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Fox Chapel Crew Spring 2014 Parent Meeting.

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1 Fox Chapel Crew Spring 2014 Parent Meeting

2 Fox Chapel Crew Welcome: new novice parents Thank you:
Board, Committee Chairs, volunteers, transporters, dues payers, donors School Board, Athletic dept.

3 Spring Dues/fundraising
Dues letter coming soon $450 dues spring season Plus mandatory fundraising Scholarships, payment plans

4 Revenues/Expenses Spring 2013

5 Projected Expenses/Revenues Spring 2014

6 Crew Fundraising & Events
Michele Lion – Vice President George Gaydosh – Chairman, Steeler’s Raffle Nicky Walsh - Giant Eagle cards Sharon Volosky – Chairman, Banquet Committee and Clothing Store Sara Kiehn – Chairman, Donut Sales Adrian Roe – Co-Chairmen, Car Washes Eric Hamilton Liz Rambeau – Co-Chairmen, Crew Family Cook Book Michele Lion

7 Family Fundraising Responsibilities
One Mandatory Fundraiser left for the School Year March Madness Basketball Raffle (15 $10 each) Each Family is committed to a total of $150* Can be accomplished 2 ways Opting out and paying the $150 fee with your Spring Dues Selling the tickets and any number of tickets sold above the required amount will go toward a reduction in your dues. (Ex March Madness Tickets will go toward the Spring Season of 2014) March Madness - $6.00 per ticket Tickets will be distributed the first week of February and will be due by March 15th. Ticket Sponsor Needed ($300 sponsorship) Family Fundraising Responsibilities No Refunds and/or exceptions for partial season participation and/or sitting out due to an injury


9 Other Fundraising Banquet Donut Sales
Last Friday of each month (January 31st is the next date) Led by Team Captains Car Washes (an athlete’s responsibility) 3 in the Spring (Next one scheduled for ??) 2 in the Summer (?) Banquet Friday, May 30 at Futule’s Harmar House Subcommittee needed

10 Other Fundraising Crew Family Cook Book
New Crew Family Cook Book Work has begun on the cookbook Recipes for Appetizers, Desserts, Breakfast Dishes, Drinks and Cold Weather Crew Meals (soups, homemade macaroni and cheese, enchiladas, etc) recipes to Selling ads to offset printing costs 1/8 page - $25 1/4 page - $40 1/2 page - $50 Full page - $75 Sale Locations Amazon Local Businesses Crew Team Suggestions??

11 Transition to spring racing
Fall Spring Novices: team building Experienced: drills, technique Long distance rowing Head races >> >>> Generally flat water Generally good weather Fewer away races Novices: strength, speed JV/Varsity: strength, speed Interval training <<<<< Sprint races Unpredictable water* (practice effects) Unpredictable weather* More away races ( pract.)

12 Winter conditioning Ergometer training Tanks Weight room
Running/stretches Core strengthening

13 Winter / Spring Attendance is mandatory Time management is critical for athletes Excused absences : (rowers) notify coaches in advance Winter conditioning : an important segment of year Winter conditioning: can be repetitive, boring: injuries(?) Spring rowing begins as soon as safe and feasible The switch to on-water practices unpredictable More racing = less practice; Saturday practices very important

14 Winter practice schedule
Monday MV 3:15-5:00 Tuesday individual workouts Wednesday MV 3:15-5:00 Thursday FCAHS 2:45-4:30 (FEB 6) Friday MV 3:00-4:30 Allows for easier land/water transitions(both temporary and permanent) Future of winter practices?

15 Winter rowing??

16 Future AM practice time?
On-Water schedule ?????????? Future AM practice time?

17 Zone 6 vote

18 Spring Break schedule ø
Optional practices TBA

19 Spring training and racing
Expect seat racing Boat makeup is a coaching decision Technique, strength, boat moving ability, coachability Balance: all rowing vs. putting out fastest boats Novice issue: numbers More competitive, categorical than fall racing Weight categories: Lightweight rules in effect WEIGH-INS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1 afternoon

20 Race schedule Saturday March 1 NA Indoor erg race Saturday 3/29 or 4/5 ??? NA scrimmage Saturday April 12 Marietta, OH (BREAK) Saturday April 26 Zanesville, OH Sunday May 4 Scholastic Sprints Fri-Sun May 8-10 Midwest Scholastic Fri-Sat May 23,24 SRAA Nationals* Friday May 30 Banquet Sat-Sun June 13,14 NSRA Nationals* Fri-Sun June US Jr. Nationals*

21 Miscellaneous important stuff
Academic issues (exam dates?) Travel and time management Commitment forms

22 ID Camps, $$, etc. (3/2, 3/9 n’VA)

23 Travel for Spring Races
Bob Heister, FC Crew Travel put FC CREW in subject line

24 All athletes ride the bus to & from races
Basic Rules Chaperones on each bus; athletes responsible for their conduct & cleaning litter from bus All athletes ride the bus to & from races Bring brown bag breakfast & non-messy snacks Bring unisuit, clothes, footwear for all weather conditions, & sunscreen; sleeping bag Label everything: phones tend to get lost Bring cash for T-shirts, food stops

25 Saturday, March 1 NA ERG Race Marshall Middle Sch
Saturday, March 29 or April Possible Local Scrimmage MV or NA Saturday, April Lindamood Cup (bus) Marietta, OH Saturday, April Dillon Invitational (bus) Zanesville, OH Sunday, May Scholastic Sprints MV Friday May 9 - Sunday May Midwest (bus/hotel)** Zanesville, OH Thursday, May 22 - Saturday, May SRRA (hotel) *** Princeton, NJ Saturday June 14-Sunday June NSRA (hotel)*** Saratoga, NY *per FCCC policy, all rowers ride the bus to the race; Head coach may excuse a rower from riding bus on return trip. Extra bus seats, if any will be made available to parents on a case by case basis at discretion of Travel **FCCC has a block of rooms for Midwest at Hampton Inn, Heath, OH with some extra that will be available for parents. Both nights must be booked ($125/night). Remaining rooms will be released by January 29. Payment due to FCCC at time of reservation. ***Participating rower families cover cost of hotel/travel for themselves, rowers, & coaches

26 Food Committee Mary Jo Redfern Susan Koslof

27 Trailer Hauler/vehicle loan
Fred Johnston

28 Clothing Sharon Volosky Banquet help needed with program and setup
Online Store (Boathouse) will be open January 28-February 10 An reminder will be sent

29 Help needed with program printing and banquet hall setup
Sharon Volosky Help needed with program printing and banquet hall setup

30 Spring volunteer opportunities
Trailer haulers (backup) Food volunteers Chaperones Car wash assistance Banquet committee Fundraising help Towel mom or dad

31 Chairperson opportunities
Travel Chair/ co-chair Fundraising committee Giant Eagle Card committee

32 Summer Camps Experienced Jr High


34 Essential volunteer opportunities
Treasurer-in-training Food Committee chair-in-training Fundraising co-chair

35 Spring Dues/fundraising
Dues letter coming soon Scholarships, payment plans Carwashes Giant Eagle Gift Cards Ticket Raffle

36 Spring vs. fall racing Harder work More intense training More travel
More fun More exciting

37 Spring Racing More competitive, categorical than fall racing Weight categories: Lightweight rules in effect WEIGH INS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1

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