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The Cell as a Keebler Factory

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1 The Cell as a Keebler Factory

2 Cells are Living Systems
Welcome to the World of Cells! Introduction to Cells (2:55) Frank Gregorio Cells are tiny systems that make up all living things, including YOU! Tiny parts called organelles work together in this system to make proteins. This is a cell’s main job! Proteins are important products that give you observable traits like hair, eye, and skin color. We can compare our cell system to an everyday system we are familiar with: a Keebler Cookie Factory. You will be surprised at how similar the two really are! Cells are Living Systems

3 Both Systems Make A Final Product
Cells Keebler Factory Our factory can make a variety of cookies. Our cells can make a variety of proteins. antibody keratin hemoglobin

4 Systems Have Parts that Work Together
Parts to a Keebler Factory Equivalent Parts in a Cell Boss (Ernie Elf) Ma Keebler Cookie Recipes Worker Elves Assembly Line of Cookies Packaging/Shipping Department (Fast Eddie) Keebler Factory Cars Cookie Warehouse Security Door Factory Floor Generators Clean Up Crew Nucleus Nucleolus Chromatin (DNA) Ribosomes Endoplasmic Reticulum Golgi Body Vesicles Vacuoles Cell Membrane Cytoplasm Mitochondria Lysosomes PRE-THINK! Predict the function of each cell part by using what you know about the Keebler Factory parts. Write small notations in the labeled column.

5 Factories Need a Boss Keebler Factory Cell Ernie Elf
He controls everything that happens inside the factory. Ma Keebler Inside Ernie’s office, trains elf workers. Nucleus It controls everything that happens inside the cell. Nucleolus inside nucleus, makes ribosome workers. nucleolus

6 Factories Need Instructions
Keebler Factory Cell Recipes The instructions for making delicious cookies. DNA (chromatin) The instructions for making important proteins.

7 Factories Need Workers
Cell Keebler Factory Elves They read the recipes and make cookies. They work along the assembly line or on the factory floor. Ribosomes They read the DNA and make proteins. Found on ER or floating in cytoplasm.

8 Factories Need To Move Their Product
Keebler Factory Cell Cookie Assembly Line A large conveyor belt that moves cookies to their next location. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) A maze of membranes that moves proteins to their next location.

9 Factories Need to Pack & Ship
Keebler Factory Cell Packing/Shipping Department Fast Eddie packs the cookies into boxes, tags them with a tracking label, and ships them to stores to be sold or in warehouse storage. Golgi Body It packages, tags, and ships the proteins out of the cell or to storage.

10 Factories Need Vehicles
Keebler Factory Cell Keebler Factory Cars These carry the cookies from one part of the factory to the other. Vesicles Carries the proteins from one part of the cell to the other. (sounds like “vehicle”)

11 Factories Need Storage
Keebler Factory Cell Cookie Warehouse Cookies can be stored in this room along with other raw materials until needed. Vacuole Stores proteins along with food and water until needed.

12 Group Activity! – Map the Path of our Product
Keebler Factory Cell 1. Take the six picture cards provided by your teacher and place them in the correct order to show the path a cookie takes through the Keebler factory. 2. Now create a caption for each card using six post-it notes. Stick the post-it next to the card. 3. Do the same process for the cell using the six picture cards and six NEW post-it notes. THINK! – If you remove one of the pictures in our chain, is the cell still alive? Why or why not?

13 Factories Need Protection
Keebler Factory Cell Factory Door It regulates what can enter and exit the factory. Cell Membrane It regulates what can enter and exit the cell.

14 Factories Need Space Keebler Factory Cell Factory Floor Cytoplasm
It holds all the other parts of the factory in place. Cytoplasm It holds all the other cell parts in place. It’s like Jell-O.

15 Factories Need Power Keebler Factory Cell Generators
They create energy so that the factory can power its baking machines. Mitochondria These “mighty” organelles break down glucose (sugar) to create energy which powers the cell.

16 Factories Need to Stay Clean
Keebler Factory Cell Clean-Up Crew They clean the factory by removing waste, dirt, and debris from the factory floor. Lysosomes They clean the cell using powerful chemicals to digest waste, old cell parts, and foreign invaders.

17 Plant Cells Have a Few More Parts
Keebler Factory Plant Cell Cell Wall A rigid outer covering for strength and support Chloroplast A green organelle that captures sunlight and turns it into food (glucose) for the plant Large Vacuole Plant cells only have 1 large vacuole filled with water What could this be in our Keebler factory? Bark on hollow tree bakery Leaves on hollow tree bakery Water Cooler inside break room

18 Group Activity! – Analyze the Cell as a Whole Unit
Animal Cell Plant Cell maze chloroplast cytoplasm nucleolus ER Cell membrane DNA vacuole nucleus mitochondrion vacuole cytoplasm maze Golgi mitochondrion ER lysosome ribosomes nucleolus Cell wall Cell membrane Small dots DNA nucleus

19 Visualization – The Inner Life of a Cell is Spectacular!
Now that you know a cell’s job is to make proteins, watch these proteins in action as they work to make the inner life of a cell come alive. Harvard University selected XVIVO to develop an animation that would take their biology students on a journey through the microscopic world of cells. ABC Report- Inner Life of Cell

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