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12 Ways to Make Money with MyRecipeMagic Or The Myths and the Magic.

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1 12 Ways to Make Money with MyRecipeMagic Or The Myths and the Magic

2 Myth – MyRecipeMagic requires your entire recipe. Truth – MyRecipeMagic was built by Bloggers for Bloggers to drive traffic and make money for Bloggers. Users have to get your complete recipe from your site. Myth – MyRecipeMagic is expensive. Truth – MyRecipeMagic is free. It provides your users with more functions for your recipes and pays you to do it. Myth: a traditional or legendary story, with or without a determinable basis of fact

3 The Ping Pong Principle Pageviews Build Cash

4 The Ping Pong Principle Get Nutrition Values Return to get a complimentary recipe

5 #1. Mark Your Recipe for Returns Mark the recipe to force viewers to your site!

6 #2. Create a Magic Button Create the Magic Button to make it Easy to Ping.

7 #2. Create a Magic Button Put the Magic Button on Your Post.

8 #3. Promote Nutritional Values Nutrition and Weight Watchers for any recipe. ….Ping Pong….

9 #4. Pin it, Facebook Post, Share Another way to share all your work with others and drive traffic.

10 #5 Featured Recipes 10 new featured Recipes every week. The first thing 250,000 visitors see.

11 #6. Complimentary Links You can have as many as 8 links to your blog from each recipe!

12 #7. Chef of the Week On the Sidebar Where every visitor sees it.

13 #8. WP Widget for MRM (new feature) Add it to your WP website Automatically adds your post in MRM Creates the Magic Button Coming Soon!

14 #9. Public Cookbooks (new feature) Like a Pinterest Board – Share all Of them at once.

15 #10. Video of the Week (new feature) Videos with links to your site Higher CPMs Seen by 250,000 visitors per week

16 #11. Video Index (new feature) Add videos with links to your site An index with video categories Another place to share your work.

17 #12. More Upcoming Features New Magic Search Print Leatherbound Family Cookbooks Change the Number of Servings What Can I Make? Similar Recipes Android / IPhone / IPad Apps Substitute Ingredients Personal Magic (Artificial Intelligence) Shopping List Pricing

18 Built By Bloggers For Bloggers Increase Your Pageviews Give More Features to Your Followers Get Paid to Add Your Recipes Grow Your SEO with External Links FOR FREE!

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