 Recommendations 1. Simplify language: and be consistent- Cocktails vs. Mixed Drinks 2. Simplify Layout: Remove slideshow and provide users with a visual cue that coordinates with theme. 3. Simplify Menu Bar 1) Skill Level, 2) Occasion Planning for 3)Budget 4. Engage Users with Visual Cues: Provide images of the bottles that they can retain mentally or print out via shopping list and bring with them to the store Confidential

18 5. Improve Search Function: Current search function requires that users choose what area of the site they want to search (ie recipes)- remove this feature. 6. Improve Store Finding Feature 7. Clean Up Recipes: Current recipe database has too many repeats of same drink/different brand 8. Provide Breadcrumb Trail: Users very frequently got lost in cognitive task analysis Recommendations Confidential

19 Thank You…. Any Questions? Confidential

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