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2 Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts Curriculum and Exam Administration

3 NARRATOR: Whether you are a ProStart teacher now or hoping to become one soon, the Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts curriculum is an industry-driven curriculum that prepares high school students for a career in restaurant and foodservice management. The Curriculum was developed by the National Restaurant Assoc with input and contribution from countless representatives from both industry and education. That balanced perspective is important in helping students make the connection between classrooms and careers.

4 Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts (FRMCA)
Comprehensive coverage Industry-infused approach 21st Century Learning Relevant and timely topics ProStart® content Certificate opportunities

5 Two Levels - Level 1 and Level 2
TABLE OF CONTENTS LEVEL ONE 1. Welcome to the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry 2. Keeping Food Safe 3. Workplace Safety 4. Kitchen Essentials 1 – Professionalism and Understanding Standard Recipes 5. Kitchen Essentials 2 – Equipment and Techniques 6. Stocks, Sauces, and Soups 7. Communication 8. Management Essentials 9. Fruits and Vegetables 10. Serving Your Guests 11. Potatoes and Grains 12. Building a Successful Career in the Industry [Show Level 1 TOC; pages xii-xiii from Student Edition] NARRATOR: The curriculum is split into two levels -- Level 1 and Level 2. or Year 1 and Year 2. Iif you are starting the year off and it is year 2, start with year 2. it is now problem doing year 2 first. In Utah they tried to start all the schools as year 1. If students switch schools for whatever reason they can pick up in a new school. The Level 1 Student Edition focuses on food and workplace safety, professionalism, management essentials, equipment and techniques, and communication.

6 Two Levels - Level 1 and Level 2
TABLE OF CONTENTS LEVEL TWO 1. Breakfast Food and Sandwiches 2. Nutrition 3. Cost Control 4. Salads and Garnishes 5. Purchasing and Inventory 6. Meat, Poultry, and Seafood 7. Marketing 8. Desserts and Baked Goods 9. Sustainability in the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry 10. Global Cuisine 1 – The Americas 11. Global Cuisine 2 – Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia [Show Level 2 TOC; pages xii-xiii from Student Edition] NARRATOR: The Level 2 Student Edition covers nutrition, cost control, purchasing and inventory, marketing, sustainability, and global cuisine.

7 Student Components Student Edition Print or eText Format
Companion Website Activity Guide Answer Sheet for the ProStart Test Pen & Paper or Online Voucher The series is laid out very simply. Each level consists of a student edition and an activity guide. Two options for the answer sheet pen and paper or online.

8 Student Edition [show case study: Level 1 SE (p. 213). . . ]
NARRATOR: Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts provides teachers and students with tools to reinforce 21st Century Learning Skills. Each chapter begins with a Case Study that features the chapter content applied in a real-world situation. The Case Studies introduce several different restaurant and foodservice professionals at work in various jobs and industry settings.

9 Professional Profiles
[show professional profile: Level 2 SE (p. xiv) ] NARRATOR: Each Case Study is followed by a profile of a leading industry professional in various career paths and levels, including notables such as Emeril Lagasse, Guy Fieri, and many others.

10 Each Chapter Section Includes:
Fast Facts & Trends End of the Section Summary Section Review Questions and Activities End of Chapter includes: Apply Your Learning Exam Prep Questions [show: Level 2 SE (p. 80)] NARRATOR: Chapter content in the Student Edition is divided into sections within each chapter. Each section begins with a list of Study Questions that give students an active way to consider the upcoming content. Each chapter section includes fast facts and trends to get the students immediately interested in the text and with up to date content and photos. End of the section summary and each section ends with Section Review Questions designed to assess students’ understanding of the content through critical thinking. At the end of the chapter you will find exam prep questions which sum up the whole chapter.

11 Activity Guide (Consumable Workbook)
[show page from Activity Guide: Level 2 AG (p. 73) ] NARRATOR: The Activity Guide -- one for each level -- contains additional lab and classroom activities including critical thinking and hands-on exercises to help students experience the course content interactively.Crossword puzzles

12 Free Companion Website at
Self – Graded Quizzes Essay Activities Crossword Puzzles And more! [show Click on Level 1 Companion Website. Then select chapter 2, crossword puzzle. Then select chapter 2 self-graded questions, multiple choice. ] NARRATOR: The Companion Website includes interactive and engaging student resources for each level of the curriculum. Activities such as crossword puzzles, essay questions, and self-grading quizzes help reinforce the content from the Student Edition. You can have students to you their results. Accessable where ever the students have internet access. Any questions about the student resources.

