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Welcome Herzlich Willkommen Bienvenue JUMO SVS3000 according to data sheet 70.0755 Bernhard Müller.

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1 Welcome Herzlich Willkommen Bienvenue JUMO SVS3000 according to data sheet 70.0755 Bernhard Müller

2 2 Produktbereich / © JUMO For measurement, control, recording and visualization. At any time, at any place.

3 3 Produktbereich / © JUMO Central visualization and operation Continuous batch documentation Remote alarm Realization: Existing visualization objects – drawing is not necessary Finished connection to JUMO process devices – only addressing and selection of function Individual customer solutions – on demand Visualization software SVS3000 Application:

4 4 Produktbereich / © JUMO Functionality structure of SVS3000 Operates with predefined, animated, graphic objects Is based on the visualization software PCVUE32 Free extension by PCVUE32 development environment PCVUE application SVS3000 application Operating system Basis software Planning of PCVUE Superposed application tool Finished application Configuration, parameterization

5 5 Produktbereich / © JUMO System requirements Operating system: Windows XP Attention: Service pack 2!! Pentium processor min. 512 MB RAM min. 750 MB free hard disk storage Graphic resolution 1024*768 or 1280*1024 Internet Explorer version 5.1 or higher Operates under user rights in Windows Remark: Sampling rate for each interface and device about 0,5…1,5 sec.

6 6 Produktbereich / © JUMO Start screen SVS3000 With menu bar and alarm list

7 7 Produktbereich / © JUMO Flow diagram as an option, specific to application

8 8 Produktbereich / © JUMO SVS3000 layout of a group chart VIS object Toolbar Direct buttons Alarm list Small trend chart

9 9 Produktbereich / © JUMO SVS3000 alarm list in the group chart Only the active and unacknowledged alarms of the assigned plant were displayed in the alarm list of the group chart.

10 10 Produktbereich / © JUMO Big trend chart - Different zoom functions - Cursor function - Indicated time-period can be selected - Shown/not shown of curves - Shown/not shown of scale - Legend relocateable

11 11 Produktbereich / © JUMO Group mimics Trends Alarms Events Application mimics Recipes Application Explorer The new application explorer – direct selection of mimics:

12 12 Produktbereich / © JUMO Direct buttons Direct skip into selected group and flow charts via direct buttons.

13 13 Produktbereich / © JUMO Event list Different events can be displayed for each plant: -Alarms -Acknowledgements -Log in / log out of users -Binary states -Sending of setpoints -Start/Stop of PGMs

14 14 Produktbereich / © JUMO Alarm list Different alarms can be displayed for each plant or overview: - Active and unacknowledged - Active and acknowledged - Inactive and unacknowledged - Inactive and acknowledged - Invalid alarms

15 15 Produktbereich / © JUMO SVS3000 menu bar with toolbar Open recipe send list Select and send recipes Log in / log out of users Hardcopy of screen Open report evaluation Open event lists Open alarm lists Open application explorer Home icon – software switches into a defined start screen – group mimic, application mimic Company Free hard disc storage Name Active Logged in System date name capacity of the open mimic alarms user / time The icons for opening the parameter- and configuration-level still appear after log in. Furthermore the user is now also able to minimize the SVS3000.

16 16 Produktbereich / © JUMO New controller item Switching the cursor or manual entry Setting of setpoint by:

17 17 Produktbereich / © JUMO Batch reporting As standard a batch report function is available in the SVS3000 to enable the tracing of certain production batches. Important in this connection: How are the batches started and stopped: 1.Manually via PC 2.Automatically by program signal in the program controller 3.Automatically by operation signal – via binary input Furthermore it has to be clarified how the batch data (e.g. batch number, customer, user,…) were entered: 1.Manual entry on PC 2.Scanning by barcode reader 3.Automatic generation of a serial batch number

18 18 Produktbereich / © JUMO Data recording Trend, events, manual accompanying text, batch data Searching of reports Search for: date, time and 3 batch data, names can be edit Print data Diagram or list, comment, event – selection of data Data export Into ASCII format, selection of data, to evaluate the measuring data e.g. in Excel Batch reporting for 50 (100) plants

19 19 Produktbereich / © JUMO Example for manual entry of batch data Entry of batch data (manually or by list) Manual start and stop of batch reporting via buttons

20 20 Produktbereich / © JUMO Report search template Here the user enters e.g. batch number, customer number, product name for which reports he is searching e.g. program 55. Predefined data can be selected with the selector buttons.

