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Geography is important because with out it we will never overcome the serious global issues we face today and tomorrow. Geography knowledge is power SIMON.

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1 Geography is important because with out it we will never overcome the serious global issues we face today and tomorrow. Geography knowledge is power SIMON BEEVERS

2 * Have you ever wondered at the power of the sea, an earthquake, gale force winds or how bush fires can devastate great areas of land? * These are all natural forces that effect humans existence. To exist we require the 4 elements of earth- to grow food, fire- to keep warm, water to drink and air- to breathe. * What happens when these elements become a natural force, who controls the elements and how have humans accounted for these disasters in the past is it a natural or super natural force. * This module has a geographical focus so in the assignment phase you will be developing your geographical skills and knowledge to show how the elements affect our planet and the people who live there.

3 Each of the 4 elements connect to each other and this idea forms the basis of the unit Elements in Geography. The Philippines is a country that is affected by these element.

4 Art -You will learn: * To create a visual language to music and in response to weather * To develop your skills in a range of painting techniques * To explore colour and mood * Create a final painting using water colour techniques Drama -You will learn: * How to use physical theatre to interpret the four elements through looking at the supernatural. You will use a story to explore through physical theatre through use of proxemics, levels, movement and body language. You will then learn how to strengthen your physical theatre to add sound effects. * How to use narration and thought-tracking to inform an audience, share characters views and to highlight different moments in time. * How to look at modern´ interpretations of the four elements´ and how they effect the environment through realistic news reports. How will you direct a realistic scene? * How to use different drama mediums to make your work more creative and expressive. This will include, sound collages, masks, props, fabrics, materials, lighting and music. Music -You will learn: * We will develop an awareness of the terms Rhythm, Timbre, Pitch, Texture, Tempo and Dynamics * Know how these are constructed and be able to compose and perform your own. * To explore the features of Fur Elise´ Music and become familiar with technical terms and commonly used instruments. * Music Skills developing instrumental skills and performing. * Perform a piece of music. * Compose a piece of music of your own. DT -In this unit in Technology you will look at nature and the 4 elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. * In Food Tech you will look at different recipes and dishes associated with the four elements. * In Product Design we will look at air and how we can use wind to power vehicles.

5 History -You will learn * Slavery and the Slave trade triangle and the abolition of Slavery within the British Empire. * How to analysis different reasons for why the abolition of Slavery was granted. * To successfully organise and communicate your reasons and judgement into an extended piece of writing. RE – you will learn * In RE we will be looking at how the four elements are represented in world religions. * How are they used in symbolism? Where can we find the elements in religious rituals? How important are they? Geography – you will learn * The four elements could not be more appropriate to anywhere in the world than the Philippines. The Islands represent Fire (volcanoes), Water (oceans and storms), Earth (the islands) and Air (cyclones) with grace and excitement.

6 Over this topic you have looked at many different interpretations of the 4 elements and the relationship between them and other issues such as natural disasters. In Creative Arts you have done this through dance interpretation, looking at events from the Icelandic volcano eruption to the Indonesian tsunami, you have looked at making drama more creative using masks and materials and you have looked at expressing feeling and emotion through song in music. In Technology you have looked at using the 4 elements in your design work and interpreting the elements using herbs and spices in food tech. In Humanities you have looked at how one place, The Philippines, can reflect each of the elements; how the world´s religions represent them and how one disease, the black death, is also a true representation of the 4 elements. What should be done? You will work in teams of around 4 to produce parts of an exhibition piece´ on one of the 4 elements which you have been given.

7 Year 7Year 8Year 9 TitleA StarElementsAspiration Lead SubjectPerforming ArtsGeographyIAG/BGT Impact SessionWeds 8 th Jan P3Thurs 9 th Jan P2Weds 8 th Jan P2 Assignment Phase Starts A - 10 th Feb P1 RBS B – 12 th Weds P1 RBS C – 10 th Feb P2 JJN D – 10 th Feb P2 RLN A - 10 th Feb P1 HWR B - 10 th Feb P1 ASF C - 11 th Feb P2 RLN A - 10 th Feb P1 RFN B – 7 th Feb P2 CGN C – 10 th Feb P1 JJN D – 11 th Feb P1 RBS E – 11 th Feb P1 CGN Number of Themes periods to be used 4 periods Assignment Phase Ends A,B & C -Presentation 14 th Feb P1 RBS, CGN, PMY D - Presentation 14 th Feb P2 RBS Assignment handed in to Annie Kent by Lunch Friday 14 th February Assignments finished and handed into teacher to be passed on to BGT A – 14 th Feb P3 RBS B – 14 th Feb P3 HWR C – 14 th Feb P3 PMY D – 14 th Feb P1 JJN E – 13 th Feb P3 RLN Possible Teacher Moves (Assignment Phase only) Week A Mon 10 th P1 ASF to Yr8/RFN to Yr9 RBS to Yr7/RLN to Yr8 Week A Tues 11 th P2 RLN to Yr8/PMY to Yr9 Week A Weds 12 th P3 ASF to Yr8/CGN to Yr7 Week A Fri 14 th P1 PMY to Yr9/ASN to Yr9 In the table you will find all of the main information for Themes during Term 3. Any specific content questions please address to the lead subject.

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