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How can local and regional authorities be involved? Intergenerational solidarity at EU Level (Youth point of view) E.N.S.A. General Asembly Treviso 19-20-21.

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1 How can local and regional authorities be involved? Intergenerational solidarity at EU Level (Youth point of view) E.N.S.A. General Asembly Treviso 19-20-21 March 2012

2 Youth point of view

3 What are the objectives of the European Year 2012? Raising awareness. Spreading good practice. Encouraging policymakers and stakeholders at all levels to facilitate active ageing ……

4 What are the objectives of the Youth in Action Programme? promote young peoples active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field promote European cooperation in the youth field.

5 Madrid Experiences Visibility Dissemination and exploitation of results

6 Sub-Action 1.2 - Youth Initiatives (Youth in Action Programme) La sartén de Colores/ The pan colors: intergenerational and intercultural recipes book This Youth Initiative is a project initiated, set up and carried out by a group of young students of UAM University of Madrid who are volunteers in a home for elderly. The project was developed between May-December 2011. It gives young people the chance to work together with older people a lot of ideas, stories, and recipes, which give them a big opportunity to be directly and actively involved in a clear experience of Solidarity between Generations Final product: A book !!! Life stories or a cooking recipes book?

7 Sub-Action 1.2 - Youth Initiatives (Youth in Action Programme) Niños de la Guerra Children of Spanish Civil War : Life story of MCP While implementing this youth initiative, the group of young people had the opportunity to discuss and reflect with M.C.P. their lives and personal experiences. A Youth Initiative is an important non- formal learning experience. MCD is a women who live in the nursing home. She told her life to the young volunteers and they wrote the story, working together for many hours.


9 Both books, La sartén de colores and Niños de la Guerra can be free download from: s_nuevas_publicaciones_de_la_Oficina_de_Accion_Solidaria_y_Cooperacion_y_del _Programa_de_Voluntari.htm s_nuevas_publicaciones_de_la_Oficina_de_Accion_Solidaria_y_Cooperacion_y_del _Programa_de_Voluntari.htm Information : Oficina de Acción Solidaria y Cooperación Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Web: E- Mail: Tlf: 91 497 7602

10 Intergenerational Accomodation Program Vive y convive Is designed as a shared housing program between seniors and students. Offers a supportive response to the needs of older people to live independently and free hosting to university students in the UAM through this program of solidarity between generations. Although one of the main objectives of the program is to help students to solve their housing problems, in not a program of "free hosting. It is a shared housing program based on the principles of mutual understanding and solidarity. And, of course, as an opportunity to make a warm and pleasant stay in Madrid with local culture.

11 Training Action Programme - Volunteer Support to Elderly This program is an educational and training tool that complements the training that students receive in the University. Volunteering provides an education in values such as solidarity, equality, non-violence and respect. A very important part of the activities are the weekly two hours a week at the Old People´s Home. The purpose of the weekly activities of the volunteer group is to reduce as far as possible the isolation and inactivity of the older people who live in the residence having lack of social support networks and family. Activities are according to the interests of older people, they should always be involved in decisions about actions to be performed. They do crafts, sing carols and popular songs, do theater, gatherings and watch movies. But the most important work volunteers do is listen to older people and share news, stories, experiences, etc.

12 The Association of Business Advisory Senior Volunteer (SECOT) SECOT is a Non Profit Association and declared of public interest in 1995. Their volunteers are seniors, retirees qualified professionals, early retirees or active, altruistic spirit, want to offer their expertise in business management to those in need. Help and advice to young entrepreneurs, people at risk of exclusion or social difficulties, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, developing countries... Promote training and technical training – professional They have collaborated with the Regional Department of Youth with courses and seminars on entrepreneurship, aimed at young entrepreneurs. The key of course was not so much the creativity in the content but started from their own experience to work on those contents, and make improvements from their own practice. SECOT produces studies and publications on topics related to volunteer work, the elderly and active aging.


14 Traditions in Madarcos (small village in Madrid Region) Recovery Traditions in Madarcos was developed in 2011. It has a new edition in 2012. It consists of workshops like making bread, food in tins producing, killing pigs to get food (like blackpuding, sausages,…), mowing and beekeeping. Going in favor of the culture of consume less dependent on outside. Food feet, not food miles! I Older local people collaborate over the place offering their knowledge and showing as they did, which is essential for these tasks (although the promoters and trainers were young local entrepreneurs). This initiative converge with hundreds of initiatives taking place in the world about the Transition Movement. The experience is about giving older people the chance to participate with young people as a way to help us all for a more sustainable future (local food, organic farms, …).


16 Spontaneous movement Free mother language lessons Solidarity with the Spanish youth unemployed from the European retired people living in our country. ……………. And more!

17 Visibility Dissemination and exploitation of results THANK YOU!

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