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Hawk Chef Catering Lab Organization & Management

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1 Hawk Chef Catering Lab Organization & Management

2 Sanitation All students must have a current Food Worker’s Card
Always wear an apron/chef coat, tie long hair back or wear a hairnet Hand washing should be ongoing during food preparation. If you use the bathroom, wash hands again in front sink. Do not touch your cell phone/electronic devices when cooking!

3 Sanitation Wear gloves…
When touching any protein (including cheese) When touching any food that will not be cooked before it is served. When you are wearing a Band-Aid or have a cut/sore on your hand. Use sanitizing spray to disinfect all preparation surfaces. Use thermometers as needed for temperature control. Keep cold foods refrigerated and hot foods hot until ready to serve

4 Lab Set Up and Cleaning Always set up stations properly before any food preparation (bags away, cleaning station set up) When working with vegetables, set up a “garbage bowl” to contain peels and scraps Go pick up any equipment needed from storage areas or back room

5 Lab Set Up and Cleaning Always return equipment used to their proper places (in your kitchen and lab storage areas) Do not leave classroom until the room meets cleanliness standards (clean counters, clean sink, dishes washed and dried empty garbage and line with new bag)

6 Kitchen Safety Use all equipment safely Wipe up all spills
Be familiar with fire extinguisher location Wrap broken glass in a bag before throwing in large garbage

7 Food Preparation Use mise en place to set up ingredients and equipment
Measure baking recipes CAREFULLY Use tasting spoons for checking flavors Adjust cooking recipes as needed Do not over season – add seasoning gradually Do not taste dough with raw eggs Only set table if instructed by teacher

8 Food Storage Clean, wrap, return any extra useable food products.
Wipe down outsides of containers if needed Do not throw away any extra food without checking with the teacher first. Even small amounts might be used in other labs.

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