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EXTER SERIES PRESENTATION. FROM PERSON TO PROCESS. HMI solutions from Beijer Electronics connect people with the process they control. Used with simple.

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1 EXTER SERIES PRESENTATION. FROM PERSON TO PROCESS. HMI solutions from Beijer Electronics connect people with the process they control. Used with simple intuition, they set machines, information and ideas in motion.

2 CONTENTS. EXTER general features: –Hardware features –Information Designer EXTER series overview Information Designer configuration software Communication –Communication interfaces –Expansion options –Accessories EXTER software features

3 BEIJER ELECTRONICS COMPLETE HMI OFFER. Operator panels EXTER – award winning design –Standard and customized models / markets –Certifications (DNV, UL etc.) H/PWS –Standard models –Fewer certifications EPC and IPC Flat panel monitors HMI software accessories –Data Collector, Remote Access Viewer LCD Modules –LCDs with intelligence –Customized development

4 EXTER IS AS SMART AS IT LOOKS. Award-winning design – twice! Tough industrial design –Solid aluminum with attractive silver and steel effect –Robust in industrial environments –Insensitive to noise interference Slim design –Elegant and space efficient Easy mounting

5 Power LED Function key close to display Integrated function key, LED and text strip Logical, easy-to-reach cursor and Enter keys Familiar symbols for navigation Easy to enter alpha numeric characters Optimal viewing in all conditions ERGONOMIC AND INTUITIVE DESIGN.

6 EXTER IS DESIGNED FOR TOUGH ENVIRONMENTS. DNV marine certifications, IACS E10* RINA* GL (for some of the EXTER models. Please se folder for more info.) RoHS Directive –Fulfills the Restriction on Hazardous Substances directive EMC –EN61000-6-2 (immunity standard for industrial environments) –EN61000-6-4 (emission standard for industrial environments) UL –UL50, UL508, UL1604 Class I, Div. 2 Enclosure classes –IP66 front enclosure –IP20 back cover enclosure * Valid for EXTER black and sun-readable black panels.

7 Advanced, user-friendly driver concept Flexibility in operation –Multiple languages, remote operation, e-mails, file transfer…. Clear visual communication –Windows standard fonts, dynamic objects…. All that you can imagine from an HMI - and more! –Dual drivers with data exchange, I/O Poll Groups, Data Logger, Internal Variables, Recipes, Trends... EXTER GIVES YOU CLEVER FUNCTIONALITY.

8 EXTER IS STATE OF THE ART HW AND SW. Reliable operating system –Windows CE –Windows fonts, up to 64k colors, communication port drivers, future possibilities Powerful processor –Intel XScale PXA270 Safe file system –Intel Persistent Storage Manager ensures that the file system is not damaged when power is turned off or fails

9 INFORMATION DESIGNER SOFTWARE. Intuitive and user-friendly configuration Helps you create logic, flexible and efficient HMI applications that provide the right information at the right time - to operators and to other systems Same configuration tool for both EXTER and CIMREX series, and accessories

10 USER DOCUMENTATION THAT HELPS YOU. Easy installation –Safety and installation instructions on product box Intuitive configuration –Users guide and tutorial included on CD –F1 help in software –Product box serves as stand on desk

11 NEXT TOPIC: EXTER series overview


13 3,5 monochrome 320 x 240 EXTER T 40m 3,5 TFT 320 x 240 EXTER T 40 5.7 STN/TFT 320 x 240 EXTER T 60m 5.7 TFT 320 x 240 EXTER T 60 TOUCH PANELS FROM 3.5 TO 15.0 INCHES. *Available also in black version and black version with a sun readable display. **Available also in a stainless version, black version and black version with a sun readable display. 15.0 TFT 1024 x 768 **EXTER T 150 10.4 TFT 800 x 600 *EXTER T 100 6,5 TFT 640 x 480 *EXTER T 70

14 6,5 TFT 640 x 480 EXTER K 70 10.4 TFT 800 x 600 EXTER K 100 5.7 TFT 320 x 240 EXTER K 60 monochrome 160 x 32 EXTER K 10 monochrome 240 x 64 EXTER K 20 monochrome 240 x 64 EXTER K 30m KEYPAD MODELS UP TO 10.4 INCHES. 5.7 TFT 320 x 240 EXTER K 60m

15 EXTER M 70 6,5 TFT 640 x 480 EXTER M70 MOBILE PANEL. Safe operation of larger machines Facilitates machine/tool settings & robot teaching Enables viewing of critical parts when starting/stopping Designed for left- and right-hand use Dual grip Dual cable possibility Only 1.3 kg – no fatigue from longer usage Round housing for comfortable holding

16 EXTER SUN-READABLE DISPLAYS. Unpredictable light conditions can often limit the effectiveness of other operator panels, but the EXTER sun-readable panel (EXTERsr-bl) can actually be easier to read in extreme daylight glare. Three display dimensions 6.5", 10.4" and 15.0" Excellent viewing performance in challenging light conditions The perfect 24-hour a day HMI solution EXTER sun-readable vs EXTER standard display.

