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Builders of Tomorrow: Mobilizing Students to Serve

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1 Builders of Tomorrow: Mobilizing Students to Serve
Fighting Childhood Obesity and Improving High School Graduation Rates through service learning Presenters Alta Mae Marvin, Clemson Extension Tammy Malone, Colleton County Middle School Tiffany Stivender, Colleton County Middle School The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to people of all ages, regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, martial and family status and is an equal opportunity employer. Clemson University Cooperating with U.S. Department of Agriculture, South Carolina Counties, Extension Service, S.C. Issued in Furtherance of Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, Acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914

2 Who Are We? Clemson Extension in Colleton County, South Carolina has partnered with the Colleton County School District and Eat Smart Move More Colleton County on a Learn & Serve South Carolina Grant engaging 500 middle school students to fight childhood obesity while promoting healthier lifestyles and exercise.

3 Who Are We? Clemson University is a land grant university with Cooperative Extension offices in all 46 counties in South Carolina. Colleton County is located in the lowcountry of South Carolina between Charleston and Beaufort Counties and is a rural county with a population of just under 40,000. The unemployment rate is 9.5% with 28.9% living below the poverty level. The drop out rates in the county average 47% creating a financial impact as well as a deficiency in a workforce trained to meet the demands of the 21st Century workplace.

4 Who Are We? Builders of Tomorrow is focused on academic achievement and drop-out prevention through youth development such as leadership, team building, job readiness skills, and civic engagement through service learning. Clemson Extension Agent, Alta Mae Marvin directs the program and works for Clemson’s Institute on Economic and Community Development.

5 Funding Learn & Serve South Carolina receives funding from the National Corporation for National and Community Service. The required funding match is mostly provided by Clemson University but our community partners provide in-kind funding.

6 The Need Obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges of our time. If obesity rates continue to rise, this will be the first generation of children who do not live as long as their parents. Obesity costs in South Carolina have now exceeded one billion dollars.

7 The Need An estimate of overweight and obese individuals in Colleton
County is 72.3% compared to the state average of 66%. While the service learning projects will directly address obesity, the combination of academics and service will teach life skills and improve the students’ connectivity to school and community.

8 South Carolina Statistics
The statistics are startling, according to South Carolina DHEC: 31.5% of S.C. high school students are overweight or obese. Overweight adolescents have a 70% chance of becoming overweight or obese adults. If current trends continue, 30% of boys and 40% of girls born in 2000 will develop Type 2 Diabetes, primarily due to a poor diet and lack of physical activity.

9 South Carolina Statistics
Only 20% of middle school students and 17.1% of high school students eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day Of high school students in S.C., 62% do not meet recommended levels of physical activity. South Carolina leads the nation in the percentage of children (54.5%) who do not participate in after-school team sports or lessons.

10 Local Statistics In 2007, 72.3% of adults in Colleton County were overweight or obese 34% of residents were physically inactive, the 3rd highest rate in the state 72.6% of Colleton’s middle school students children are overweight or obese; the national average is 33.6%

11 The Solution Partnering with Eat Smart Move More Colleton County, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Eat Smart Move More South Carolina initiative, we have engaged 500 middle school students in developing service learning projects focused on increasing awareness of childhood obesity, healthy lifestyles, and eating smart and moving more.

12 The Solution Participating students are investing time in preparation, training on service learning, and other skills needed for highly qualified service learning projects. Students are researching facts on obesity, healthy lifestyles, exercise and statistics and impact on long range health. Combining their training and research, students are providing education and service to other students and out in the community.

13 6th, 7th & 8th Grade students
Our Students 6th, 7th & 8th Grade students 80% Receive Free or Reduced Lunch 50% African American 47% White 3% Other

14 Colleton County Middle School
Our Teachers Colleton County Middle School William Dixon, Assist. Superintendent of Education Scott Matthews, Principal Tammy Malone, Lead Teacher Tiffany Stivender, Evaluation & Statistics Anita Green David Nay Ryan Pearson Felicia Millen Lorna Triplett Lori Adams Marcia Spainhour Bradley Brewer

15 Service Learning Activities
Walterboro Christmas Parade Walterboro Martin Luther King Jr. Parade Flyers promoting healthy eating habits and exercise tips Recipe cards with healthy choices Daily exercises Running teams Chants and Songs CATCH

16 Christmas Parade Students marched in the December 4th Christmas Parade handing out information on Eat Smart Move More.

