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1 Eggs

2 Parts of an Egg Chalazea

3 Sizes of Eggs Jumbo- 30 oz. per doz. Extra Large- 27 oz. per doz.
Medium- 21 oz. per doz. Small - 18 oz. per doz. Peewee- 15 oz. per doz.

4 Storing Eggs Eggs should be refrigerated with the large end up in the carton (air cell up) Eggs are porous and take on the odors and flavors of other food

5 Egg Cookery The shell does not need to be rinsed before you crack the egg After cracking, the chalazea does not need to be removed before cooking Eggs should be cooked at a low temperature for a long time Prevents rubbery/burnt eggs Cook until desired firmness

6 Nutrition in Eggs Eggs Contain the Following nutrients Protein Fat
Vitamin A Vitamin D Riboflavin Iron Phosphorus

7 Functions of Eggs The function of eggs in recipes = “BELT”
Binds ingredients together Emulsifies (permanently combine) Leavens (helps make a product rise) Thicken

8 Grades of Eggs Grade AA- thick white & yolk stands high
Grade A- thick white & yolk stands high Grade B- thin white & yolk is yellow

9 Egg Cookery Fried Eggs Sunny-side up- Egg not flipped during cooking, yolk is runny (cooked the least amount of time) Over easy- Egg is turned over & yolk is still runny (cooked slightly longer than sunny-side up) Over hard- Egg is turned over & yolk is cooked (cooked the longest to make yolk solid) Basted- Type of sunny-side up, butter is spooned over egg as it cooks

10 Egg Cookery Cont. Scrambled Hard-cooked / Hard-boiled Omelet Poached
Shirred (Baked in the oven)

11 Egg Terms Albumen- White part of an egg, used in making meringue
Yolk- Yellow part of an egg, where the majority of the fat is found Air Cell- Empty space between the white and shell at the large end of the egg Shell- Outer covering of egg, brittle and porous

12 Egg Terms Cont. Chalazea- Anchors and supports yolk from breaking in shell Bloom- Another name for outer covering of egg Candling-Process of grading eggs with light

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