17 EXTER STAINLESS DISPLAY. Smooth, no indentation in which bacteria can hide, easy to keep clean Optimized for branches such as Food & Beverages and Pharmaceuticals Steel quality means it can be cleaned with acid Cut-out compatible with EXTER standard T150

18 For EXTER T70/T100/T150 –EXTER K70/K100 requires mouse or keyboard PDF viewer Internet explorer PPT viewer Possibilities for network camera WITH EXTER PRO+ YOU GET MORE OPTIONS.

19 NEXT TOPIC: Information Designer The user friendly configuration tool

20 The right information at the right time – to operators and to other systems Easy configuration of the operator panels: – EXTER – CIMREX –Accessories CREATE LOGIC, FLEXIBLE AND EFFICIENT APPLICATIONS.

21 INTUITIVE AND USER-FRIENDLY. Information design is easy What you see is what you get –Configure with the exact same view as the operator –Simulator for quick and easy verification of the project

22 Intuitive network setting, objects and symbols from the user-friendly tool bar - Drag & Drop User-guide and F1 help files provide additional help EASY TO GET STARTED.

23 Good overview of your application –Block manager and Project manager keep track of your project structure USER-FRIENDLY CONFIGURATION.

24 INTUITIVE CONFIGURATION. No complicated programming –Ready-made objects and symbols –Network services and peripherals Create libraries for your symbols and objects –Easy to reuse –Easy to customize –Save time –Import categories

25 INTELLIGENT DETAILS. All in one file (project, driver…) –Simple and easy handling –Always updated drivers Import and export name lists and symbols –Save time Receive project from the operator panel –Upload the current project in the operator panel to the configuration tool

26 Create your own templates and backgrounds –Save time –Create customized environment for your end-user Reuse and convert projects between operator panel –Save time Automatic documentation –Save time –Documentation for your end-user Choose your preferred menu language –English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Swedish INTELLIGENT DETAILS.

27 SMART TESTING – OFFLINE SIMULATION. Save time - Verify before downloading to the operator panel or connecting to the controller system Simulator –Play your project live Demo driver –99 memory bits –99 registers –4 counters / timers

28 NEXT TOPIC. Communication interfaces, Expansion options and Accessories

29 Expansion possibilities e.g. Profibus module Ethernet Compact Flash slot (EXTER T70/K70 and larger ) USB Host USB Device (EXTER T70/K70 and larger ) RS232 RS422/485 EXTER IS DESIGNED FOR CONNECTIVITY.

30 Standard RS232 serial communication port Combined RS422/485 communication port SERIAL COMMUNICATION POSSIBILITIES.

31 Built-in 10/100Mbit twisted pair Ethernet, shielded RJ45 ETHERNET COMMUNICATION POSSIBILITIES.

32 USB Host port USB version 1.1 (1.1 and 2.0 are fully compatible with each other) Transfer speed: 12Mbit/s Direct connection of: PC type keyboard (US English) Mouse/trackball Printer USB hub (up to 127 USB devices) USB Flash memory disk USB Device port built-in for future use USB CONNECTION POSSIBILITIES.

33 USB Devices USB Host –the master, or intelligent unit, usually a PC or an EXTER operator panel USB Device –the slave –usually a peripheral unit ( USB Device port built-in for future use) USB HOST AND USB DEVICE.

34 CE supports three USB classes directly: USB Human Input Device (HID) Class Driver USB devices that do not support any of these classes require a Windows CE driver written for that specific device! USB Printer Class Driver USB Storage Class Driver Keyboard Mouse Trackball Printer PCL laser or inkjet Hard disk USB memory USB IN WINDOWS CE.

35 CAB35 - USB to Ethernet adapter Category 5e Crossover Patch cable, RJ45 connectors Connect between USB port on a PC and the Ethernet port on the EXTER operator panel –USB 2.0 to 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ­ Only for use during configuration, not approved for use when the panel is running (installed) ­ Crossover patch cable between operator panel and the CAB35 adapter CAB35 USB TO ETHERNET ADAPTER.