21 21 Produktbereich / © JUMO Report search template In this case the SVS3000 shows that the program 55 was running on 25th September 2007 from: 13.46:57 to 16:47:32 Here the user can inspect, print and export the trend curve progression and alarms, events as well as comments of this batch.

22 22 Produktbereich / © JUMO ASCII converted report in Excel

23 23 Produktbereich / © JUMO Tabular values SVS3000 batch printout Alarm / event list Trend chart

24 24 Produktbereich / © JUMO Recipe function These function allow the user to store and simultaneously transfer different setpoints to different devices. Example extruder 300 320 340 310 Recipe 12345

25 25 Produktbereich / © JUMO Recipe function Example: 1 Imago 500 with 4 controllers: Recipe for item 101

26 26 Produktbereich / © JUMO Recipe function Example: 1 Imago 500 with 4 controllers: Recipe for item 102

27 27 Produktbereich / © JUMO General data overview Data summary of all plants Plant specific data overview Data summary of one plant : Plant 1 - Group mimic - Trends - Events - Alarms - Reports - Recipes Plant 2 - Group mimic - Trends - Events - Alarms - Reports - Recipes Plant 3 - Group mimic - Trends - Events - Alarms - Reports - Recipes Plant 1-3 General group chart Philosophy of the 50 (100) plants Plant 1 Plant 2Plant 3

28 28 Produktbereich / © JUMO Backup every day at a defined time Fixed file size Memory management of a plant Concept of data storage Process data Plant 1 1MB 2 3 4. 50MB Process data Plant 1 Local: C:\ProjectSVS3000\SVS_Save Variable file size Process data Plant 1 Free file path: X:\.......... These data are not deleted by SVS3000! Archive on hard disc C:\ProjectSVS3000\ USR\Svswork\TH 1. 2.

29 29 Produktbereich / © JUMO Setting of PC stations Entry of used interfaces Entry of connected devices Selection of the required device functions Entry of plant data: measurement ranges, alarm limits,... Configuration of reports Free entry of math formulae Configuration level

30 30 Produktbereich / © JUMO Configuration SVS3000 Entry company name Application name Password management Formulae list Definition PC stations… (see next page) Exit configuration level Storage of config. data in a file Storage of a new configuration Configuration overview

31 31 Produktbereich / © JUMO Definition of reports - Definition interfaces - Definition connected devices - Definition device functions and variables (measurement range, limit value, name,…) Definition of the plant Selection of background images Configuration SVS3000

32 32 Produktbereich / © JUMO Setting of storage cycle for each variable global percental input of storage hysteresis relating to the measurement range also individual percental for every input of storage hysteresis relating to the measurement range optimized to the process data which have to be recorded optimally use of the memory

33 33 Produktbereich / © JUMO Configuration SVS3000 Setting of users Definition of the global dead band in % on the analog process values regarding the selected measurement range.

34 34 Produktbereich / © JUMO Individual hysteresis for each variable In this example: 0,1 % of 18…38 °C represents a resolution of 0,02 °C in display and documentation

35 35 Produktbereich / © JUMO SVS3000 – periodical reports for daily, weekly and monthly reports

36 36 Produktbereich / © JUMO Integrated Modbus TCP/IP driver unit For easy connection of JUMO field devices e.g. paperless recorder JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt

37 37 Produktbereich / © JUMO Parameter level Definition of the trends Definition of the group mimic`s Definition of the recipes Definition of the timetables

38 38 Produktbereich / © JUMO SVS3000 - Assistant (Wizzard) for trend and group charts

39 39 Produktbereich / © JUMO SVS3000 update possibility, prices Update tool is planned to be implemented in SVS3000 from version 2 on.

40 Good Bye Auf Wiedersehen Au revoir JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

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