17 MLK Day Parade As part of the Learn & Serve Grant, students are required to participate in an MLK service project. Our students marched in the MLK Parade and won a 1st Place Trophy. Students carried banners, shouted chants, handed out healthy recipes, and some students wore fruit and vegetable costumes.

18 Eating Healthy Information
Mrs. Adams’ students researched healthy eating habits, with that information they created: Flyers with Healthy Tips Healthy Recipes These flyers and recipes were handed out at the MLK Parade These flyers will be handed out at the Rice Festival

19 Daily Exercises Students encouraged the principal to have “Exercise of the Day”. Each morning, Mr. Matthews, CCMS principal, leads the school in a 30 second exercise. Mr. Matthews leads the students in a 7th Period Stretch Exercise. The exercises are meant to get blood flowing Simple exercises like balancing on one leg, twisting at the waist, reaching for apples, etc Healthy tips for eating are part of the Friday morning announcements.

20 CATCH During Ms. Malone’s PE class, students take part in CATCH (Comprehensive Approach to Childhood Health). Part of the health program teaches students to look at foods as GO, SLOW, or WHOA foods in making healthy choices at school and at home. Health curriculum Guest Speakers

21 Chants and Songs Mr. Nay, the music teacher, works with students to create chants and songs for parades and other public events. The chants help inform the audience of our mission. “When I say Eat you say More! Eat!” “More!” “Eat!” “More!” “Lets go H2O! Lets go H2O! Lets go H2O!” “I have a dream…to be lean!” “Less Bacon, More Shakin!”

22 Biking Events Students worked with ESMMCC on a Bike Rodeo to teach very young children biking safety. Students work with Downtown Walterboro Criterium on hosting a children’s bike Race

23 Upcoming Events Relay for Life Facebook Page
Colleton County Rice Festival Parade Children’s Race for Downtown Walterboro Criterium Professional Bike Race Rice Run/Walk SIC/PTO Performances School Board Meeting Performances ESMMCC Community Evaluation Project

24 Community Evaluation Students will be working with staff from the University of South Carolina’s Center for Health Services & Policy Research on community evaluation of the impact of Eat Smart Move More Colleton County (ESMMCC) in the community. Students will be trained Students will develop questions Students will conduct community surveys Students will analyze data Students will report data to ESMMCC

25 Running Teams Ms. Stivender’s team is signing up to participate in the Rice Run/Walk during Colleton County’s Rice Festival Mr. Matthews, CCMS Principal, has also said he is personally participating and has challenged the rest of the faculty do participate.

26 Relay for Life The big event for the students is the Colleton County Relay for Life. CCMS Learn & Serve teachers and students have signed up as a team. This is our culminating event: Students will be researching the impact of exercise and food on fighting cancer Students will be walking in the Relay for Life Students will be passing out information

27 Outcomes During academic year, students completed 23,475 hours of Learning, Service, Reflection and Evaluation. Students completed 5,499 hours of direct service to other students and in the community.

28 Students Reported on Evaluation
Outcomes Students Reported on Evaluation 87% Knowledge of civic engagement increased 71% Grades improved because of service projects 72% Improved self esteem 86% Learned useful skills

29 Outcomes Teachers Reported on Impact on Students 87% of students showed improved connection to community 100% of students became better citizens

30 Community Partners Colleton County School District
Corporation for National & Community Service SC Department of Education Eat Smart Move More Colleton County Colleton County & County Council Keep Colleton Beautiful, Walterboro- Colleton Chamber of Commerce Palmetto Project Downtown Walterboro Criterium Lowcountry AHEC University of South Carolina’s Center for Health Services & Policy Research

31 Questions and Discussion
Thank you for your time and interest, Alta Mae Marvin Tammy Malone Tiffany Stivender

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