36 Standard off-the shelf memory cards One external CF slot for: ­ Backup of recipes and trend files ­ Copying of project directly into the operator panel - minimizes program transfer downtime One internal slot for project/ operator panel memory expansion COMPACT FLASH SLOT.

37 Expansion port Makes is possible to add expansion of other communication protocols and external devices Extra mounting depth about 25 mm FURTHER EXPANSION OPTIONS.

38 The Profibus expansion module enables your EXTER panel to communicate with a Profibus network. The module supports the Profibus DP protocol and has a D-Sub 9-pin connector. All settings and configurations, e.g. of driver and bus addresses, are quickly made via the configuration software Information Designer. EM-PROFIBUS DP.

39 CAB15 CAN OPEN ADAPTER. Gives the operator panel access to CANopen network. The functionality of the CAB15 CANopen adapter is based on the CANopen communications profile DS301 rev. 4.02 and includes, among other features: Process data objects: 64 receive and 64 transmit Service data objects: 1 server and 1 client Network management (NMT): Master and slave

40 EXTENDED FUNCTION KEYBOARD X-KEY 16. The extended function keyboard X-Key 16 can be used to provide an operator panel with 16 extended function keys and LEDs. Up to four X-Key 16 can be connected to one EXTER RoHS compliant

41 NEXT TOPIC. EXTER software features

42 Security Password Alarms Controller Dual Drivers & Data exchange I/O Poll Groups Internal Variables Passthrough mode Transparent mode No protocol mode Web and Network functions Network Web server FTP server E-mail client Remote Access Viewer Objects Analog & Digital Message Library Multiple Languages Preferences & Dynamics for objects Recipes Functions Trends Data Logger Reports Macros Time Channels Function keys/Touch Keys EXTER SOFTWARE FEATURES.

43 OBJECTS: ANALOG & DIGITAL. Large selection of dynamic objects to choose from Analog objects –Handle different formats i.e. ASCII, BCD, Hex, Float. Digital objects –Present a text or graphical symbols.

44 MESSAGE LIBRARY. Many possibilities to get the message across Text tables, e.g. to use for... –Describing steps in a sequence –Presenting error codes

45 MULTIPLE LANGUAGES. Adapts to international applications Allow the operator to switch between different languages Easy to develop projects for use in other countries Create one language –Translate in up to 9 more languages Easy handling of translated text –All text messages in the project can be exported to i.e. Excel to simplify the creation of the messages in the other languages and then imported back into the project Import/upload system texts for translation

46 Appearance –Option for gradient colors and styles Fonts –Choose any Windows TrueType font –Styles (italic, underline, bold) –Shadow Dynamics –Property (e.g. change font or color, blink, hide…) –Size, Move, Event OBJECT PREFERENCES AND DYNAMICS.

47 RECIPE MANAGEMENT. Change settings quickly and easily Save Analog and Digital signal values to the operator panel memory with a simple operation Recipe management enables the operator to quickly and easily change the parameter settings when switching from one product to another in the production Recipes can be created directly in the operator panel or on a PC and transferred e.g. via a network

48 TRENDS, REAL-TIME OR HISTORIC. Display values –As they come in (real-time) or over a time period (historic) Compare process values –Up to six curves in one graph Stay updated –Trend files can be uploaded to a PC or sent as an e-mail attachment as a detailed production report

49 DATA LOGGER. Log data based on –Time intervals or –Depending on changed values Transfer Data Logger files to a PC Further possibilities with Beijer Electronics Data Collector - see separate slides

50 ALARM MANAGEMENT. Calls attention to crucial events in the process Alarm lists - a good overview –Alarm list displays all alarms –Can be sent as e-mail attachment Alarm messages - for more information –Dynamic values –Static text –Link additional information to each individual alarm, i.e. to give the operator a plan of action Alarm groups - helps prioritizing –Divide alarms

51 DATA COLLECTOR - EFFICIENT STORAGE AND VIEWING. Software that enables: –automatic collection of trends and alarms from your plant, over modem or Ethernet –automatic database storage of collected data in e.g. Microsoft databases (SQL, Access, MSDE) –collection intervals of your choice –viewing of graphs and tables, also in Excel –Import your project direct to the Data Collector

52 EFFICIENT STORAGE AND VIEWING. You save time spent on development and maintenance of own developed software for data storage and handling There is no need to implement an expensive SCADA system for database solution It is possible to view graphs and trends of the plant/production data in a familiar PC environment, remotely or on-site

