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SEO for Food Bloggers (Beginner Level) Stephanie Stiavetti and Stephanie

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1 SEO for Food Bloggers (Beginner Level) Stephanie Stiavetti and Stephanie Manley Twitter @sstiavetti @copykatrecipes

2 What Is SEO? SEO = Search Engine Optimization Its a way of writing so that search engines can easily understand and classify your content. It is the way of naming files, file structure, and the selection of content you write about.

3 What Is A Keyword? A keyword phrase is a specific word or term that people are searching for A keyword can be one word or two words. Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases of three or more words

4 Crafting Posts You dont need to write like a robot to have good SEO! Good content is easy to produce if you keep a keyword phrase in mind while writing. Stick to a few basic placement rules

5 SEO Guidelines: Keyword Placement Keyword should appear throughout the post: In the post title Once in the first sentence of the post Once in a primary header Keywords should be used several times throughout the post in key locations.

6 SEO Guidelines: Metadata Metadata is the information about your post that shows up in the search engines search page Keyword phrase should appear in both the metatitle and the metadescription of your post These text fields may differ between blogging services The keyword phrase should also appear in the post URL Ex:

7 Linking Is Important! Link to internal relevant content Outbound links should be relevant to content Use relevant keywords as link anchors Bad: Click here! Good: Click here for my grilled pork loin.

8 Guided Practice Keyword – what are you writing about? Title First Sentence Primary Header Name of Photo Meta Data – Title and Description Photo from http://www.twicebakedtwins.wordpress. com

9 Why Exploit the Long tail? Long Tail Key WordsTraditional SEO Phrase ExampleEasy Crockpot Recipes for ground beef Recipes CompetitionLowVery High and Growing Basis of RankingKeyword and Text (easier)Domain Authority, age, and link profile (hard – no control) Speed of RankingMonthsYears Naturalness of link profileVery natural and lots of variety Unnatural bias to keywords phrases containing one to two keywords Naturalness of the content Lots of Synonyms well targeted Overused phrases, can appear to be spammy DepthWell distributed contentPrimary focus is the home page

10 Graph of Long tail

11 General Search Data

12 Search Data Optimized for Long tail

13 Tools for Finding Keywords Scribe Market Samurai Strategizer - Wordtracker Google AdSense Tool <-- Free! Links at

14 Warning! – Search Engines are Cruel Masters If you have a lot of traffic, be judicious with your SEO changes – drastic changes results in penalization. Make changes in small batches and see how Google responds Results are not overnight, growth is slow Avoid overuse of keywords called stuffing When in doubt, ASK.

15 Additional Strategies Back linking Strategy – endorse your community. Internal Linking – link within your blog. Write consistently – search engines favor fresh sites. Write to the overall content of your site.

16 More Information For more information on SEO for food bloggers, including tools, resources, a cheat sheet, and a copy of this presentation, visit: bloggers

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