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National Association of State Veterans Homes Winter Conference.

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1 National Association of State Veterans Homes Winter Conference

2 Prepare

3 He set himself up for failure

4 Order groceries Prepare the meal Serve food Repeat

5 Sales The act of changing Someone's mind

6 Change……

7 Change causes STRESS Longevity Involve the staff with the decision and how they play a key role Enact change and then reinforce positive aspects of the process

8 Display Cooking Fresh food Interest of someone preparing item Increase selling price due to freshness and items Minimal Waste Adds fun to the dining experience which can be a real boost in healthcare Possibilities are endless

9 Gluten and better-for-me accents continue to grow, as do old-fashioned favorites. Premium accents are also popular, bringing differentiation to breakfast menus. Foodservice Breakfast: Whats HOT…

10 Leading Chains: Whats New / Whats Interesting

11 Ethnic Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean Ethnic Non-fried, better-for-me choices Fresh & Healthy Mini meals Small Plates New fried & dippable veggies Veggie Revamp Flatbreads; new takes on the classic Pizza Makeover Bite-sized, shareable, fun-to- eat treats Poppable Bites New varieties, toppings, seasonings & cuts, healthy oils Fry Revolution Old-fashioned, nostalgic classics re-done Retro

12 Leading Chains: Whats New / Whats Interesting

13 Senior Care Food Performance Breakfast foods, Burgers and Cakes/Cobblers/Crisps topped the list of growth items, while Sandwiches and Desserts were weak.

14 DESCRIPTIVE menus that tell a story DESCRIPTIVE menus that tell a story

15 Your order guide…… Review on a monthly basis with your sales rep. Change when needed. Update with new items, trends

16 Menu Profitbuilder Pro - Online

17 What is MPPO? Menu ProfitBuilder Pro Online (MPPO) is a web-based recipe and menu costing system, which is accessible through, and fully integrated with MPPO allows you to determine the food cost for each of your recipes, and the profitability of your menu items. There is no software to install, as Menu ProfitBuilder Pro Online is accessed through the Menus option on the main menu. Menu ProfitBuilder Pro Online options work with these options: Order Guide Product Search Search Filter Product Detail Product Pricing

18 Recipes vs. Menu Items Recipes What goes in the pot Usually items prepared in a batch Simple recipe consists of ingredients from US Foods only Complex Recipe may consist of USF and Non USF products, as well as other recipes Does not have a selling price Menu Items What goes on the plate Single serving of item served to customers May consist of USF and Non USF products, as well as recipes Has a selling price Coleslaw 2 cups slaw dressing 1 lb bag shredded slaw 1 cup shredded carrot 1 cup bell pepper julienne

19 Lets break it down…. Big Barbecue Sandwich is a Menu Item Its made up of one recipe and two USF products: - BBQ Pulled Pork(Complex Recipe) - BBQ Sauce (Simple Recipe) - Bun(Product/Ingredient) - Pickles (Product / Ingredient) 19

20 Simple Recipe A recipe comprised of ingredients only. Ingredient BBQ Sauce (Simple Recipe) - Ketchup(Product / Ingredient) - Molasses (Product / Ingredient) - Mustard(Product / Ingredient) - Liquid Smoke (Product / Ingredient) 20 MPP Key Concepts Ingredient Complex Recipe A recipe that includes one or more recipes as ingredients Menu Item Simple RecipeIngredients Simple RecipeIngredients Complex Recipe USF Products Non USF Product Big BBQ Sandwich (Menu Item) - Pulled Pork(Complex Recipe) - BBQ Sauce(Simple Recipe) - Bun(Product/Ingredient) - Pickles(Product / Ingredient) Pulled Pork (Complex Recipe) - BBQ Sauce(Simple recipe) - Pulled Pork (Product / Ingredient) Ketchup (Product / Ingredient)

21 An easy to use menu integrated into! Menu Profitbuilder Pro - Menus Tab shows up on when you logon

22 A Taste of Whats Cooking at US Foods Creating Recipes Menu Profitbuilder Pro Online

23 Now Select Recipes from the Menus options on the left side


25 Enter instructions and Food safety procedures Store, Print and Share Recipes and instructions

26 A Taste of Whats Cooking at US Foods Creating Menu Items Menu Profitbuilder Pro Online

27 Menu Items are added by clicking Menus - Menu Items

28 Now Select Add New Menu Item or select one already listed by clicking on the name





33 A Taste of Whats Cooking at US Foods Reports Menu Profitbuilder Pro Online


35 Share the Food cost $, Food Cost % and Gross Profit $ of every menu item your customer sells.

36 Help Customers Analyze Their Sales Volume vs. Profit $ per Plate

37 Show Customers how much gross profit is generated by each menu item

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