53 REPORTS – KEEPS YOU ALWAYS UPDATED. A report can consist of… –Static text and dynamic objects linked to the process The operator panel can... –Print or send the report as an e-mail to any address in the world This opens up many possibilities; –The production manager can receive a daily production report via e-mail –The service technician can be updated about errors to prevent critical stops in advance

54 MACROS – AUTOMATE REPETETIVE COMMANDS. Macros are used to link several events in the operator panel together to one single command If the same commands are performed often in the operator panel, macros can automate these maneuvers, i.e. create a macro for them

55 Real-time clock –Real-time clock with automatic daylight saving and possible to configure for any country in the world Time channels –For initiating actions in relation to the real-time clock. This could be useful for controlling e.g. fans, pumps, ovens etc. over time REAL-TIME CLOCK AND TIME CHANNELS.

56 FUNCTIONS & TOUCH KEYS – EASY NAVIGATION AND CONTROL. Use function and touch keys to –Control and change values in the process –Switch blocks –Start a macro –Load recipe, log in, log out…

57 PASSWORDS/SECURITY. Protects the application and differentiate authorizations –Protect objects, screens, recipes etc. against unauthorized use –Security levels with different passwords –Log-out possible via key, PLC signal or on a time-out

58 CONTROLLER: DUAL DRIVERS AND DATA EXCHANGE. Communicate with two systems - and exchange data between them Two different drivers in the operator panel –Allows communication with two different makes of controller systems simultaneously Exchange data through the operator panel –The operator panel can act as a gateway, to let the controller systems exchange data through the panel without interruption of the operator panels normal operation

59 CONTROLLER: INTERNAL VARIABLES. Additional information holders that does not effect the connected controller – Save words and bit devices –Save critical data in non-volatile variables

60 CONTROLLER: I/O POLL INTERVAL GROUPS. Set individual poll intervals for a group of signals –Let the panel read the signal status when necessary –Improve efficiency in time critical signals which must be read as fast as possible. –Does not affect the writing

61 CONTROLLER: ACCESS TO THE CONTROLLER. Access the controller from a PC with Transparent and Pass through modes –Communication through the operator panel between a PC and the connected controller system, for example to program the controller system –This is a great advantage at commissioning as it makes it possible to access both the operator panel and the controller system with one connection only

62 CONTROLLER: NO PROTOCOL MODE. Access the controller with another serial device Connection through the operator panel for entering data directly into the controller, e.g. a barcode reader –This saves the expense of an ASCII card for communication with the bar code reader!

63 NETWORK FUNCTIONALITY. Communicate in a network using Ethernet (BDTP) –This is another example to exchange data between different controller systems located in the network –With Information Designer you have full access to all the panels in the network

64 WEB FUNCTIONALITY: GENERAL. Remotely control your operator panel via a browser –Web functions are included in the operator panels –Monitor and set data in the controller –Transfer alarm messages, recipes and data files –Send e-mail

65 WEB FUNCTIONALITY: WEB SERVER. Remote monitoring and control is easily achievable - wherever you are –Built-in web server –Store HTML pages display real-time data from the process –Help for remote troubleshooting – Remote Access

66 WEB FUNCTIONALITY: FILE TRANSFER. The built-in FTP server enables file transfers Transfer files to a PC –Data files, recipes, trends and the alarm list in the operator panel Transfer files to the operator terminal –Recipes, HTML files, images

67 WEB FUNCTIONALITY: E-MAIL. Send alarms and reports as emails to anyone in the world –Data and recipe files can be attached to provide further information –E-mails can also be forwarded to a cell phone in the form of an SMS message. This opens up new possibilities, for example can the production manager receive a production report every day and the maintenance engineer can view the alarms on his PC –Operator on site can send unique messages from the panel via a predefined system block

68 REMOTE ACCESS AND CONTROL. Access, view and control the operator terminal from a PC –Enables remote control, remote customer support and troubleshooting –Presents a reflection of the operator panel on the PC that can be operated remotely from the PC, just as from the operator panel itself –Over web, intranet, dial-up network

69 FROM PERSON TO PROCESS. Beijer Electronics HMI Products is a pioneer in connecting people with the processes they control. Our HMI solutions build on 25 years of automation knowledge, yet they handle industrial applications with everyday ease. Used with simple intuition, they set machines, information and ideas in motion. HMI Products is part of the Beijer Electronics group, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and based in Malmö, Sweden. The group has subsidiaries in 10 countries in Asia, Europe and North America, as well as close relationships with OEMs, brand-label partners and distribution partners worldwide. For further information please visit our website

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