13 Teacher Resources Teacher’s Wrap-around Edition
Test Book with ExamView® Assessment Suite CD-ROM Instructor Resources CD Recipe Bank NARRATOR: The Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts curriculum includes a wealth of teacher resources including a Teacher’s Wraparound Edition, Test Book with ExamView Assessment Suite CD-ROM, Teacher’s Resource CD, and Recipe Bank.

14 Teacher Wrap-Around Edition
Teacher Instruction wraps around the student view Differentiated Instruction for slower learners, special needs and advanced students Chapter tools for cross curricular instruction for Math, Science, Literacy & 21st Century Skills [show Level 1 TWE (p. 268) ] NARRATOR: The Teacher’s Wraparound Edition includes the complete Student Edition in conjunction with point-of-use teaching notes, strategies, and review tips. The Teacher’s Wraparound Edition provides chapter overviews, recommendations for advanced preparation, guidelines for differentiated instruction, 21st Century Learning Skills, and cross-curricular connections. Differentiated instruction

15 Test Bank with ExamView
[show image from Test Book ExamView: Level 2 Test Book (p. 39)] NARRATOR: The Test Book with ExamView Assessment Suite CD-ROM is a comprehensive test bank that includes objective and short answer questions. In addition, the ExamView software enables teachers to create randomized and customized exams, including inputting their own original questions.

16 Instructor Resources CD
PowerPoint Presentations Chapter Videos Game Answers to the Activity Guides Recipes Teaching Tips [show image from Teacher’s Resource CD ] NARRATOR: Your favorite component! A complete media Teacher’s Resource CD supports the teaching package with PowerPoint presentations, videos, and interactive media for each chapter. It also provides point-of-use teaching notes and tips, answers, and laboratory set-up information for the Student Activity Guide.

17 Recipe Cards

18 NARRATOR: Students who use the Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts curriculum can earn exclusive certificates from the National Restaurant Association. Upon completion of each course -- level 1 and level 2 -- students are eligible to take the corresponding exam. Students who pass the exam will receive a certificate of recognition from the National Restaurant Association. We sell the answer sheets either pen and paper or online vouchures. The exams are sent into the NRA who will then process them and send you back the certification of recognition! How exciting to have a program that offers your students life time skills and a certification to walk into a restaurant or cruise line and get a good job, or head off to college to acquire a business degree to some day own their restaurant business or off to community college to get advanced training. The options are endless for these students today.

19 NARRATOR: I truly enjoy working with ProStart instructors
NARRATOR: I truly enjoy working with ProStart instructors. Of all the titles that I represent, I have never worked with such a a passionate group of creative teachers. For more information regarding the Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts curriculum, please visit our website: To speak with your Pearson representative, please call or me Locate you Pearson representative

20 Exam Administration

21 Exam Resources All the forms necessary to administer the exams are available online in the Educator Services area at Please refer to the Exam Administration Handbook for complete instructions

22 Accessing the Exams The National Restaurant Association writes new exams annually for each year of the curriculum Educators must be registered on the website in order to create or view exams Follow the instructions in the “Manage and Schedule Exam Session” section of the Educator Services page

23 Answer Sheets Answer sheets for print exams and seat numbers for online exams are purchased separately through Pearson For your Pearson rep, visit

24 Administering the Exam
Please make sure that all students put the correct Exam Form Number on their answer sheet Please stress the importance of writing legibly and filling in the bubbles clearly Be sure that students use the same name each year i.e. if he’s John Smith one year, he shouldn’t be Johnny Smith, Jonathon Smith, John Smith Jr., etc. the next year Failure to follow all instructions can lead to scoring delays

25 Returning the Exams When you return the answer sheets to the Service Center, nothing should accompany them except the Examination Information Form Please do not send Year 1/Level 1 and Year 2/Level 2 answer sheets in the same package Do not send Workplace Validation Forms with answer sheets – these go directly to your state ProStart coordinator

26 Viewing Scores Score Reports are accessible through the Educator Services section of the ProStart website Students may access their scores through the Students page of the website

27 Get Involved! Call (800) 765-2122, ext. 5376 Visit

28 @ProStart /ProStartProgram /ProStartProgram

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