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Pulp - Proposal. Meet the Team Max Lu - Junior in CS, Jatin Pandey - Senior in CS, James Spotanski - Senior in.

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1 Pulp - Proposal

2 Meet the Team Max Lu - Junior in CS, Jatin Pandey - Senior in CS, James Spotanski - Senior in CS, Anant Singh - Junior in CS, Rishi Chitkara - Senior in CS, Siddharth Seth - Junior in CS,

3 BrainStorming the Problem FoodLocationFriendsWork/Education Social RestaurantLocation sharingMeet-upsAssignmentsEvents CuisineCheck-InsGroupProductivityParties DinersMapsCirclesOrganizationHackathons HygieneDistanceParty HoppingBooksChat CookingWorkplaceStudy GroupsLearningProfile DietTravel CollaborationTeachersStatus Food ReviewGPSDrinksTutoringNetworking NutritionLive TrackingSecurityGradesDating RecipesGeo-fenceRelationshipsProjectsCircles Online OrderPartyCalendarsLibraryFacebook Interest based Dating App DatingChatMeet-upsRestaurantProfileRelationships Buddy Travel TravelLive TrackingDistanceNetworkingMeet-upsLocation SharingMaps Collabrative Cooking CuisineLocation SharingDietCookingRecipesNetworkingEvents Location based Activity Sharing Location SharingCheck-insRestaurantEventsMapsChatProfileNetworkingCollaborationStudy GroupsCircles

4 The Problem


6 Why is this problem important? People are decreasing real-world interaction due to ease of access to social media on the internet Apps that have location sharing are obtrusive - Eg: Find My Friends and Foursquare show your locations openly Our app allows for creation of clusters of friends based on common activities Often, people spend lots of time coordinating meeting locations before events Many people in vicinity might be open to interaction but actually initiating contact is awkward

7 Who are the target users? Adolescents 13-19 Young Adults 18-25 Middle Adults 20-40

8 Problem Illustration Current Location Sharing Services = Obtrusive Constant location monitoring results in privacy concerns Not all friends are equal Battery life

9 What do users have? Applications that constantly monitor location Match users based on location and previously indicated preferences

10 What do users want? Share location and activity with people that they are comfortable providing the information to Discover new activities and people around the area

11 Solutions Encourage people to meet face-to-face Enable parents to monitor their children unobtrusively

12 Solutions List available freinds Displays their status and distance Ping a friend Organise a meetup

13 Solutions Create Events Categorise them using graphical aids Lookup/RSVP for a public event Invite Friends to the event as well

14 Solutions Fine grained control over location sharing Option of completely disappearing off the grid Also to share selectively with friends.

15 Alternative apps Heyo is an app which deals with location sharing among friends. It is more professionally focused and requires users to pay for using it

16 Alternative apps Another app providing similar features is Find my Friends. Doesnt give users the option to Geo-fence their location

17 Why is this solution novel? Our app protects the privacy of the users by providing the Geo-Fencing facility and is free of cost to use. Users can easily sign in using their Facebook profile

18 Timetable Low Fidelity Prototype and Presentation Late October Evaluation and Revision of Prototype Mid November Present Revised PrototypeLate November Final Presentation - DemoEarly-Mid December

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